The International Interviews: #27 Siologica (シオロジカ)


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Siologica's Main Costume

One of the strongest, if not the strongest Genfu in DOA5, will be coming back to the US for NEC this coming year. Siologica is an established name in the Japanese DOA community. He is very known for his countless high profile major wins in his respective country for a character that is considered as "boring." His stoic personality bodes well for a character such like Genfu. As a player who is very patient and consistently maximizes his character's potential, Siologica will be a huge threat in this year's NEC.

What does Siologica mean? Siologica の意味は?

Originally the name was Sio. But there were many people with the same name playing the game. So I went to Siologica with the name of my favorite grocery store (Logica) behind me. There is no deep meaning [behind it].

What are fun things to do in Japan? 何か面白いことや楽しいことってなんですか?

It is fun to play against [other players in] the game center. I have been playing DOA for a long time. Before playing DOA 5 at the game center, I played it at home. However, I had a longing to play at the game center. I love the unique space where the game center is dim, loud and cigarette smoke drifts everywhere.

What is your favorite Ramen shop? 好きな料理のお店とかはなんですか?

I like the Hakata ramen based restaurants. Hakata is Japan's Kyushu region so Hakata's noodles are Tonkotsu Ramen. Speaking of "ramen" in Tokyo, it is [typically] soy sauce ramen. If you say "ramen" at a Hakata ramen shop, it will be Tonkotsu Ramen. The noodles are thin and hard. The noodles often get entangled in [the] soup and it is the best. "Ichiran" and "Ippudo" are popular Hakata ramen shops. I go to Hakata ramen store three times a week for lunch.

What are good recommendations if you planning on going to Japan? What do you like about it? 日本に来たら、いいおすすめは何ですか?好きなれすとらんは?

Hakata ramen store is recommended, On the contrary, it is a restaurant etc. where high-quality manners is required. I like tasty stores that are cheap, quick and good. [These] well-established stores are popular with salaried workers who do not have time [to chat and idle]. I think that I want to shorten the time to eat and make it in time before the game [gatherings].

Which character do you use in DOA5? DOA5に 何のキャラをよく使用しますか

I use about everyone, but Genfu is the only one that I can say is my main.

How many matches have you used Genfu? どのくらい使用されましたか?

I do not know. Maybe tens of thousands of games.

Siologica's DOA Training Ground

What costume do you choose? よく選んでいるコスチュームは?

I only use COSTUME 06. At the beginning, I liked the simple white clothing and started using it. I believe that you can not concentrate on your play if you are too focused on other costumes. You will not be in harmony when you use too many costumes. I still continue to use COSTUME 06.

What are the strengths and weaknesses for Genfu? キャラの長所と短所は何ですか?

Hit striking is fast. 3H and 9H is strong. Firepower is high. Medium distance is also strong (often said to be weak, but absolutely strong). I think that he is quite a strong character even if viewed comprehensively.

Weaknesses are that he is less effective against SS. There is a strong battle with it, but it is where the way of attack becomes monotonous. I think that fighting not to become monotonous is the best display and I think that it is a very deep character.

Do you think that there is a public announcement about DOA 6 this year or next year? 今年あるいは来年、DOA6について公表はあると思いますか?

I think there will be a public announcement next year. I think that release may not be next year, though.

Mochi-A giving the staredown while Siologica does the same

What do you want in DOA 6? DOA6について、何を入れて欲しい?

A gaming platform where many people will play. Because DOA makes for sexual routes, for better or worse as a niche game, we need ingenuity to get over that aspect. But if it gets too sexual, there will be no more DOA for competitive potential growth. I don't want to lose that. There are many types of 2D fighting games in Japan. In order to make 3D fighting games popular, I think that it is necessary to make it more flashy that will make you feel interested just by looking at it. Although DOA 5 has power blows etc., Japan thinks that 2D games look better. It is difficult for 3D games to be treated the same way even if it does amazing things.

Please describe your play style with just three words. 三つの言葉だけで、あなたのプレイ・スタイルについて説明してください.


