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DOA5LR Free EVO Showdown Event Registration Open!

Discussion in 'News' started by deathofaninja, Jul 5, 2018.

By deathofaninja on Jul 5, 2018 at 3:55 PM
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    Team NINJA is now opening registration for their EVO partnered event that will not only close out DOA5's official long-lasting tournament presence, but will introduce the community and gamers across the world to the spectacle that is Dead or Alive 6. After months of dry news and a shorter battle royal, players started getting burnt out on Last Round, but Team NINJA has once again rejuvenated the community and FGC with free entry to the event; plus exciting and new possibilities. Remember the 256 player cap before procrastinating, will you be there?

    Limited and Exclusive Event Merch

    There are some important notices from the owner of FSD, @Mr. Wah that you should consider for the Last Round tournament: Payout will be granted to Top 8, and all you will need to get into EVO is the event pass itself with the five-cent BYOC fee. With game related rules: DANGER ZONE, DOJO and ATTACK ON TITAN stages are banned along with controller converters.

    Another place you want to pay close attention to is Team NINJA's Official Dead or Alive 6 Website. This website has a lot of information for the tournament and the game. It also lists the prize pot and that's over 5,000 USD -- not bad for a free event, eh?

    A big attraction to this event is that Dead or Alive 6 will be playable for anyone attending. While the game itself has been met with E3 awards and praise from many publications, controversy has also been evident with DOA's fanbase. DOA has always been a fun series since its start in the 90s, and now you have a real chance for some hands on time so you can legitimately share how you feel about the sixth installment.

    Look sharp at the tourney with FSD's first DOA6 shirt!
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Discussion in 'News' started by deathofaninja, Jul 5, 2018.

    1. Mr. Wah
      Mr. Wah
      I registered. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
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    2. deathofaninja
      I concur; I am also registered and ready to go!
    3. Raansu
      I understand dojo, but why are danger zone and AoT banned?
    4. Mr. Wah
      Mr. Wah
      AoT is two fold I bet: licensing issues are a concern for the stream I guess, and players who didn't buy it can't practice on it.

      DZ was probably from KT Japan, and Japan generally bans it. However, it's normally banned there because it's FT1 match in pools.
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    5. grap3fruitman
      Super looking forward to seeing the FSDC being abused in tournament. I want to see some dirty, delicious tech on stream peeps on account of I can't attend. (someone snag me a lanyard or tee pretty please? ^^; )
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    6. deathofaninja
      I will try to get your lanyard, as long as I get the bag or the shirt I will be content.
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    7. Force_of_Nature
      Yeah, for AoT I'm assuming it's because after July 2017, people physically can't purchase the AoT stage anymore, and thus can't practice on it like you've implied. I wonder if the licensing issues will have an effect on using Fairy Tail and Attack on Titan costumes on stream?
    8. MasterHavik
      Dojo is the ceiling stunt stage right? Also fuck AOT stage is lit. I love it!
    9. deathofaninja
      Dojo is the infinite / no ceiling stage. I've never agreed with it being banned... not using the mechanics is using the mechanics. I definitely don't agree with Danger Zone. Question anyone that suggests a ban for anything. AoT I understand because of the licensing. I know dojo is universally hated, but if it pops up every now and then, who cares? It's a fight between two characters and nothing to get in the way. Why can't that happen every now and then?

      Must something be banned? Is there some guy out there when a game comes out that just needs and desires something to ban? :/
    10. Chisa
      That lanyard and t-shirt are pretty sweet.

      If the tournament gets streamed i will be watching.
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    11. MasterHavik
      I think banning the AOT stage is dumb. Don't have stages like that if we can't use them for trounaments? Namco didn't have this issue with the Snoop Dogg stage.
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    12. GarryJaune
      meanwhile dojo is alpha's favorite map lol
      even in second largest map(aircraft carrier),there are deadly corners for alpha
      Personally,I think dojo should be banned because the map is extremely helpful for one specific character,while danger zone shouldn't cause it is still fair in some degrees
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    13. deathofaninja
      You caught me jelly-handed. :p
    14. Kasumi-Phase-X
      Just got Myself register for DOA EVO, I'm looking forward to going to Las Vegas once again for DOA5LR. Maybe hopefully meet Shimbori during My time at EVO.
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    15. Scott
      I've bought my flight/hotel and registered for EVO/this event. Now I just need to learn a game I haven't played since Vanilla. Who's easy and cheap?
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    16. REALDEMO
      Any meetup groups, or FSD'ers sharing a room?

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