Honoka (DOA6)

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    A sweet, and easygoing kind of girl on one hand, and a true martial arts buff on the other. Honoka is a simple girl, raised by her gentle and loving grandmother, so what is her secret? That would be the mysterious power that allows her to copy perfectly the moves she have seen others perform. While it allowed her to create her "Honoka Fu" style and compete on par with famous fighters, seeing her own right hand emit some strange kind of glow has her justly worried...

    Fighting style

    Honoka Fu
    Honoka has created her own unique style, which she calls "Honoka Fu," by combining her most favorite moves copied from various fighters she observed. In her Hissatsu-no-Kamae stance, however, she is imbued with an unbelievable strength and becomes capable even of techniques she has never seen before.

    Personal Data

    Country : Japan
    Age : 18
    Blood Type : AB
    Height/Weight : 150cm/45kg
    Occupation : Student
    Favorite food or drink : Whipped Cream Puffs
    Hobby : Watching pro-wrestling matches and martial arts movies, taking hot baths

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