DOA6 WC XcaliburBladeZ Wins KUMITE 2019

The Dead or Alive 6 World Championship concluded its current chapter at 'Kumite in Texas' with Top 8 fighting for a five-thousand dollar pot bonus and DOA6WC qualifying points. XcaliburBladeZ, Hoodless, Killy, Rikuto, SoSickNashFan, Mona, ElectrifiedMann and Mr. Kwiggle put their skills to the test on stream for your studious and entertainment purposes at PandaXGaming! Read our report & results here at FSD and check out the standings at Smash.GG.

Earlier this week the DOA6WC festivities started with the EU West online tournament, and this weekend Team NINJA finally revealed Momiji for DOA6 after the TGS tournament. Team NINJA's TGS offering aims to appeal to their player-base with extremely meaningful Dead or Alive 6 tournaments across the globe including new game information and even a new gameplay trailer for their latest project, Nioh 2. With a baffling amount of high level competitors at Kumite you are looking at pinnacle Dead or Alive 6 by the community and Team NINJA this week.

Highlights from Pools

With Dead or Alive 5, our Kumite attendance numbers didn't always surpass the teens even as a Battle Royal partnered event, so the increase should be seen as great improvement for DOA at KIT. This tournament is going to be stacked with production quality, great commentary and super talented players. Thanks to Matt Ponton we are able to up the ante for the quality of tournaments with configured PCs to see DOA6 played at its best!

Emery Reigns and Shade Swifteye once again deliver the greatest commentary we've seen for DOA if not two of the best in the entire FGC blowing other game commentators out of the water with an insane amount of knowledge and crisp line delivery that doesn't make spectators want to leave the stream. These guys not only know what they are talking about, but bounce off each other with fresh informative explanations of what's going on.

There are a lot of impressive performers in pools, but SoSickNashFan was a stand-out giving you an alternative take on Killy's Tina. NashFan is not afraid to take big risks in his gameplay and he's good at playing under pressure. His hit throws were spot on perfect, and Tina's in particular are very attractive moves, especially her 7KT that can be used for maximum damage after a break blow reset.

Nash Fan was able to pick off Black Moon Rising with a bevy of Shinning Wizards followed up with ground tech, Crucifix Power-Bombs and appropriately timed break blow reset combos. He was able to frequently get the launch from the special taunt and was wowing the commentators with his IRL sunglasses technique. Tina's wearing her Summer Breeze Collection outfit, not giving one damn as she begins to plow through top players combined with Nash Fan's calm & collected nature.

Rikuto is also making statements, absolutely decimating his opponents with his pumped up Bayman. It's been tough for Rikuto to find his footing in DOA6 because Bayman isn't where he was in DOA5, but it doesn't matter because Rikuto has such sharp reads. If you are not a top player, you just might be lucky to get a few moves on him in an entire set!

Kwiggle and Rikuto had a violent fight in pools and considering the match-up was Bayman vs Phase 4; this fight could have been ripped right out of the story. Rikuto was calling all the right shots with impressive offensive hold on and off the wall, BT OH with great follow up damage and countless throws (DDTs, Back-Breakers). His advance hold reads were frightening because it was Kwiggle, and Kwiggle is a patient player that was shockingly obliterated by Rikuto this time.

This tournament was so stacked that the community witnessed early eliminations from really good players like: Allen Paris, Black Moon Rising, Cold Piece AJ, Crazy Steady, Hollow and Matt Ponton. They all had memorable moments in pools, but when you have great match after great match you can expect more jaw dropping outcomes before finals day. While new players eventually grow into professionals through tournaments, it is nice to have events that are just loaded to the brim with the best of the best.

Killy looked awesome and confident during his matches in pools. He's without doubt one of the best DOA players of all time. When he comes to a tournament he carries himself like a movie star and almost effortlessly wins his matches in pools like he already knew he belonged in Top 8. XcaliburBladeZ is another man to beat, and in pools he was representing Brad Wong with relative ease. Both of these main event players are nearly unstoppable, so a loss for them in Top 8 would be huge for anyone that gets the win other than them.

Top 8 Highlights

:eliot: XCaliburBladeZ vs Rikuto :bayman:
I predict that XcaliburBladeZ will select Eliot for this match, and if Rikuto plays in Top 8 BladeZ could be in trouble. Though during the NLBC series BladeZ streaked wins against Rikuto and has seen more tournament wins than any other player so far. Winner Prediction: Rikuto with a shocking upset over BladeZ.

Rikuto was playing well this set, but XcaliburBladeZ came through this set 3-1. BladeZ is great at poking from afar, and he used 2H+K to keep away from Bayman and dived in with a stun game or his famous launch throw to keep his damage going. Winner: XcaliburBladeZ

:tina: Killy Delorean vs Hoodless :rig::zack:
Killy Delorean is basically unstoppable, but Hoodless claims that Killy can definitely be beat. If anyone can do this, it's Hoodless and Killy is smart enough to know that in advance. Will Killy's streak continue, or will Hoodless download him and dominate the competition? Winner Prediction: Hoodless in a last round set.

