Bass (DOA5LR) Move Analysis

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   Bass (DOA5)
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   Sarah (DOA5)
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  • Top 10 Moves​ (top)

    1. :P::+::K:
      Your fastest strike and it wins most high trades from frame advantage. Unfortunately, it's a single strike and is unsafe, but causes a stun on hit with unstaggerable followups. Good for using at small advantage or for abare.
    2. :6::K:
      Fastest mid and counts as an elbow class attack. Has mid and low followups, one which causes a hard knockdown and a low which stuns. All hits are unsafe, but the strings can be reasonably delayed and the knee alone is good enough on its own and stops moves with mid crush properties.
    3. :3::K:
      Mid range poke with good followups and great for stopping couching opponents.
    4. :6::P:
      Second fastest mid and tracks with good followups and benefits from safety. On counter hit, it gives a good stun to hit confirm into the followups for a mixup.
    5. :3::3::P:
      Primary launcher and great whiff punisher. Has another mid followup with frame advantage. The full :3::3::P::P: against the wall gives a guaranteed ground pickup.
    6. :6::6::P::+::K:
      Mid-long range get-in and whiff punisher with very good application on both block and hit. Can give frame advantage on block from good distance and forces people to tech or else they'll be picked off the floor with a ground throw. Downside is that it's linear and punishable from a side step.
    7. :214::P:
      Great mid guard break with full tracking and good application as a mid range launcher. On hit, it rewards with good damage for a short combo opportunity and on block, it give good advantage. It's a bit slow on the start-up, but the reward is worth it. It's one of the most damaging max-threshold launchers he has.
    8. :1::P:
      Due to being slow and having a risky low OH, Bass ends up with the slowest lows in the game, but this moves gives great advantage on hit and avoids highs. It's easy to force people into simple nitaku situations with this move. Not a fast move, but it's not easy to see and can be mixed with :6::6::P: due similarity in the animations.
    9. :6::6::K:
      Good keep out move and decent for transitioning into back turned position for using mixups from said position.
    10. :6::h::+::K:
      Safe mid-range drop kick that avoids lows. This move and :h::+::K: are both great low crush moves, but :6::h::+::K: ends up being more useful due to giving a hard knockdown for a free ground throw, so it ends up being good for starting an offense.

    Attacks​ (top)

    P​ (top)

    Basic jab with different string transitions. :P::P: is a natural combo and :P::K: is a counter hit combo with possibility of a Sit Down Stun on a crouching opponent with guaranteed followup. The :P::P: string followups range from decent to average with :P::P::K: being good for gaining some needed frame advantage to stopping disruptions while the mid and low followups are decent for adding variation but are prone to quick low pokes. :P::P: itself has very good recovery and can be used in tick throw setups. :P::K: should be used more than :P::P: due to the transition and that it's a tracking string.

    Second fastest mid at 15i with tracking and two followups. :6::P::P: is safe while :6::P::K: is very punishable, but is rewarding on hit and is a good combo starter. :6::P: is great for stopping evades and has very good hit stun on counter hit and on a crouching opponent. On its own it's negative on both block and normal hit, but it's also safe in both situations.

    Stuns on hit and is semi-safe against non-grapplers. The lift stun is good for closing stagger escape options and also acts as an extender in juggles.

    The slowest generic :2::P: in the game but is his second fastest low, negative on normal hit and with a high followup. This can be used in different situations, mostly for counter hit instances where you can attempt to combo the low into the high. Crouches over highs instantly, so it's very useful for catching an opponent mid string or with a counter hit.

    A tracking low that stuns on hit, enough to force a mixup on an opponent. Has two followups though the mid is reactable and the high is not reliable. Normally, you're better off using this move on its own rather that trying to use the followups.

    Another tracking mid and is part of two strings: :4::P::P::P: and :4::P::P::P::+::K:. The mid ender is a tracking guard break with very good plus frames at +6 and the high which causes critical stun on hit. Not actually very useful, so you might never end up using this.

    Another underwhelming move with average followups. Main reason is that it starts off of a slow linear high. It benefits from good safety on block at -2 and good stun on hit, but it's really not worth using normally.

