TGS announcement:DOA6 coming out in FEB 15 2019,and honoka,marie,ayane,bayman show up


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Why is Zack still lying on the ground ?
Why is Rig having red glowing eyes ?
Why would Bayman kidnap Marie-Rose ?
Why is Helena screaming like her mother is being killed.. oh wait this happened already.
All of above makes me wonder what's gonna happen? Can't wait! Oh yeah... we already knew the last part from the past game
Honoka? Seriously?
You doubted her return, did you? Get your salad tongs ready...

Why is Bayman carrying an unconscious 12 years old girl ?

Serious question: Does Marie Rose fall into the water slide after she falls in the park, because that would take this game to the next level immediately. We may finally have...

I like what they are doing with Experimental Playground 2.0 !
The cars, the slides, it's really a full tribute to Jurassic Park now.

Seems like Jann Lee is eventually going to confront Rig once again... before realizing he is a cyborg. That's some sort of involvement in the main storyline I guess. And Hayate is having some drama with Rig too...

So... Rig x Jann Lee, Rig x Diego or Rig x Hayate ? So much fanfic material. That's just theory, a gay theory folks. Thanks for watching.
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