DOA5LR "Yoo-Hoo, Over Here!" La Mariposa's Back-Turn Cancel Breakdown.

Okay so this one is alil more complicated but its going to be a key part of what makes La Mariposa so Special. In here I will be going over Lisa moves that don't cause her to turn around but have the option to do so.... for a list of moves that will cause Lisa to turn around then here's her other Back Turn Guide.
I'l also be going over the properties and Frame Data for these moves: (On Block/On Hit) and the difference in recovery the BT Cancel makes.
I'l also list any strings with the BT Cancellable moves in them. Allright, Let Us Begin Shall We:

Turning Around
This section covers which moves allow Lisa to cancel into BT when shes facing forward:

(Dis)Advantage On Block/On Hit: (-4/+20)
Recovery Difference: -1
Notes: This is Lisa's fastest attack she BT Cancel from at i11 Frames however, going BT from this string increases the recovery by a single Frame, its pretty Negligible. The second punch does have tracking properties
2.:P::P::P::4:Rolling Chop Combo
(Dis)Advantage On Block/On Hit: (-8/+13)
Recovery Difference: 0
Notes: This is the Rolling Chop Combo and BT Cancelling it doesn't change the recovery of the move, it does however let you distance yourself 0.5~0.6 Meters further away than if you didn't BT Cancel, this keeps you safe from alot of throws and since the move is unsafe, I recommend always BT cancelling it to avoid punishment. You can also get the Rolling Chop by its self using Running :P::4:..... the catch is its i17 Frames.... I mean its also i17 in the string but the Block/Hit Stun does grant you some leeway for success. It also has tracking properties.
The Rolling Chop is special because its the only move that links both Lisa's Carrera and BT Cancel all in one punch.
3.:P::P::P::p+k::h:La Quebrada Feint
(Dis)Advantage On Block/On Hit: (-47/-26)
Recovery Difference:
Notes: This is actually Lisa's La Quebrada Feint and not really one of her BT Cancels, but it does leave her BT if you're comfortable with the extra 39 Frames it adds on Recovery.... luckily you can avoid lows and some mids while you're doing it... if you're further away, you can use :9::P::p+k::h: and if you're close, you can use BT :p+k::h:.

4.:9::P::P::4:Flying Reverse Elbow
(Dis)Advantage On Block/On Hit: (+5~+6/Knock Down)
Recovery Difference: +9~+10
Notes:2~2.5M The Flying Reverse Elbow... Lisa has many Guard Breaks, but this one is the only you can cancel into BT from and it will shave a whopping 9~10 frames off your recovery, turning a semi safe move into Positive Frame Advantage, however as you can see this doesn't guarantee anything and at i55 Frames on start up its painfully slow and susceptible to reactionary holds and High Crushes and Counter Hits, luckily it shows up in other strings with much shorter start ups.
.5:3::K::4:Rolling Spin Kick
(Dis)Advantage On Block/On Hit: (-3/+7)
Recovery Difference: +5
Notes: This is another one of those moves that has a different name when its in a string.... its the Rolling Spin Kick but when its used in a string its the Jump Spin Kick... I prefer the latter. Anyway at i15 its only one frame slower than her Fastest mid from her Front Turned Stance and BT Cancelling it shaves off an awesome 5 Frames, making it safe on block. It also shows up in all types of strings so you can get up to quite a few Shenanigans with it.... its also a Low Crush... throw this kick out any day ;).
(Dis)Advantage On Block/On Hit: (-3/+29)
Recovery Difference: +5
Notes: One of Lisa's Critical Busts, its slow at i20 but you can use it Raw because its got pretty good range, you don't even have to BT Cancel this move, its got so much push back on block that it can't be throw punished, but just to be safe you should BT cancel it anyway... don't throw 5 Frames away :eek:.​

Staying Back Turned.
This section covers a list of moves you can initiate while Back Turned and can be cancelled back into a Back Turned State:

(Dis)Advantage On Block/On Hit: (-4/+20)
Recovery Difference: -1
Notes: Lisa's Back Turn Jabs is is 2 Frames slower than her Front Turned one but other than that they are completely Identical and share the exact same strings.
(Dis)Advantage On Block/On Hit: (-8/+13)
Recovery Difference: 0

Notes: The faster and closer version of the La Quebrada Feint.
:P::P::P: :p+k::h:
(Dis)Advantage On Block/On Hit: (-3/+7)
Recovery Difference: +5
Notes: Lisa's Back Turn Neutral Kick is completely identical to her Front Turned one in every way.

All right now we're talking !!! It will be done soon.
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