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Greetings FSD'ers.

This is a heads up that I'll be running a Christie stream on August 2nd @ 8PM EST at this location: The stream session will serve as opportunity to break down this complex character with the intent of being able to gain a better understanding of how she functions. People looking into potentially taking up the character will likely gain the most benefit from the session, though those interested in learning how to deal with this most fearsome character may gain some insights too.

Some topics that are being looked at:

- Safe and semi-safe strings & strikes
- CH & NH Launchers
- Throw Game
- Wall Game
- Stun manipulation including unholdable stuns
- Frame traps

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The first coming weekend of August is going to be an insane one for all DOA fans out there.

On August 1st, Team Ninja is inviting all its fans to celebrate DOA with them at the Osaki Bright Core Hall in Tokyo, Japan from 10:00 AM to – 5:00 PM .


it will be a jam packed day filled with DOA goodness from the first “true” world tournament. To a photo contest to a cosplay contest. as well as several special announcements related to the franchise.

all details and scheduling can be found here:

Among the players invited are: Kwiggle and XCaliburBladeZ from the US,...
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What's up guys. Some of you may know me already, but for those who don't.. WASSUP. Anyway, I decided to make this beginner tutorial just to kind of bring Hayate back to life a little bit. I know that my man @Allan Paris already touched on these things a few years ago, but I decided to bring out a more updated verison. PLEASE be sure to include any notes in here that will be added for future tutorials. This is just the beginner video, so there isn't too many crazy things here. Also, shoutout to my fellow Hayate players. @TakedaZX @Zeo @Shade -Rojikku.
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Shortly after @Gehaktbal won his qualifier to the Dead or Alive Festival, @Mr.Kwiggle came out the Dead or Alive 5 Last Round champion at Evolution 2015 in Las Vegas, NV. Many of the Dead or Alive players in attendance are reporting the great atmosphere of Evolution and great times they had with the community and their friends at the event:

Reginald "Electrified Mann | MC Static" Wysinger, who placed 4th overall, had this to say:
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Today in Paris, France @Gehaktbal was able to defeat Ky-Dragon in the grand finals of Stun Academy #3 and providing him a paid trip into the Dead or Alive Festival tournament being held in Tokyo, Japan on August 1, 2015.

The Dead or Alive Festival will be featuring an international set of players including America's MC Kwiggle and XCalibur BladeZ.

Congratulations to Gehaktbal for his win, and all of the players who attended Stun Academy #3 to support their scene, their game, and their players.
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Hey guys, Virtua Kazama here.

As you guys may know, EVO 2015 is just a couple days away. For the DOA community, of course DOA5 Last Round will be there as a side-tournament and as part of the Battle Royal 2015 series. More people are expected to enter after the success of last year's side tournament, thanks to Team NINJA's support.

To celebrate the occasion, I have conducted a 5-Part blog of the history of EVO Championship series from B3: Battle by the Bay, to EVO 2015. The blogs will be on

Part 1: B3: Battle by the Bay-EVO 2002 (Now Available)
Part 2:...