Hoodless has strong offense, but Killy knows how to counter it with 50% MDTs on holds, those consistent mid-kicks that come out Rig are held by Tina with regular and advance holds because Killy knows exactly when they are coming. Hoodless knows this and switches to Zack for game 2 who has seen little tournament-play in Dead or Alive 6 and has one of the best mix-ups in the game. Zack is able to score a big win over Killy with damaging combos that force caution and respect into Killy.

At the 'Chinese Festival' Killy finds his groove again and starts opening up Zack with 33P, 3K before going in for a damaging throw or combo. He wins this slobber knocker with both players resorting to their firsts instead of big fire cracker combos. After a loss at the CF, Hoodles plays even better being on tournament life and he comes at Killy with 1,000 strikes to get his fastest win on Killy yet putting this set into last round.

Killy brings back his patience for 'Sweat' but he is flustered and annoyed by Zack's pressure game in the confined space. This was their best fight yet, and while Killy was able to adapt to Zack's mix-up game it still went into last round in the last set. Tina's patience and punishes won Kill this incredible set. Winner: Killy

:tina: SoSickNashFan vs Kwiggle :lisa:
Kwiggle is playing hard, but NashFan is playing his heart out and knows how to demand the spotlight for himself with no fear intact. I think NashFan could win this set, but Kwiggle's sheer experience is likely to come through for him at KUMITE. Winner Prediction: Kwiggle

Kwiggle started his set dominantly in the first game, but NashFan did come out of nowhere with a unique crush and spacing game. He used 4K to keep Kwiggle's Lisa away, but what really separates Kwiggle from other players is how much attention he gives to the tracking game expertly coupling it with his space. Kwiggle easily wins the first game and uses the count-down clock combined with a break blow to time out with higher HP winning the second game in a tight fight.

When NashFan is on tournament-life a stronger player emerges with a near-perfect stun game coming from Tina. The usage of Tina's 66K mid really helped mix-up Tina's plethora of mid-punches & delay, but Lisa's raw damage declared Kwiggle victorious at 'Sweat' as he kept his composure and took his damage when he wanted it. Winner: Kwiggle

:tina::christie: MONA VANDERWAAL vs Electrified Mann :helena::christie:
Mona has shown that he can compete with the best in his pool bouts, and I expect a great between him and EMann. This is a hard match to call, but I think that EMann really knows his setups, and he has unique strategies for getting his damage. Winner Prediction: Electrified Mann in a close set.

To start things off, Mona selects Tina to begin his Top 8 experience against a primed EMann at 'Muscle!' EMann keeps Mona on the wall most of this game and his patience from Bokuho has been incredible with those damaging followups. After a fairly convincing win, Mona still decides to stick with Tina for their next match at 'Road Rage.' Emann's beautiful stun game paired with the slippery ash created some of best looking combos we've seen from Helena yet.

"Mona is going out with his guns!" - Emery Reigns

After Mona lost two matches with Tina he finally decided to go with his main Christie for yet another match at 'Road Rage' via the random level generator! Mona comes out of the fire with speed, stuns and and bounce combos from the infamous heavy kick string. This game was all about Mona and he quickly won his first and second game with skill applied from all angles in DOA6!

Emann was not happy with the Christie change taking his game so he switched to Christie too and showed Mona why he is the veteran in a classic mirror match! Mona is a fantastic player, but he was dissected and destroyed by Emann in the last game. Winner: ElectrifiedMann

:rig: Hoodless vs Kwiggle :phase4:

This set starts at the top of 'Chinese Festival' and these two have a smash, destroying everything around them in the midst of their barbaric combat. All of the games seem very close no matter what the stage. Both players are so aware of the environment that it's hard to make any predictions based on level alone. What it boils down to is pure skill and Kwiggle is unfortunately dropping quite a few combos with Phase 4 losing his advantage in some places because of it.

Thankfully they don't count each other out, and even with drops they are still putting on a technical showcase in their bouts. Hoodless is surprisingly sent home because all it takes to lose with Rig is a few poorly timed reads and he's done. Rig can play some awesome mind-games but if he's downloaded he doesn't have pure hold or throw damage to back him. Winner: Kwiggle

:mila::kokoro: ElectrifiedMann vs Rikuto :bayman: :hitomi:

These two are very familiar with each other in DOA5 and now they have the chance to get acquainted with DOA6 competitive play! They start their battle at 'Lost Paradise' and Rikuto wins the first round giving Mila a drink of in the stream with his special 66T in water showing just how important the environment is to this game. EMann responds with cautious pokes, a solid ground game, throws and stuffs a break blow to win the first game!

