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A lot of news has been accumulating over the last couple weeks, and This Week at FSD is going to put it all together in a constructive way so that players can catch up on all of the activity at once. We are getting a brand new Dead or Alive 6 build at DOA Festival, big tournaments are on the way and fighters are still digging up new information on the current TGS build!

Event and Offline Tournament News

Dead or Alive Festival is happening in Japan this coming Saturday at 10:00 PM Eastern Time. You can set a reminder on YouTube, stream it live on Twitch or Nico Nico.

DOA Festival will feature almost everything Team NINJA has to offer with: Dead or Alive 5, Dead or Alive 6 and Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation. Like previous DOA Festivals, this event will appeal to both the casual and hardcore players. Air Gear and @EMPEROR_COW are planning to attend the event and will hopefully shed even more light on the newest build shown.

The stream starts with a short opening and will then move on to a Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation 1st Anniversary stage program and cosplay show. After the casual activities conclude, things will start getting more intense with new on stage DOA6 gameplay and Team NINJA's final DOA5: Last Round tournament in Japan. Registration is closed for the tournament, but you can view the prizes and rules at Team NINJA's official site.

Visitors attending the free event will be able to play the latest build of DOA6. This means that Bass, Mila, Tina, Christie and new stages will be playable by the public for the first time. Guests will also have access to some exclusive gifts from Team NINJA including: a DOA6 Lanyard, DOA6 Button, DOAX:VV 1st Anniversary Greeting Card, Clear File and DOAX: VV SSR Gacha Ticket.

There are also two artistic contests that are no longer accepting entries with the results being revealed at the Festival. The first being an in-game photograph contest with an exclusive 'I'm a photographer' prize. The second is an illustration contest with an exclusive 'I'm an Illustrator' prize.

BigEGaming's NEC 19 will feature a special $2,100 prize pot to help commemorate the end of a 6 year adventure with the community. Last call has been initiated for NEC 19, and your final day to register will be December 3rd. DOA5: Last Round will always be a solid title in the series for fighters to play and enjoy, but the next journey begins at Winter Brawl 13 where DOA6 will make its first major tournament appearance in North America.

There were a few entertaining DOA5 tournaments before the game released, but NEC 13 could be seen as DOA5s big debut, and showed everyone watching that DOA fighters have the intelligence and discipline to be taken seriously. For multiple years, it has also been seen as the main event for Team NINJA's Battle Royal tour. BigEGaming has fused DOAs growth with hard work, kindness and generosity; crafting a special place in the heart of the offline community.

The hardcore have been playing DOA5 at every NEC tournament since 2013, each year resulting with a new champion and their respective main character(s). This is not just a testament to DOAs character balance, but also to its longevity. Because of DOA6s early 2019 release, this will likely be the last appearance of DOA5 at a major unless the slim chance of a special event occurs.

At NEC 13, XcaliburBladeZ competed with his malevolent Alpha-152 against the seasoned veteran Shade Swifteye and his revered Kasumi in Grand Finals. Their battles were so good it felt as if the story continued where DOA4 left off -- Kasumi battling her evil clone as buildings explode around them in the fight. With BladeZ winning the tournament, some past fighters of the series knew they had to change their game up quickly, and over time they adapted to the new and improved mechanics that DOA5 offered in comparison to its aged predecessor.

Shortly after NEC 13, the studious Sweet Revenge defeated BladeZ with his abstruse Sarah at Winter Brawl. He proved that veteran DOA players could make the adjustments and enjoy the new system. Sweet Revenge went on to have the biggest win streak in DOAs offline tournament history, and he dominated in DOA5: Ultimate before retiring shortly after Last Round arrived.

DOA5s first Winter Brawl also proved Team NINJA's passion and commitment to the Virtua Fighter games. Before 2012 it wasn't easy to find a guest character in a fighter that didn't seem completely tacked on for marketing purposes. The VF characters won some of the biggest events in our tournament history, most famously, JC AKira at NEC 16.

Based off DOA5s tournament history, it makes sense that this great game would conclude its offline offering at NEC 19. These milestones in the community couldn't have been accomplished without the dedicated fighters, the love from BigE and the support from Team NINJA. Going into Winter Brawl, we will be stronger than we ever have been with an established, growing community and great people to back us up while we have fun with a brand new game.

Dead or Alive 6 News

While there hasn't been a lot of news since Christie's reveal, Emperor Cow's hands on with DOA6 at Abu Dhabi Games Con is a recent positive review of everything we know so far. This dedicated fighter is known for creating some of the best DOA5 content around with his superb series of character combo videos. He has explored many lands to research DOA, and even turned down a beer from Itagaki!

His article is full of visual praise, but he also speaks highly of the new technical design choices from Team NINJA. Emperor Cow is in favor of the Break Hold mechanic because he can go for a reset if his opponent tries to win with a WUK. He's also happy with the Stagger Escape being removed since so many beginner players knew nothing of it.

Emperor Cow wraps up this big exclusive with individual character tweaks and move additions; some mentioned in the forum already. You can study all of these characters topics in their own individual forums to keep things neat and tidy for everyone at FSD. The Jann Lee DOA6 Discussion by @Darkslay is a perfect example of this with an organized list of new moves, confirmed changes and supplemental video breakdowns.

Community Contributions

@axouel2009 has done a great job delivering a unique art piece for each currently revealed character coming to Dead or Alive 6. Be sure to catch up on everything he has to offer in the art section of the forum. His most recent drawing is Mila from the 'Team Muscle' reveal last month.

@Battlecat396 consistently delivers new contributions to the art section with a colorful cartoon style. His art usually taps into the funny and adventurous portions of DOAs story as new things from DOA6s story mode are shown. This artist expresses that Mila could defeat Bass in the story to progress her character development as an up and coming superstar.

Site News
Starting with this issue, we will conclude the weekly digest with a few news bits and site notices. If you are new or returning, FSD was recently updated for your viewing pleasure. How do you like the changes so far?

When FSD was first updated you did not have access to 'FSD Dark' and that is now back in your settings as an option. The FSD Shop has been available since the update, but has conveniently returned to the top of the page.

The community should be excited about DOA Festival because there is something for all players. Going into this event you can expect a lot more coverage from FSD. Whether it be a new character reveal, story information or tournament write-ups; be ready for awesome news coupled with that live stream!

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