DOA6 Version 1.08: New Stage & Season Pass 2

Team NINJA unveiled a brand new season for DOA6, and it all begins with a brand new stage just in time for the summer. This stage is none other than Seaside Eden, and it comes with a swimsuit costume pack for 26 characters and 12 additional tracks.

Seaside Eden continues the beach theme much like previous DOA games, but this one came with a few bells and whistles. Falling coconuts, slip stuns, and rebounding volleyball nets are one thing to watch out for, but the main draw of the stage is a special Danger Zone that triggers the use of dolphins. It may also interest you that this is the first DOA stage to incorporate Stage Fatalities where if you use the Fatal Blow near the gate, it will send your opponent flying across the ocean.

At the end of the trailer shows the reveals for Season Pass 2. There will be 15 new costumes in August and an additional character will be joining the roster in September, alongside with 26 additional costumes. Will it be a returning character, a guest character from another game, or a brand new original character? We'll wait and see for when the time comes.


Seaside Eden is a free stage that is now available for consoles and PC as part of the new 1.08 update. Be sure to check the latest patch notes for Version 1.08 to see what was changed.
One thing I see that I definitely don't like in the patch notes is that Mila's 7K fully charged will now go a reduced distance on hit. I haven't tested it yet, but I hope it doesn't take from the nastiness of the move.

Bayman's trunks are cool and the new stage fatality is hilarious but I am just downright not happy with the costumes or the price... and waiting 2 months for the one character. Being forced to buy all the costumes is a pretty disgusting business strategy to me especially considering some players are loyalists to one or two specific characters.

Now here is why I don't like the price. The men's underwear (lol) was super cheap in DOA5, and they even had free pack. We are months into this release and with content to keep this game refreshing it feels like there is a kink in the hose and the water isn't on anyway, but if it was it wouldn't come out of the hose.

I felt like we were going to have options of things outside of a season pass like maybe more accessories. I will not even bother asking for another stage as slow as we are going now, but maybe some god damn hoops or something.

P2P: Removed jump property from the move.

1P: Removed jump property from the move.

I just don't get why they keep nerfing this way characters that aren't dominating the game.

Playing DOA6 already feels like playing a super limited DOA5 version but they pushing nerfs to not problematic characters is just hilarious.

Nerfs to Marie, Honoka, Diego and Mila. WTF.
there are hidden changes too..
Leifang can no longer double Limbo a BT opponent with 3P > 2K >3P .. the 2K turns around at earlier frames.
The Mila 2P infinite on the grounded opponent was only around vanilla pre-patch+first update, it was later removed down the line in vanilla with the last update. You had to literally get a pre-patch version of the game to even do it and was mostly best accessed near a wall so that the pushback from a down punch keeps them in one location. In open space it varied by character hitbox, some characters you have to do a near perfect dash to perform it open space consecutively, whereas for others it just didn't work.

Nerfs to Marie, Honoka, Diego and Mila. WTF.

On the fair side, Diego had it coming. Though I found it weird that they took this long, on top that Kula also had the increased throw range but was removed immediately in the following update whereas Diego still had his at the time (until now). I will say that the increased throw range did helped Diego pretty well, honestly thought it wasn't even that big of a deal for Diego (least with Kula made sense on removal).

For the other characters though, yeah not sure what to say. Odd is Team Ninja's middle name.
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