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  • Tina Armstrong
    Debut: DOA
    Fighting Style: Professional Wrestling
    Birthday: Dec 6th (Age 22)
    Stats: Height - 174cm / 5'9"
    Weight - 56kg / 123lbs
    Body type - B95 W60 H89cm / B37" W24" H35"
    ティナ・アームストロング (Tina Āmusutorongu), Tina Armstrong

    Games appeared in: DOA, DOA++, DOA2, DOA2LE, DOA2H, DOA2U, DOA3, DOA4, DOA Dimensions, DOA volleyball, DOA Xtreme2

    First appearance: DOA

    Stage Music​ (top)

    Power Is Beauty - DOAU
    Power Is Beauty (more Beautiful Mix) - DOA (PlayStation)
    You Are Under My Control (Beautiful Version 00) -DOA2U and DOAD
    True Beauty - DOA3
    I Feel For You - DOA4

    Ending Music​ (top)

    Agitated by Emotion and Father's Blues - DOA2U
    War Zone - DOA3
    The Fastest Fingers - DOA4

    Back Story​ (top)


    Tina entered the first Dead or Alive Tournament to please her father's wishes, but in a bid to make her dreams of fame come true, Tina's other reason for joining was to use it as a vehicle to be discovered by Hollywood. However, Bass forbid it, thinking that it's not a good idea for his daughter to end the wrestling career he built for her, so he entered the tournament to try and stop her from succeeding.
    Tina made it into the finals but she quit the competition after doing so. Kasumi won but she didn't take the prize money, therefore Tina took it instead.

    Tina entered the second tournament in hopes of becoming a supermodel. Along the way, she had an argument with Leifang about what true power is; while Tina said it's about brute, physical strength, Leifang told her it's all about the mind. She also met up with Zack, who tried to ask her out, but Tina was not interested in him, mostly likely for the way he looks as she gave him a mirror and told him to "use it".
    Later on, Tina had to fight with Bass once again, and managed to defeat him. After the tournament, she got her wish and went on to be a supermodel for a show on the television.

    Being a woman of boundless ambition and a thirst for great fame, after she finally made her debut in Hollywood as a model, Tina decided that she wanted to be an actress. Since the Dead or Alive Tournament gave her a big chance last time, she entered the third tournament to promote herself. Bass tried to stop her once again but she got annoyed at him, telling him that it's her dreams and he's not the boss of her any more. She defeated him in battle, and went onto star in a war-action film.

    Tina joined the fourth tournament, this time in order to become a rock star, much to her father's dismay. During the tournament, she fought La Mariposaand went on to fight Bass again. She defeated them both to achieve her quest of musical fame, starring in a music video in which she rides in on a skateboard, playing the electric guitar. She also took part in, and won a tag-team wrestling match alongside La Mariposa, in which is revealed that the masked-wrestler is in fact her good friend Lisa.

    Character Link​ (top)

    Bass Armstrong
    Bass is Tina's father and is really protective towards her, still viewing her as his little girl. Bass guards her from men like Zack and he disagrees with her dreams of being something big in the entertainment world, as he believes that it isn't a good career for a young lady. This causes friction in their relationship, as Tina sees herself as her own person and wants to make her own choices. Their disagreements often lead to real fights in the ring and Tina more or less wins every time. Although they hardly ever get along, the two can be close at times.

    Zack used to have a huge crush on Tina and would often ask her out, although she has never liked him in that way and refused to go out with him, taunting him about his outrageous appearance. After being rejected, Zack finally moved on with Niki. The two fighters remain friends but Tina still takes enjoyment from teasing Zack; if the two of them win a tag-team fight, Tina would high-five Zack, but as he does it back, she would jump to the side and let him fall onto the ground.

    Lisa Hamilton
    Tina has been friends with Lisa since their school days and their friendship has remained strong right into their adult lives. Although during Dead or Alive 4 they taunt each other in the ring - with Tina claiming that Lisa was hiding the fact she is ugly under her mask, and Lisa calling her stupid - that was just an act for the audience, and they go on to become wrestling partners.

    Tina and Leifang are rivals, which started from a disagreement on the philosophy of true martial power. Despite the rivalry, the two do seem to respect one another; when Leifang managed to break a small boulder with little effort, Tina whistles long and lowly after this, showing that she was impressed.

    Sarah Bryant
    In the recent trailers for Dead or Alive 5 there have been cutscenes of Tina and Sarah together. The Character Relationship Chart showed "New Rivalry?" meaning they might have a plot together in Dead or Alive 5.

    It's possible that Tina is friends with Hitomi, as in Dead or Alive 3 Tina talks about her career plans with her.

    Gameplay​ (top)

    To be added later.

    Moveset & Combos​ (top)

    To be added later.

    Frame Data​ (top)

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