    A slow and unsafe true mid that causes a hard knockdown on counter or hi-counter hit, giving you a free ground throw. Not very useful outside of certain situations or against certain characters like Helena with stances or moves that require vertical mids to keep her in check.

    A high strike with good range with some decent followup:
    • :9::P::P: (High, mid) causes a sit down stun with the second hit and is mostly used on a back-turned opponent after the back turned offensive hold on counter or hi-counter to guarantee a big combo, mainly because it's a natural combo a back turned opponent.
    • :9::P::9::K: (High, high) is mainly a DOA4 leftover which is meant to be a safe string but ends up being never used.
    • :9::P::K::P: (High, mid, mid) is mainly used in wall combos after a wall splat for very good damage. Not often used normally outside of juggles. The string ender is the same as :6::6::P:.
    • :9::P::K::2::P: (High, mid, low) is similar to the above string with the exception of having a low ender similar to :1::P:.

    Slow but safe tracking mid with good hit box capable of shutting down many money with mid-crush capabilities. After a ground getup, anything other than a hold or standing guard with be beaten by this move.

    Primary mid launcher with aid follow up that causes a +5 guard break. The launcher by itself is unsafe and punishable but the followup is used to deter throw punishment attempts. Very good whiff punishment.

    A slow backhand mid attack that's mostly used to catch an opponent in counter hit situations to cause a crumple gut stun or limbo stun, depending on stance. It's unsafe, but it's also very rewarding.

    A slow high guard break which gives +4 and also acts as a hit throw. On hit, it's also causes a good stun with possible unstaggerable followups. Does very little damage on it's own however, but the throw adds to the overall damage.

    This move can be pretty scary because of the many great properties. It's rather slow, but it's a tracking guard break move with great range and is also a launcher.

    A painfully slow double axe handle attack that is safe. This is way too slow to act as anything useful, so completely ignore this.

    K​ (top)

    A quick high kick with guard break properties and does considerable amount of damage on hit.

    Fastest mid and counts as an elbow class move and is unsafe on its own. It comes with two different followups:
    • :6::K::P: this string on it's own can combo on hit and the opponents to react quickly to hold. It can cause a hard knockdown for a ground throw. The followup is unsafe on hit.
    • :6::K::K: the kick followup is a low which causes a short stun on hit. Not that useful in general.
    A great poke with decent mid range, slightly slower than :6::K: and causes a sit down stun on a crouching opponent, making :3::3::P: guaranteed. Can also be a guaranteed followed up after :9::P::P:. This is best used in mid range situations in most neutral situations and on its own and has two followups:
    • :3::K::K: (mid, high) a quick transition to a high which cannot be interrupted and can catch people off guard who may be too used to you using :3::K: alone. It's a fairly safe move and leaves your at -4.
    • :3::K::P: (mid, mid) a slower punch transition which can be interrupted between hits but is safer than :3::K::K: and can lead to abare (attack from disadvantage) situations since it's -2 and has deceptive recovery.

    Fastest low at 16i and mostly used for interrupting or causing a trip stun during critical stun situations, though it gives nothing guaranteed if quickly staggered out of. You can usually throw out mids like :3::K: or :6::P::K: if you want to launch after a trip.

    A low with a mid :P: followup that causes a lift stun. The best use of this move is in counter hit situations on slippery surfaces (water, ice, etc.) which can give guaranteed followups and combos for good damage.

    Back-turned :4::K:
    A mid kick from BT position with some great properties, so as sit down stun on counter hit, critical stun and crouching and also has tracking, making it a move ideal for use in BT, which Bass can easily get into.

    A mid kick launcher which avoid wall splat and gives good launch height. Pretty unsafe though, so it's generally not a great idea to use this outside of stun situations.

    Back-turned :7::K:
    A mid kick with counter-hit launch properties and good launch height. Not safe and slow, which makes it more ideal for situations when an opponent is in stun.

    High launcher that is more used on stunned opponents and it's horribly unsafe and can also be a good combo extender.

    A safe Ranged high kick which knocks down on hit. It's not particularly useful, so ends up not getting used much by anyone. It could act as a decent whiff punisher, but he has better moves for those situations.

    A mid kick guard break which leaves you in the back turned position. This gives access to tools from BT and also is good at acting as a keep out strike.

