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  • Ayane
    Debut: DOA (PSX)
    Fighting Style: Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu (Hajin Mon Style)
    Birthday: Aug 5th (Age 18)
    Stats: Height - 157 cm / 5'2"
    Weight - 47 kg / 104 lbs
    Body type - B93 W54 H84 cm / B37" W21" H33"
    あやね, Ayane

    Games appeared in: DOA(playstation version), DOA++, DOA2, DOA2H, DOA2U, DOA3, DOA 4, DOAXBV, DOAXBV2, DOAP, NG, NGS, NG2, NGS2, DOAD, DOA5

    First Appearance: DOA Playstation version (does not appear in first arcade release or Sega Saturn port)

    Stage Music​ (top)

    Aya - DOA
    Tehu Tehu - DOA2
    Prismatic Butterfly - DOA3
    Shade - DOA4

    Endings Music​ (top)

    Firelight Holly - DOA3
    Unbroken Chains - DOA4

    Back Story​ (top)


    Ayane is a character whose life growing up was full of secrets and misfortune. Her mother is Ayame, and half-sister to Hayate and Kasumi. Her father is Raidou, who rape Ayame while her husband was away. After Ayane was born she was seen as a tainted or "cursed child" and given to Genra by Ayame. Genra is the leader of the Hajin Mon. As a child Ayane and Kasumi would play together as friends never knowing they were related. However after being discovered playing together, they were broken up and forbid Ayane from ever being around Kasumi again.

    Genra began teaching Ayane the art of the Hajin Mon Shinobi and would later be introduced to Hayate. Afterwards she began working behind the scenes for the new Clan leader. Shortly after, Ayame, summons Ayane and reveals the truth of her birth right to her. Filled with rage and anger, Ayane began to practice her craft ever more vigilantly.

    During Ayane's Late teenage years, Raidou returns seeking the secret of the Torn Blast Sky technique. Ayane confronts her father but is quickly defeated. Hayate challenges him and is severly injured. This prompts Kasumi to leave the clan to avenge Hayate thus labeling her a runaway shinobi. Afterwards Ayane recieves orders to hunt down and kill Kasumi.

    Ayane tracks Kasumi through the first two DOA tournaments. In the 2nd tournament she runs into Hayate who has lost his memory and was going by the name of Ein. Ayane helped in recovering Hayate memories and later confronted Helena. Helena mistakes Ayane as the murderer of her mother and attacks her. Ayane not caring about the situation merely mocks her. Ayane finally met up with Kasumi in the tournament but was defeated.

    Atfter the conclusion of the 2nd tournament, Genra is reported missing. Ayane chooses to enter the 3rd DOA tournament to search for clues to his disappearence. She learns it was DOATEC who took him and transformed him into a super soldier called Omega. After many fights including a rematch with Kasumi, she pulls through to take on her fomer mentor. He dispatches Omega and gives him a traditional fire funeral and keeps his double bladed engery sword.

    At the start of the fourth DOA tournament, Ayane joins the Mugen Tenshin Clan who plan on using it as a platform to attack the DOATEC corportaion. Ayane fought alongside Ryu Hayabusa and Hayate and even at one point with Kasumi in the attack. She also stalls Kasumi from following Helena into one of the exploding Tri Towers. In the end DOATEC was defeated and the Mugen Tenshin clan returned home.

    Character Links​ (top)

    Ayane's only rival is Kasumi whom she holds a deep resentment for. As children Ayane was treated with disdain and viewed as an outcast. And after Kasumi left the clan for personal vegence, Ayane looked forward to her new mission of hunting down the runaway shinobi.

    Ayane's only companions are Hayate and Ryu Hayabusa. Ayane has always had feelings for Hayate but as to what those feelings are is unknown. She has always had the upmost respect for Hayate ever since they were children as he was the only one who never mistreated Ayane. Ryu Hayabusa has relied on Ayane's insight and help on many occasions and she too holds Ryu in high respect.

    Ayane's mentor Genra was the only parent she knew growing up. Genra taught her the ways of the Hajin Mon shinobi and put in the recommend for her to work directly with the Mugen Tenshin Clan. After Genra was taken by DOATEC and transformed into the Super Soldier Omega, Ayane took it upon herself to save her former mentor.

    Afrer finding out about the truth of her birth, Ayane kept her distance away from her mother Ayame. Ayane tried to focus that anger on her father Raidou who returned to her village, but failed to even touch him. After Raidou was killed by Kasumi, her anger was refocused on the runaway shinobi.

    Gameplay​ (top)

    To be added later
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