Rikuto has had enough of slow Bayman for now and makes a wise switch to Hitomi to get that extra speed while applying his same awesome throw game to the character. Hitomi beat Mila up with stuns, launchers and damaging combo enders on the wall. After losing to Hitomi, Emann switches to Kokoro to give Rikuto something new.
"Rikuto's playing with an I don't care attitude and it has been working." - Shade Swifteye

They have their second game at 'Lost Paradise' and EMann's focus takes over with the Kokoro's chained grabs, lows, stuns and space! After a close match, EMann closes it and Rikuto switches to Bayman for his tournament life as they both have a third go at 'Lost Paradise.' Emann's defensive play with fuzzy guards, counters and blocks is enough to send the assassin home this time in an excellent performance from both players. Winner: ElectrifiedMann

:kula: XcaliburBladeZ vs Killy :tina:

BladeZ has been fearing Killy since his last appearance at Summer Jam 13 so he finally launches the broken Kula Diamond to attempt winning this tournament in a match-up that people aren't as familiar with in the DOA community. 'Ice Breath' is cast from the back of the map as an annoying and busted keep away technique that is worth being unsafe for the rewards and range it offers. BladeZ wins against Killy playing the right cards and match-up against the Summer Jam 13 champion sending one of the best to loser bracket. Winner: XcaliburBladeZ

:phase4: Kwiggle vs ElectrifiedMann :mila: :helena: :christie:

Kwiggle is going in this set with perfect Phase 4 combo execution and reads scattered throughout these fights and quite easily wins the first two games. EMann cycles through characters looking for something that works using: Mila, Helena and is on tournament life with his girl, Christie. Kwiggle was too much into his game for EMann to get anything started this time, but he put on an amazing spectacle with his characters this weekend at Kumite. Winner: Kwiggle

:tina: Killy vs Kwiggle :phase4::lisa:

Both of these players are among the best, but this time Killy had Kwiggle downloaded with all the right reads. Killy quickly fought his way out loser bracket to meet up with BladeZ for the second time in Grand Final. Kwiggle put up a great fight throughout Kumite, but by this set against Killy, it just wasn't enough for him to take his game to the main event. Winner: Killy

Grand Final

:kula: XcaliburBladeZ vs Killy :tina:

BladeZ continues to show us all why Kula Diamond is such an effective character not even utilizing 'Ice Breath' much in the early going. You can tell from this first match that Killy isn't confident in this match-up with noticeable hesitation, but still holding his own with strong reversals and grabs. The second match at 'A.P.O.' allows Killy some more space to make adjustments to the crazed KOF guest.

Kula is not just an OP character, but has a running throw of her own to counteract Tina's feared 'Shinning Wizard' but Killy does his best with the acquired space and overcomes Diamond with a series of powerful throws including a high counter MDT. When Killy gets 'Muscle' as the next stage he absolutely tears BladeZ and Kula apart with some of the best pressure seen in a tournament. BladeZ loses this match convincingly and you can tell Killy has his eyes on the reset.

They have yet another match at 'A.P.O.' and you can feel the heat between Killy and BladeZ as they both know shit's getting real in this grand final. Killy continuously busts Kula up with deep stuns and launches until Killy brings it back for a reset. XcaliburBladeZ is shook, but he sticks with Kula Diamond for the beginning of the reset.

'Road Rage' is next and we witness BladeZ begin to fight his way back out of a dark place with the stun rush game. When Killy gets scared he waits near the wall for a mid-punch hold and gets it for massive damage and a round win with a wise & patient strategy. Killy does a great job of countering 'Ice Breath' with 4K airborne, but is unable to stop the mind-freezing combinations of BladeZ this game.

Second match of the reset starts at the top of the 'Chinese Festival' and Killy & BladeZ have swapped fear in a lethal turn of events in favor of Kula. By the third round, BladeZ knocks Killy to the bottom of the stage. Killy uses break holds and whatever evasive trick he has to keep Diamond away. Killy flakes away at Kula's health bar with throws, advanced hold followups and OHs as Kula's mix-up game is weak against 66T but is ultimately not enough damage to bring BladeZ down for good.

Killy is on tournament life at 'Showdown' and brings more defense to his gameplay with a well-timed ground game and holds. He barely wins this game, but makes due with more great offensive holds and crowd assists. Their spacing game has been cranked up to maximum caution and XcaliburBladeZ wins the last game convincingly with an insane mix-up game complete with great openings & pecking stuns to defeat Tina and Killy accordingly.

BladeZ made the right calls with Kula and he should be congratulated for his victory against Killy who seemed absolutely unstoppable prior to Diamond. Congratulations to BladeZ even though he qualifies already for the main event this year in Tokyo Japan. He will enjoy the exclusive KIT Hayabusa trophy and a nice pot bonus to boot! Winner of KIT 2019: XcaliburBladeZ
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