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As I've switched consoles (360 to PS4) I've notice a constant trend of people genuinely wanting to get better at the game and I figured I could probably give some sort of help. I've been playing this game since late DOA4, I've had lots of practice and training with some of the top players and I think I can honestly offer some good things.

I plan on streaming and teaching players from novice to experts and anything in between, anything they want to learn about the game (to the best of my ability). I don't think I'm a pro or I'm the best at the game, but I think I have a pretty extensive knowledge of the game and the characters I play, and I figured to test things out I'd start on a character I specifically know the most about, Rig. It'd be the easiest to dish out advice and tech on a character I've been practicing since the launch of DOA5 right?

I plan on doing my first stream on Saturday, May 2nd at around 7:30 P.M Central, but I will keep try to keep a VOD so people can watch if they do miss the stream.

If you cannot make the stream please don't hesitate to ask me personally any questions.

Things I plan to cover:
Properties of BND Stance
Do's and Don'ts of BND Stance
and many other things I can't think of writing right now cuz I'm on a timely schedule at this very second but wanted to go ahead and post this.

I'm also open to explaining game mechanics such as:
Force Tech Properties
Stagger Escaping
Frame Advantage
The in depth look at the triangle system
Move specific properties
and like above, anything that comes to mind.

Keep in mind I really like to receive feedback, questions, and just overall anything you guys can do to let me know if you like what I'm doing. So if you've ever had any unanswered questions about Rig, or DOA as a whole please do not hesitate to ask.

Come join the fun if you can! I don't plan on making this boring so if you wanna stop by and be entertained and informed join the party haha!
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Nice, how fortunate is that. Just in time!
I've started to learn Rig just a few days ago as I think it's time for a second character.
Unfortunately I missed the stream but I hope you'll be able to provide a VOD. That'd be great man.

And thanks for your effort mate! I highly appreciate it and I'm certain it is going to help not just me, but other players as well.
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