    P+K​ (top)

    Fastest high strike at 12i and always stuns on hit. This is mostly used as a disruption tool and ends up being the primary high move to use in most cases.

    A high tracking mid which leaves Bass in BT and has two followups:
    • :6::P::+::K::P: (high, high) leads to a guard break leaving you at +1 and can lead to a ground throw if the opponent doesn't tech.
    • :6::P::+::K::K: (high, mid) is more important as it's a critical stun and counter hit launcher, enough for :426::h::+::P: air grab for good damage. Very unsafe.
    The above strings can't be interrupted by any character without 9i jabs or good mid crushes.

    A safe, unholdable critical Burst with a grab followup. This can also be used in the air as a combo finisher for good damage. On hit, this move causes a faint stun, which cannot be staggered out of, so it's great to use in many situations.

    A taunt stance which can transition into two followups:
    • :2::P::+::K::P: (high) is the infamous Stan Hanson lariat running unblockable from DOA2.
    • :2::P::+::K::P::+::K: (mid) is a running hip attack similar to Tina's :6::6::P::+::K:, with variable amount of frame advantage, from slight negative to positive on block. This move has an amusing bug when Bass can teleport behind an opponent.
    Overall, these moves are rather useless and too slow to actually use in a real match.

    A slow guard break with high crush properties. Minimum charge for this move is rather slow on it's own, but you can continue the charge to get a full guard break and launch your opponent. With or without a charge, it gives very good plus frames on block.

    More of a taunt than a useful move. Can cause quite a knockback and does good damage on hit, but you'll be paying dearly if it's blocked.

    While Rising :4::P::+::K:
    A slow high crushing guard break with a mid punch followup. The guard break leaves you both at 0, making it ideal to use his BT offensive holds to stop an opponent from pressing buttons, however, 9i jabs can poke him out of that attempt, which is where his followup comes into play.

    His power blow. Has decent rage and does what you expect from a power blow. It can also be used to fool people into thinking that you're charging his :426::h::+::P: OH since they have similar animations.

    A very good mid range tool to get in close or whiff punish. This is usually 0 on block, but with a bit more range and proper spacing, you can get up to +3 on block, thought usually you'll end up with +1~2. If an opponent techs this move, you can still keep the pressure going otherwise you can go for a ground throw.

    Power launcher and very good for doing high damage after a CB. Bass has some pretty nasty PL combos in this game, so it's worth going for a launcher rather than a power blow in most cases.

    A very slow tracking guard break with free step properties, only really used against characters that jump a lot, like Momiji, Ayane, Lisa, etc. with jumping attacks. Can also be used after wall throws, but is too slow outside of those situations.

    A decent guard break with an added plus of having a high crush window. It's best to use this in situations where you're at +1 or +2 just to make sure you have enough time get the high crush window against all jabs in the game as different jabs have variable speed and hit boxes. You'll be at negative on hit, but you'll also be left at mid range to try and get some sneaky attack afterwards.

    H+K​ (top)

    A quick low crushing drop kick with good plus frames on block. Mostly used as a keep out tool and can jump over lows quickly. Has abysmal recovery, so make sure not to whiff.

    A safe mid drop kick which also has a low crush window and gives a free ground throw on hit. It's a bit slow, so it's best used outside of an opponent's comfort zone or against wakeup kicks as it has good range and does enough damage to beat wakeup kicks in case of trades.

    A low drop kick which is generally not that useful. It causes a +1 guard break on deep block and knocks down on hit, so generally not a move worth using.

    A very slow sumo stomp kick that causes a guard break and gives a free ground throw on hit. However, it's very situational and is abysmally slow and not that rewarding. :6::h::+::K: does a better job at what this move intends to do.

    Throws​ (top)

    A quick forward throw used mostly for punishment and causing resets. This is a central move in his arsenal and is great at what it does. It deals damage and gives good frame advantage to keep pressure going. It's easy to change the pace of an entire round from landing this once.

    Wall :6::h::+::P:
    This is a nasty wall throw mainly due where it leaves the opponent where they're forced to tech after some time, leaving enough time to use any of Bass' tool at close range.

    Another great throw for more unsafe moves or for doing damage.

    Wall :4::h::+::P:
    This is arguably the most damaging wall throw in the game and can give a blender situation where you can go for a ground throw, but if you miss, you'll still be safe.

