Team NINJA Announces First Big DLC for Final Fantasy: Stranger of Paradise

Team NINJA makes a plethora of great different titles that are outside of the DOA fandom, and we are going to begin showcasing their different works such as Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, NINJA Gaiden, Nioh & Stranger of Paradise on the home page. Later on, this month there will be additional forums added to our subcategories which will include:

- Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
- Final Fantasy: Stranger of Paradise
- Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation

With three additional subforums, and Team NINJA news of every title, we not only intend to inform you on everything Team NINJA is doing, but we also want to attract players from these communities to the Dead or Alive series. The Dead or Alive series will always be the absolute main focal point at Free Step Dodge - but we want to also highlight the often times underrated Team NINJA. We truly believe at FSD that Team NINJA makes some of the best games of all time, and I think a good portion of us want to be on that journey too while we wait for the next big DOA game.

Stranger of Paradise has received quite a bit of praise from some Dead or Alive veterans within the community. @Awesmic for instance chose to play Stranger of Paradise over Elden Ring when they were both released earlier this year and has been a big supporter of the game. As well as @DestructionBomb who recognized the game early on in our popular Final Fantasy thread.

Team NINJA's first batch of Season Pass DLC for this awesome game will have our main character, Jack, fighting the WARRIOR(S) OF LIGHT & BAHAMUT in the Trials of the Dragon King expansion. Team NINJA has gained great momentum with Square Enix for this Final Fantasy title, and it makes you wonder if they will work on additional revamped FF titles in more third- person action layered combat. They are certainly aiming high using the biggest old school entities in Final Fantasy history as bosses for their first DLC go around.
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Wanderer of the Rift is coming October 26th as the second part of Final Fantasy: Stranger of Paradise DLC. We will have a small post for it on launch day for those interested.