What are your personal weaknesses in the game? 自分として、あなたの弱みはなんですか?

Knowledge such as frames. My feeling on that is large.

Do you plan on going to any tournaments in the near future? 近い将来に大会に行く予定がありますか?

I will go to NEC! I will return and avenge myself after being knocked down by "Master" last year.

Master and Siologica at NEC 17

Are you going to EVO Japan next year? Perhaps there is a DOA 5. 来年、EVO Japanに行きますか?もしかしてDOA5もある.

I think that DOA 5 will never be an official competition for EVO. But if there is a sub tournament, I will surely come out. Even if there is no DOA tournament, I am going because I am also a fan of other fighting games.

What DOA version do you love and dislike the most? Why? 一番好きと一番嫌いのDOAヴァージョンはなんですか?なぜですか?

Although I do not remember details only before 3, I liked 3 quite a bit. It was suitable for me who liked yomi because it was less guessing than 5.

Although I don't hate it [DOA 3], it is difficult. It is better adopting a system whose height is determined by the technique floating in the past. I think that it is more interesting to raise the height continuously for now.

Do you have any players you want to have fun or compete against when you see it? 見ると楽しいあるいは勝負にしたいプレイヤーがいますか?

XcaliburBladez, Master and Kwiggle are the 3 players. I do not have many opportunities to play against these players so I definitely want to play them for a long time especially Kwiggle's Christie. His Christie is fun to watch and I like it because it is strong and cool. (A1R-GEAR nice guy)

What other games are you playing? Do the other games help your skills in DOA? 他のやっているゲームはなんですか? 他のゲームは、DOAの能力に役立ちますか?ある場合、そのゲームはなんですか?

I like FPS games besides fighting games. In FPS, you need to memorize the map and predict where the other party will come from. In that sense, it is essential to think about the one's thinking. It may be the same as thinking about the other player's mind set during the match in DOA 5.

I am playing Destiny 2 now, but in the past I played other games such as COD, Halo series and so on. I can only do it with a pad, but I'm pretty confident.

If you create a new DOA character for DOA 6, how would you do it? Sex? Battle style? Costume? もしDOA6向きの新しいDOAキャラを作成したら、どうやって行いますか?性?戦闘スタイル?コスチューム?

I would make the fighting style simple and simple. I want a character like Ryu that is loyal to the basics of the royal road. However, when you do it with DOA, it will surely become a weak character as the other characters are sharper.

What advice do you have for future DOA offline competitors? DOA大会プレイヤー志願の人に、何のアドバイスを伝えたいですか?

It can not be helped to be nervous especially when your tournament experience is small. It is not wrong to think that "I want to win." If you only have the mind set where "I want to win" for no reason, it is not so good because the body becomes hard and extra. Your body also has different movement than usual. What is important is the situation that may occur during the match before the match up which decides the policy beforehand as if this already happened. If you decide your policy as long as there is nothing wrong, do not bend the policy during the match.

Do you have Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Nikoniko, Twitch etc. that people can follow? フォローはできるSNS(Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Nikoniko, Twitch等)がありますか?

Youtube: Link

Do you want to say anything for the players? Any shout outs? 最後の言いたいことがありますか?誰かに声を大きくして挨拶するとか、感謝したいですか?

I think that there are many people who know the DOA series. There are those who are playing forever and people who have been interested for a long time even though there are not many of them. Among them are those who are reading this interview at this time. They are very grateful people who are also DOA players. I appreciate everyone who saw this interview. Thank you very much.

The Japanese Crew at NEC 17



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Credit to Jason Blake for the translations. Thank you to Siologica for the English answers. Thank you very much to all who have read this. I wouldn't have continued this series if it weren't for all of you. With that said, I will be on hiatus again. Don't know how long, but might be like "Hunter x Hunter" long. Thanks again.

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Good interview. Would also be nice to have his Japanese responses there too.

I want to know more about his lair. Why did he create it? Does he think it's been successful? What do the other players think of it? Has he enjoyed streaming? Etc.

Good stuff
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