    While-Rising :6::4::h::+::P: or T.F.B.B.
    A very important part of Bass' throw game as it's your main damaging throw. The equivalent of this would be Wolf's Burning Hammer from Virtua Fighter or King's Giant Swing from Tekken. It does have the disadvantage of a slow 16i startup for a throw but has superior range. It requires good setup or as hold punishment where it really shines. Has a few shortcuts like :236::4: and :6::426: for easy quick and easy buffering.

    Part of a throw combo series:
    • :214::h::+::P:, :6::h::+::P: pushes the opponent away, giving you a free :6::K::P: that pretty much guaranteed since it's very difficult to stagger escape it in the first place. You get a ground throw afterwards into more pressure. It also gives a full wall combo if :6::K::P: is done against a wall.
    • :214::h::+::P:, :2::h::+::P:, :8::h::+::P: is a full combo into some pretty nasty damage, able to dish out almost half life damage on hi counter. The difficult part is timing the throw transitions well so that the opponent doesn't escape.

    Is another start to an unbreakable throw combo with two :4862::h::+::P: followups for the two different finishers:
    • :4862::h::+::P: gives a free ground throw by dashing forward after the throw and doing the pickup. This is always guaranteed if timed right.
    • :4862::h::+::P:, :4862::h::+::P: the F5 which does the damage. You're paying the price of gaining the oki advantage, but you won't be far away from your opponent.

    This is another combo throw, but has only one followup, which should make it simpler to time. It's also faster than the other two combo throws, but it's not used very often anyway, so it gets sidelined and unused in most cases.

    Offensive Holds​ (top)

    Offensive Holds, which are similar to catch throws with different damage scaling are also an important part of Bass' game.

    Primary OH and mostly used to disrupt and condition characters to start committing to things other than standing strikes. It also has good range for a fast OH, making it a good spacing tool and even a whiff punisher.

    Slower and slightly shorter than :6::6::h::+::P:, but deals more damage and can be charged up for different situations:
    • The regular :426::h::+::P: is has good range and does moderate damage for an OH, mostly used after :6::h::+::P: or a ground throw to disrupt oncoming standing strikes or beat side steps. It has a tendency to whiff mostly after :6::h::+::P:, so use if you make a good read.
    • The second version of the charge, :426::[H]::+::[P]: comes out from the 28i frame onwards. The does significantly more damage, especially on hi-counter, but it has abysmal range.
    • The final charge comes out at 37i and can reach quite far, transitioning into a combo throw. If you don't follow up with anything, Bass will do a double power bomb, only useful when you're facing a cliff and want to cause a fall with the second slam. The full :426::[[H]]::+::[[P]]:, :268::h::+::P:, :8::2::h::+::P: does very good damage, but you'd want to only the second part, where you perform the launch. This gives new opportunities to get damaging combos and do +50% damage. Getting the opportunity to actually land this on an opponent is hard to come by, but if you manage to catch someone, you can potentially win the round.

    Back-Turned :h::+::P:
    This is arguably one of the best OHs in the game at 10i with plenty of guaranteed damage potential. Making good use of this tool would give you a major advantage over any character. The range is short, but this tool is usually for disrupting incoming strike by catching their hitbox, so it's good to get used to the range and determine when to best use it. It has different advantages depending on hit, so knowing your options would be beneficial:
    • On normal throw, you get +15 with all your regular throws with the exception of TFBB guaranteed and launchers such as :3::3::P:, :7::K: and :6::P::K: also work.
    • On counter or hi-counter throw, you get +21 with the ability to use :426::h::+::P: for a combo throw and :9::P::P: > :3::K: > :3::3::P: is guaranteed. With this, you can get 100+ damage on most of the cast.

    Back-Turned :h::+::P:
    The low version of the BT OH, with +10 on hit and leaves your opponent close enough for you to create a nitaku situation between the two BT OHs. It has more range that the standing BT OH, so it'll help with trying to catch pesky moves like Ayane's :1::P::+::K: reverse backdash.

    A slow jumping OH and generally not really that useful. Best used after a ground throw to throw off the timing of your opponent's throws in case they try to beat your OH attempts as this will actually jump over quick throw attempts.
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