DOA6 Rachel Officially Revealed at Dead or Alive Festival 2019

Rachel finally makes her long-awaited return to the Dead or Alive series being formally announced at the end of Dead or Alive Festival 2019! Alma's sister looks to transition to Dead or Alive 6 beautifully with a sleek & sexy design combined with new intoxicating moves. A lot of her original trademark attacks from Dead or Alive 5 are still intact as made evident by the trailer that also showcased outfits and purchase options.


We technically can't say that all of these moves are original to Rachel since her move-set is modeled from super-fun guest character Spartan-458 in Dead or Alive 4. That being said Rachel is an official Team NINJA character, and we will not have to worry about her being excluded from DLC outfits like Mai and Kula have been. Rachel's presence was so strong in NINJA GAIDEN and her compelling story and beauty made her a Team NINJA fan favorite overall.

Some of Rachel's past moves include her: legendary 2K crotch stomp, 4P string, 3P & 6P string and returning hit-grab options. Rachel's devastating multi-hit wall throw also returns to mix players up as shown on Hayabusa at the exploding 'Throwdown' car. 7K comes back as a fatal stun, and her mid-kick launcher can follow it up.

Rachel also comes with some new tricks outside of her awesome looking rush combo, break hold and INSANE double ninpo break blow. Now she comes equip with a buffering OH chain throw (maybe similar to Raidou's input) with a flashy ending and multiple attack options for that ending. She also can follow up 8P with a hit-grab that can break through an environment for extended damage.

rachel 3.jpg

Rachel's return starts off remarkably well in this trailer and could mean many great things for the offline scene and for players that like fluid & accessibly fun heavies. Her mirror match at The Fall Classic 2013 was one of the most memorable finals in the history of the sport. Her crotch stomp reset brought people to tears, but created wonderful memories. How will Rachel bring tears to my eyes in Dead or Alive 6? We will find out in December as they use the remainder of November to fine-tune her capabilities.
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I wonder what her other 5 costumes(15 total counting recolors) will be? I think they'll probably bring back her casual DLC costume, business suit outfit, the thot costume with the tramp stamp and shorts with nothing under, the nurse costume probably and maybe her fiend costume
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