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  • Sarah Bryant
    Debut: Virtua Fighter
    Fighting Style: A collection of mixed Martial Arts (Savate, Taekwondo and Karate style). Previously stated as Jeet Kune Do until VF4:Evolution
    Birthday: July 4th
    サラ・ブライアント, Sarah Bryant

    Games appeared in: VF, VF2, VF 2.1, VF Portrait Series, VF Kids, Fighters Megamix, VF 3, VF 3 Team Battle, VF 4, VF 4: Evolution, VF 4: Final Tuned, Virtua Quest, VF 5, VF 5: Online, VF 5: R, VF 5: Final Showdown

    First appearence: Virtua Fighter

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    Sarah Bryant, she's youngest daughter of the Bryant family.
    She becomes suspicious of the circumstances surrounding her brother Jacky's horrible accident in the 1990 Indianapolis 500. While investigating this accident, she was kidnapped by a mysterious group called Judgment 6 and got brainwashed.
    With her innate fighting sense aroused by the brainwashing, Sarah was sent into World Martial Arts Tournament to finish off her brother Jacky.

    As the second tournament unfolds, Sarah is still brainwashed. However, Judgment 6 could not control her completely during the last tournament and she failed to carry out her orders. She is further trained over the next year by the Judgment 6 to become the strongest fighting machine in the hopes that she will kill her older brother, Jacky.

    Although Sarah was rescued at the tournament by Jacky, who claimed to be her brother, all of her memories had been wiped clean. Although occasional fragments of her memories began to return as she lived her daily life, she found that they returned far more often during her training. With the hope that prolonged combat will advance her memory recollection, she decided to enter the third tournament.

    Since the end of the third tournament, Sarah has fully regained her memories. Life went back to normal for all the Bryants, but Sarah still felt a twinge of uncertainty. Even though she has recovered, she remembered all the bad things she had done while under the Judgment 6's control. Worst of all, she remembers trying to kill Jacky. She is also unable to remember clearly enough if the desire to kill Jacky was a result of Judgment 6's brainwashing or if it was part of her own wishes all along. When she finds out that Jacky intends to join the fourth tournament, she decides to do so as well, so that she can beat Jacky and resolve matters once and for all.

    During the Fourth World Fighting Tournament, it was revealed that Judgment 6 had sinister motives for Sarah and she was in great danger. Vanessa offered to protect her and infiltrate the organization when suddenly, in the middle of the tournament, Vanessa disappeared. When Sarah finds out that her brother, Jacky, aims to destroy the criminal organization and has been secretly training for the Fifth World Fighting Tournament, she decides to enter in the hopes she can surpass him and bring peace to her past. Sarah doesn't realize that her efforts play neatly into Judgment 6's hands and put her in more danger than ever before.

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