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Hello every Rig,

first of all, i just need to say, im french i still learn english so excuse my bad english.
i create this topic to speak about the changement of Rig you can see the changement here :

Sans titre.jpg

if i understand correctly :
good news :
PPK6K: Fixed a phenomenon in which there is a case where I would go around to the back of the opponent
214K change damage 26⇒28.and advantage in block stun -8F to -5F Change to trick of hit when down
KTLC advantage in blockstun change -12F to -11F
4KBT advantage in block stun change -10F to +0F
KKTLC advantage change in blockstun -18F to -14F

best sad new :
:( 7K in bending stance advantage change in blockstun +2F o +0F !!!

not understand :
4K → Kuburyo-stripped 4K and if it was critical continuation, adjusted so as to not critical finish

im very sad to see 7KBS is nerf because rig have not very lot of "good" frame trap. honestly all his "speed" frame trap are just +1 and is high to high
4KKBS +1
1KK +1

against this you have K 10F --9F and 4K 14F--13F say me if 13F is speed for a middle !!! you just need to do a crusher against rig when he is in bending stance and you break all things (but you can tech jump with 8KBS but its a mind game)

why nerf 7KBS !! its the one move middle frame trap interresting !!! because often the opponent think you do a 7K so he think you are UNSAFE !! I use often the phase 4K--7KBS to do a pressing and have counter because often the opponent think i m in advantage :) 7KBS is very slow why nerf it !!

note : sorry im really angry about 7KBS nerf :(
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