Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: 5 Star Mythic Loot Guide by FSD

Loot was considered a huge deal in Nioh, and while Yasuda has gone on record to say that there isn't as much loot in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, there is still actually quite a bit of it to collect between armor sets, a plethora of different weapon types and accessories.

There are five types of equipment rarities including:

✮ - Common
✮✮ - Rare
✮✮✮ - Epic
✮✮✮✮ - Legendary
✮✮✮✮✮ - Mythic

The two rarities you want to focus your time on will be Legendary & Mythics with the other rarities being salvaged and sold at the Blacksmith. The drop rate of Legendary & Mythic are not that high and if you are looking for every piece of high-spec equipment; it can take a good while to get a complete Legendary collection of equipment, and it will take a very long time to get a complete Mythic collection.

You will likely not get any Mythic equipment at all until you beat the game on Crouching Dragon, but the Legendary items will help with your first playthrough of Wo Long and the beginning of your Rising Dragon run (which is essentially New Game +). You cannot make an endgame level build in Wo Long without being capped at level 150. Don't forget you will also need a Mythic equipment piece in every slot to max out your possibility of perks and grace bonuses.

Early Tips for Complete Collectors

The Legendary Pre-Order Armors to my knowledge cannot be converted to Mythic, but they will be insanely helpful for your first playthrough. Any of the DLC armor sets are essential for your first playthrough as they remain strong for the entire game.

They also come with a unique Inheritance perk that allows you to level DLC armor up to your strongest piece of gear or weapon level for free! That means you can essentially save all of your armor materials for the 'Rising Dragon' Mythic Armor and other Legendary sets!

I have a few friends and family members playing that are having a tough time even obtaining Legendary equipment; while I have not met the same fate - I think it's important to mention the Sworn Brother's Boons. If you level up your reinforcements to a max of 10 you get a complete Legendary armor set and weapon from each reinforcement. The boons do not offer Mythic rarity but will help early on if your RNG luck is that bad.

How to Obtain Mythics Right Away

The cute little Pandas known as Shitieshou will give you Mythic accessories every time you give them 10 jewel fragments (which isn't a lot by the way). You can also give them equipment, but my drop rate for Mythics has been 100% giving them the fragments. I didn't start using this method until after I beat the game.

Also keep up with Random Drops on the ground. Mythics burst with light while other drops will look rather small in comparison. If you're just not acquiring anything at all you should probably invest some farm time into "the monkey farm." You can fight Zhuyan the monkey at Part 2 Sub-Mission: 'Tale of Guiguzi' but you still need a farming build to get consistent Mythic loot.

The Loot Farming Build

You're going to need to spec to a loot farming build to have any real chance of getting consistent Mythics in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Here are my recommendations for you to spec:


You will absolutely need the 'Ominous Chill' Water Phase Spell. This is the grand source of your damage. Feel free to mix-match your Metal Points to fit in 'Amplified Damage' and/or 'Overpower Burst' Fire Phase Spells.

Now for Armor you will need Luck Perks! The Luck Perk itself is rare and it increases your odds of getting high rarity equipment! If you don't have the DLC Qinglong Armor you can still get Luck Perks from the Entertainer Pieces, but the Luck Perk is quite rare indeed. You can find it on accessories at an even lower rate.

Once you have filled out every armor & accessory piece with a Luck Perk you can start looking into the Drop Rate Perk. Drop Rate Perks are graded from B-A and you can find this Perk on Accessories (sometimes with a Luck Perk as an added bonus).

Also remember to buy The Master Smith Hammer with your accolades as this appears to be the only way to get 'Equipment Drop Rate A' on a weapon. After you buy it the weapon will begin dropping on missions with a chance to get the hammer in its Mythic form.

To get one more 'Equipment Drop Rate A' make sure that Yinglong is your Divine Beast. The mystical dragon also gives you a nice damage bonus for having perfect HP. Do not forget this step!

The last thing you will want to do is make sure that your weapons and armor contain Water Damage, Ice Attack Power and Chill Accumulation so that you destroy the evil monkey as soon as you possibly can so you can to do it again. Based on theory, players are saying the faster you beat a boss, the better chance you have of landing Mythic equipment.

This build holds up for bosses that are actually tough and holds up well for map-based missions too. Throw on 'Frost Lance' Water Phase Spell so you have something to hurt your opponents with at low morale.

I've currently obtained 30 pieces of Mythic Equipment using these methods and builds. If you need help, feel free to ask questions and if you have advice, please let us know in the comments. Happy hunting, fellow NINJAs!
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