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So anyone from Toronto here play DOA competitively? Once DOA 5 is released, it's probably good idea to chill and hang @ A&C where you get to meet new players.

I go there sometimes but not so often; I play the 3D fighting games such as Soul Calibur 5 and recently got into Virtua Figher 5. I gave up on Tekken 6 as it's not my type of fighting game.

So in finalized words I just wanna say hi to all you Torontonians and hopefully by the time DOA 5 gets released I'll probably meet some of guys @ A&C or probably elsewhere in Toronto.


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You've got Xdest lurking somewhere in Toronto, but after BlazBlue came out he disappeared off into the horizon. Dunno if he has any intention of coming back.

Cyber and I are about three hours south of Toronto in Rochester. Not exactly a drive we would make often, but not entirely out of the question on my end if you boys get something started up. I can already imagine Cyber grumbling about the distance though, so jury is out for him.
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I know I saw some other fsd members from Toronto around here somewhere, but I guess they're hiding in the woodwork right now. That, or I'm imagining things again. Anyway, it's nice to know other Toronto players exist and I'm not alone here in my igloo.

lucky jim

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Hello ~

I'm going to try and get into DoA 5 and will be looking to attend locals.. haven't played much of the previous games, though.. so it'll be a learning experience. I started playing the DoA 4 demo on Xbox to get somewhat familiar with the mechanics, though I know a lot has changed :)

Hoping there are enough people interested in the game that we can get some regulars going @ A&C.


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London, ON resident here, but I find myself in Toronto at least once a month for tournies/gatherings for SC. I'll be getting into DoA 5 with no prior experience in the series but quite a bit of exp in the 3D genre. Not sure I've met any of you already (except Franman :p) but I look forward to meeting up with the scene in the near future! See you all around launch ;D
Oh wow, cool.

Sup everyone! only name in here I recognize so far is Partisan, but I'm at A&C every monday already (mostly for KOF). I'll be running DOA5 probably every monday once it drops.

So yeah, come to A&C mondays and you'll get people to play against. Later in the night rather than sooner in the afternoon.

Note that most people aren't quite "hiding in the woodwork", they simply....chill on FB, chill on IRC or go to A&C every week. A&C really is the best place to go here when it comes to new games. If we come in force then we can easily recruit more people to learn the game and become part of the "Toronto DOA Community"

Here's the Canadian DOA FB group:
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While I was at a Cineplex theater today seeing The Possession (which was fucking terrifying.) I came across an ad about renting out a cinema for Xbox play, business presentations ect... I asked about it, it's $200 CAD for every 2 hours. I was thinking that when I get my licence next year that all of us southern Ontarian's could meet halfway and rent out a Cineplex cinema, and split on the cost to play DOA for 2 or 4 hours.
Holy fuck, I envy how you guys can budget that much time and money for travelling + fighting games. My current occupation of post-secondary health/science student with little income really fucks me in those departments.

Have fun y'all. One day I'll meet you guys...
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