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DOA6 Kayane's Interview With Team NINJA's Yohei Shimbori

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Kayane, a well-known competitive player in the FGC, conducted an interview with Team NINJA's Yohei Shimbori the future of DOA6 at Koch Media in Paris, France. In this article, Shimbori touches on several topics such as eSports involvement, community feedback, possible DLC characters, and more. Here are some tidbits from the article.

On DOA6's "eSports Mode" (which is similar to DOA5's Exhibition Mode):

K. : I’ve seen in the game that you have an Esport mode. Can you tell me more about it ?
Y. S. : So in Esport tournaments, if you pause the game, you generally automatically lose the round. So in this mode, we disabled the menu button to avoid any accidents and you need to press the menu button much longer if you want it to really pop up. This is the first step. We’ll analyze over time what Esport requires and what sets...

DOA6 Combat and Features Trailer

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Team NINJA keeps fresh content coming with a new electrifying trailer that breaks down the gameplay in Dead or Alive 6 beautifully, and explains all kinds of exciting new features to the game. At the beginning of the trailer Team NINJA mentions that DOA5 has a lifetime figure of 12 million digital downloads. If you want to know why DOA6 is coming out this quick, look no further than the success of DOA5 and the relationship between Team NINJA and the fighters that played it.

The gameplay and feature mashup in this trailer is one of the most intense and enjoyable trailers Team NINJA has ever made. With every kick, punch and expression that is thrown your way, you will want more and you'll get more! Even the triangle system tutorial bits were filled to the brim with the finest and most polished gameplay yet.

You can see a lot of polish in this trailer in comparison to some of the previous ones, and it only takes a few clips to see that the hit...

DOA6 Network Beta Release and Information

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DOA6 Beta Test.jpg

Dead or Alive 6 has been playable at several events, but for the first time will available to the world through an online beta test! The beta begins January 11th at 8am PDT and ends January 14th at 7:59am PDT. Before enjoying this beta you will want to read up on additional information and user requirements provided for you here at FSD.

To participate you will need a PlayStation 4 with a PlayStation Plus subscription. If you are without Plus, check to see if you can apply for a free trial before committing to a paid plan. You are not required to pre-order DOA6 to participate in the test, but it is recommended that you do pre-order before the game releases as you will receive Nyo-Tengu for free.

The only characters planned for the beta are: Kasumi, Ayane, Ryu Hayabusa, Hayate and newcomer Diego! The only stage available will be the DOA Colosseum. This is your chance to try the game out for free, scout player behaviors and explore new...

DOA6 Nyo-Tengu and Phase 4 Revealed

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After being teased months ago as extra characters for Dead or Alive 6, Nyo-Tengu and Phase 4 finally have an official trailer from Team NINJA that reveals their designs and some new moves and changes as well.

The trailer begins with Ryu Hayabusa practicing in Miyabi with his trusty Dragon Sword. Nyo stalks Hayabusa, fully aware that he slayed Bankotsubo and challenges him to a fight! Her motives are unclear, but it seems like she looks to avenge Bankotsubo, and is fascinated that Hayabusa can defeat something as powerful as a Tengu.

As soon as the fight starts you see Tengu open up with the classic P+K followed up by her 6T with a brand new throw extension. Hayabusa retaliates with some awesome Ninpo moves that Shimbori has showed us in demonstrations before, and his...

News Dead or Alive 6 Release Delayed 2 Weeks

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Team NINJA has announced that Dead or Alive 6 has been delayed from February 15th to March 1st this year. This means that Winter Brawl: 3D Edition has been canceled as DOA6s premier tournament. The time will likely be used to add even more polish to the game, and this delay also presents a better release window for the FGC.

We will keep you posted here at FSD with all new information pertaining to this, and also be sure to follow Team NINJA Studio and the Official Game on Twitter for more updates.

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