ALPHA-152 - Strategies - DOA5

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   Akira (DOA5)
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   Bass (DOA5)
   Ein (DOA5)
   Eliot (DOA5)
   Jacky (DOA5)
   Leon (DOA5)
   Mila (DOA5)
   Pai (DOA5)
   Rig (DOA5)
   Sarah (DOA5)
   Tina (DOA5)
   Zack (DOA5)
  • Recommended Moves

    :P::P::P::P::P::P::P:--You can free cancel this anywhere. With 7 chances to do so, this can mindfuck people so hard.
    :3::P::P::P::P::P:--Same as before, just less hits, and the fourth P can launch.
    :6::P::P::P:--Third P can give a deep stun, and is pretty fast.
    :2::P:--Resets and crushes highs. Can set up into many things.
    :6::6::P:-- A high critical burst that can now be followed up with a launcher in less than a 1 frame window.
    :P::P::2::K::K::K:--Her infamous launcher.

    :K::K::K::K::K:--The mid kick comes quick enough to where whiffing the high doesn't matter. I abuse this.
    :6::K::K::K::K:--Every kick gives a deep stun. Free cancel this anywhere, or go into a P ender.
    :2::K::K::K:--Her infamous launcher, without the first two punches. Great for neutral game.

    Throws and OH's:
    :3::3::H+P:--Her strongest grab with no special animation. Great for looking out for holds.
    :8::H+P:--An Offensive Hold that can crush wake-up kicks, and has a nearly full screen range.
    :214::426::H+P:--Another Offensive Hold.This thing damn near avoids everything, and damn near catches everything, and has a half-screen range to boot! Learn it. Love it. Live it.
    :236::236::H+P:--55% HP on hi-counter for one throw. Two of these will kill anyone. This will absolutely devastate anyone brave enough to hold against Alpha-152.
    :6::6::H+P:--Fastest Offensive Hold in the entire game. Use this after 2P or anything with slight advantage if your enemy doesn't crush a lot. Though this once great offensive hold is now a 7 frame normal throw.

    :7::P:--Your get-away tool. Use it in fear of a wake-up kick. This also goes into Floating stance, in which you can fake people out by using Floating H, or try to hit them with Floating P.
    :H+K:OTG head first on stomach--Your surprise attack! After just floating lazily up enough times, people will think Alpha's a punching bag. That's when you throw this out if you know they don't expect it. It's her only wake-up kick!

    Launchers --> Juggles:
    :2::K::K::K: --> :P::K::K::K::K::7::K:(Light, Med, Heavy)
    :2::K::K::K: --> :3::P::P::P::~::6::P::P::P:(Light, Med)
    :2::K::K::K: --> :P::P::P::P::P::P::P:(Light, Med)
    CH:3::H+K: --> :P::K::K::K::K::7::K:(Light, Med, Heavy)
    CH:3::H+K: --> :3::P::P::P::~::6::P::P::P:(Light, Med)
    CH:3::H+K: --> :P::P::P::P::P::P::P:(Light, Med)
    After CB! --> :3::P::P::P::P::~::K::K::K::K::7::K:(Light, Med)
    After CB! --> :3::P::P::P::P::~::P::K::K::7::K:When near Wall.(Light, Med)
    After CB! --> :3::H+K::~::P::K::K::K::K::7::K:(Light, Med, Heavy)
    :3::P::P::P::P: -- > :P::P::P::P::K:(Light, Med, Heavy)
    :3::P::P::P::P: -- > :3::P::P::P::P::~::7::K:(Light, Med)
    :3::P::P::P::P: -- > :3::P::P::P::~::6::P::P::P:(Light, Med)
    :3::P::P::P::P: -- > :K::K::K::K::7::K:(Light, Med)
    Wall Launch --> :P::P::P::P::K:(Light)
    Wall Launch --> :3::P::P::P::P::~::7::K:(Light, Med)
    Wall Launch --> :3::P::P::P::P::P:(Light, Med, Heavy)
    Wall Launch --> :3::P::P::P::~::6::P::P::P:(Light)
    Wall Launch --> :8::K::6::K:(Light, Med, Heavy)
    High Wall Launch --> :P::K::K::K::K::7::K:(Light, Med, Heavy)
    High Wall Launch --> :3::P::P::P::~::6::P::P::P:(Light, Med)
    High Wall Launch --> :P::P::P::P::P::P::P:(Light, Med)
    Danger Zone Launch --> :8::K::6::K:(Light, Med, Heavy)
    Danger Zone Launch --> :6::P::P::P:(Light, Med, Heavy)
    Danger Zone Launch --> :3::P::P::P::P::~::7::K:(Light, Med)

    Tag Mode Juggles
    :P::P::P::P::P::P::~::P::P::P::P::P::P::~::6::P::P::P:(Light, Med)
    :3::P::P::P::~::3::P::P::P::P::~::P::P::P::P::P::P::~::7::K:(Light, Med)
    :P::P::P::P::P::P::~::P::P::P::P::P::P::~::7::K:(Light, Med, Heavy)
    At Wall: :3::P::P::P::P::~::3::P::P::P::P::~::P::P::P::P::P::P::~::6::P::P::P:(Light)
    At Wall: :3::P::P::P::P::~::3::P::P::P::P::~::P::P::P::P::P::P::~::7::K:(Light, Med, Heavy)

    CB! Set-ups


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