DOA6 WC XcaliburBladeZ Resets the Bracket to Win Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019

The beginning of October is a busy one for Dead or Alive players marking the second double feature tournament weekend for the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship! Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019 is live streaming the competition from Paris France, and The Fall Classic will continue the circuit starting at 2pm EST. You can follow the live bracket at Smash.GG and follow us here at Free Step Dodge for coverage of both events!

Highlights from Pools
This DOA6WC tournament features high level players from all around the world, and it's incredible how active BBoyDragon, XcaliburBladeZ, Kwiggle, Siologica & Teru Rock have been throughout this competitive series. Well-known players from EU: Gehaktbal, Ky-Dragon, EmssiOne, Dr. Impact & ULTIMA Ivanov mix it up once more with a compilation of frantic International bouts for the 5,000 USD prize pot and DOA6WC qualifying points. Comic-Ari won the first EU online tournament earlier this year, and now he is present at a DOA6 offline major eager to show the professional competitors what he can do.

Grand Final

:tina: :nico: Siologica vs XcaliburBladeZ :eliot:

XcaliburBladeZ has been on a bit of a rampage since the start of Dead or Alive 6, but he has displayed a few moments of vulnerability. He lost his first official sponsored tournament at Summer Jam 13 to Killy and he was sent to Loser Bracket by Siologica in the Winner Final. XcaliburBladeZ fought his way back to Siologica, training himself regularly for an intense reset like this is not normally something he would have to do, but BladeZ is always prepared.

Siologica is a dominant performer, but he's not invincible. His strongest attribute as a player is his defensive game, and it's hard to get passed it unless you are using the right character for the job. BladeZ enlists his world famous Eliot for this which is a smart move on his part because he can simply poke and break your guard if his opponent decided to play it calm & safe. Siologica had a field day earlier at this tournament, but BladeZ is coming at him now with everything he has and he doesn't let him come up for air and plays a deep stun game throughout.

Tina is Sio's first choice, and he does know the fundamentals of this character, but he can not use her on the same level as Killy or SoSickNashFan. While his juggles and defensive techniques are incredible, he doesn't correctly followup the 8P fatal stuns and his timing on counter throws is not quite up to part with what's required out of a grappler. Now he does hit some flashy HC MDTs but that's his Tina at maximum damage. Siologica runs back to NiCO after he loses the first game, but BladeZ refuses to give him the light of day.

Eliot begins to quickly tear away at Sio's remaining defense and completely downloads him. BladeZ quickly resets the bracket with his intense pressure options, and some matches Sio is barely allowed to get a move in as he's not safe enough to respond and he's not granted any distance to create a substantial zoning game. Siologica makes one more character change back to Tina & NiCO before accepting his defeat. Winner of Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019: XcaliburBladeZ
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