" No matter.... It all ends now!" Understanding Kasumi's Post Version 1.19 Ground Game Potential


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Hello everyone this is Kasumilover once again and I wanted to talk and sort of explain Kasumi's new ground game in DOA6 as of the recent update. As most of us know fans have long since been wanting a ground game similar to the DOA5LR ground game which is simple: knockdown, go for an attack that has a "heavy" force tech property and use the advantage from the forced get up to rushdown the oponent. In 6 although it's not exactly like LR, they gave us something a feel is better: MUCH easier no timing force tech set ups from knockbacks.

A knockback for anyone confused is an attack property that results from either using a certain attack with the property twice in a stun, or by performing a critical reversal, or exceeding the stun limit by using the attack very close to the max stun threshold. Now in DOA6, everyone can quickly pursue a stun from them, and with Kasumi she has quite a couple of ways to go for this. Be aware though that the opponent must NOT tech up by themselves for themselves to be vulnerable, however this adds a layer of risk to the opponent since they'll have to either tech up and attempt to defend against you since you're at an advantage or they can lie on the ground to avoid the pressure although this itself is risky as well.

Here are the attacks she can use to go for that knockback:

°° means that the attack wallsplats

°°° means that the attack soft wall hit/wallsplats on normal hit

~Knockback attacks that allow a force tech~

°°66P- ~& if done twice~

°°°66P(K)- ~always knocks down on normal hit~

°°°P+K(P)/similar strings like P6P(P)-

°3K- ~& if done twice~

°6P/similar strings like PP6P- ~& if done twice~

°4P ~& if done twice~

°°°K3K/similar strings like PK3K-

°1K/PP2K- ~Only causes knockback from air juggle or post bound~

That's not the only thing that's changed either! Kasumi has received safety nerfs to specific moves that can also lead to a no timing force tech up, but overall it's very logical and makes sense:

°66K·P/similar strings like 66PP·P, and 9PK·P but without a bound- This is a great way to go for a set up since the attack does not wallsplat and has follow ups meaning the opponent will likely have to anticipate your force up setup since they'll likely expect you to go for a Hoshinpo teleport cancel ender. Is unsafe however at -16 on block.

°9PP- Unsafer now at -5 on block but this also does not wall splat and is very easy to go for a force tech set up now.

Kasumi also has a great deal of moves she can use to force the opponent up! The attacks listed below are her go to force tech moves and I'll elaborate on them and their uses. Remember that in force tech set ups you can mix and match attacks to force the opponent up but it's also possible to perform an attack twice as well to pursue it too(for more move info, please refer to my Kasumi beginner guide):

~Go to Force Techs~

°2P- Her best force tech imo, this is a quick 12i low poke that has very low recovery and grants +24 frame advantage if used to successfully tech the opponent up from a set up like 66PK>2P>2P. Although her best force tech, the range is poor and isn't so safe to use in open space. This is best when used near a wall or corner so that way the wall "cages" the opponent so they don't go far out of your range to hit. This is also fairly safe to whiff if your opponent techs up immediately so you won't have to worry much if the opponent techs up.

This has a sticky input window as well. If used as the catalyst force tech(first), you'll get +29 on the ground allowing all tech options besides 4H+K to be used.

°2K- Her 2nd quickest force tech, this is only 14i and has better range but kicks the opponent to the side. Because of this it can make it hard to use as a double force tech(using the kick twice to attempt a set up) but it's useful after other ones like 1P. Provides +18 which is low compared to 2P, but still a great amount of advantage. If used as the catalyst force tech, you'll gain +23 while they're on the ground allowing virtually any of your options to be used.

°1P- Her 3rd quickest force tech which is 16i and gives you +19 on successful force up. The range is good and the pushback isn't so bad so it's one of her easiest to use. May be risky if it whiffs but it has a high lift stun follow up that provides a deep stun making it a good way to check throw attempts and attempt to counter you if the opponent gets up quick and tries to punish you. Grants +24 if used as the catalyst tech if opponent is lying on the ground allowing your options to be varied besides 4H+K which is too slow.

°9K- Another swift tech at 18i, it gives you +19! Another simple one to use since it has a safe follow up for if your opponent does get up quickly, and it has dual flip follow up that will grant +18 if the opponent doesn't tech up after the first attempt making it fairly striaghtforward! This follow up however is unsafe and risky if whiffed. If you use this as the catalyst force tech, you'll gain +24 on the ground!

°4H+K- Her slowest go to tech at 22i but this is probably one of her easiest to use and it gives a massive +23! It has great range making it good for open space as well as walls and the recovery is smaller, making it less hazardous to use if whiffed. Although 2P is definitely better to use when you're able to, this is no slouch either! If you use this as the catalyst force tech, you'll get +27 from the ground allowing you to use any of your options from the go tos!

°1K- Possibly one of her worst force techs but it's still useful: 20i, but it only gives +13 because of the lengthy recovery which makes it scary to even whiff. If used as the catalyst force tech, you'll be given +18 to work with to pursue another tech to force them up but this smaller window limits to34ur options to really 2P or 2K.

Now there are also attacks that may not be ideal force techs, but they are useful as catalysts to them since the advantage you gain on the ground if the opponent is just lying down allows you to use a force tech that's quick enough to tech them up!

~Force Tech Catalysts/Alternatives~

*9K(K)/Similar strings- Her 25i follow up that hits grounded opponents. Provides +24 on initial ground hit, allowing you to use any of her force techs besides 4H+K since its a bit too slow to get a force up since it barely fits the +24 since its 22i.

*P+K(P)/Similar strings- Her 22i ender which grants +25 on the ground allowing basically all of her go to options to work to work the opponent up besides 4H+K which is too slow.

*6P(2K)/Similar strings- This vaulting low is only 22i-26i(BTed is 20i) and it gives you +25 to work with for another tech!

*9PP- One of her slowest attacks being roughly 36i but it provides +17 on the ground which allows an easy 2P or 2K. Very risky to whiff if the opponent tech up quickly!

*P+K(K) & K2(K)/similar strings- both lows grant +17 on the ground to work with but the pushback from the kicks may make it harder to pursue a reliable tech up. The P+KK variant is 28i and the K2K is 25i making them somewhat slower.

*2H+K/similar string enders- Another possible but situational catalyst tech; this is 28i and only provides +15, allowing a possible 2P although this is riskier unless near a wall to "cage" it.

*66PP·(P)/similar strings like 7K·(P) from a bound closer to the ground- Another situational force tech, the speed ranges from 35i to 45i, but a successful hit from a juggle and then hitting the opponent lying on the ground results in +22 from ground which allows an easy force tech from her various techs besides 4H+K which is too slow.

*BTed 8K- a 24i flipping kick that gives you +21 from the ground.

*66H+K- a slower 30i jumping sweeping low that gives you +19 from the ground although this is a bit gimmicky since the side pushback makes pursuing follow ups tougher.

*4KK- A backwards flipping 29i move that grants +26 from the ground. Since you're limited really to using backturned follow ups, techs are easier since her backturned 4P can now be reliably used to tech up but it only gives you +6. Her backturned 2P can be used and that gives you +24 and her backturned 2K is swift enough to connect and gives you +20 advantage!

*Backturned 2P- Similar to regular 2P, gives you +29 on the ground to work with for a force tech set up!

This is also a short sample I did to sort of show possible set ups she can use!
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