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Hello I'll be returning to the scene on DOA 6 and I want to brush my Ayane on LR. I have been studying her tools and I made a small doc. with notes to consider. Please take a look over it and tell me other important things I might have missed such as OKI, mixup etc. Thank you Ayanelords.
Dont know if anyone said this yet, but welcome back. You plan on competing? Did you watch some of the EVO stuff? NiCO is looking pretty sicc, to my surprise, but I didnt see much Ayane. Which is ashame


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Greetings @Leopold , it's always nice to see more players learning and playing the game (and this character). If you have any questions in the future, do not hesitate to ask folks here, and myself. I will be hard at work with DOA6 while I continue playing KOFXIV, so I will likely post important findings in the Ayane sub-forum like I used to in DOA5. But I am more active on Discord, too.

There are a few things I'd like to touch bases on with your list.

For the CQC range (close quarters combat):

1) 5K - i12 frame tracking high kick with a base damage of 27. This move is an answer to i12 frame mids (other than jab/hold/block) and is a great tool in specific match ups (characters with certain parries and sabaki properties). +3 on neutral hit and stun threshold on counter hit. All fast mids (i11 to i13) have a base damage of either 17 or 18. While jab and P4P are fantastic versus mids, if you already understand your opponent will try to beat you speed wise with mids, then 5K reaps more reward.

2) 1P - i15 frame tracking low punch with a base damage of 18. The reason why this move is good in CQC is simply the damage. While not much, it is completely safe on hit and block (has follow ups) and it will keep your opponent honest. Using the move well enough will rack up the damage while your opponent 'is trying' to find ways to open you up. Think of this move as a way to get bits of chip damage. You also have this move available from back turned stance and BT PP2P.

For the Mid range:

1) 6P - You mention this move in your list, but also consider just the 6P and 6PK as well. This mid is a great footsies tool, as a poke and counter poke (especially this) there are a ton of moves you can demolish with 6P in the neutral with good footsies. 6PK is a great keep out tool due to it being safe at tip range and 6PK is a soft knock down (very good advantageous situation if you gain the knock down).

Of course, any and everything involving footsies require practice and trial&error.

2) 2P - Definitely one of her best moves, period. Great in CQC and footsies, fast as hell at i12 frames and has good range on it. The reason why this is good in footsies is because it is a quick low hitting move that can stop all sorts of approaches at your opponent's optimal and sub-optimal strike ranges. With good practice. This alone forces the opponent to overextend hard just to stop a move that does so little damage. And that's exactly what you want them to do. Combine this move with her other good tools and movement, it will make your Ayane more difficult to approach (same applies to Hayate)

3) BT 4H+K - i20 frame mid kick, completely safe on block, great reward on any hit status. Good keep out tool and poke while in back turned stance.

For whiff punishing:

1) 1P+K K - Fast follow up from the 1P+K back spin and completely safe on block (-5 or -1/-2 at tip range).

2) H+K - i16 frame tracking high. Launches on counter hit, plus frames on neutral hit (+13).

3) 4K - i16 frame mid kick. I don't think this move is a sit down stun anymore in DOA6, but it is still a stun nonetheless so the mix up is still there.

4) 4P+K - i16 frame mid punch launcher. Overall a good whiff punisher.

5) BT 4K - If you happen to be in back turned stance and forced the opponent to whiff something, this is a free launch.

Just giving a bit more insight, hope this helps.
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