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Players from all around the world are wondering... where can I compete in a Dead or Alive major that is not in the states? Thanks to the Team NINJA Battle Royal sets the community has been given a bigger platform to compete. Providing everything you could possibly want, it's time for Australians to take advantage of this opportunity and show the world what they have got at BAM8.

With the 1,000 USD Prize Pool, free entry to the tournament and a chance to win a trip to the final showdown -- what have you go to lose? You've been playing DOA5 since 2012; you have been keeping up with it every step of the way and now is the time to step up and put your...
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Have you been keeping up with The 2016 Battle Royal? If you haven't; it's important to note again that BAM8 will be happening May 13th. So as you train and plan for this event and future events be sure to scope out the competition by watching the previous tournament.

We see some intense matches here from @Berzerk! @ebabil @Tones @PerfectLegend and more. This was a highly overlooked Last Round tournament and if you haven't seen it already -- be sure to give it a proper...
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That Game Store Presents
The Common Wealth (TCW)

DATE: Sept 17th-18th

First and formost. NO TICKETMASTER FEES THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!

Once again we are returning to the great Norfolk Scope Arena! Exhibition Hall D
The Scope is located at
201 E Brambleton Ave, Norfolk, VA 23510.
This location is in the heart of Norfolk, and very close to several amazing things.

Residence Inn Downtown Norfolk is walking distance from The Scope.
Phone- 757-842-6216 or 866-941-3724
Use "The Common Wealth" as a key word for siging up
Studio Suite-King Bed=109 a night
1 bdrm suite-2 Queens=119 a night

Featured Games ($10 entry)
Street Fighter V (PS4)
Mortal KombatXL (PS4)

Additional Games ($10...
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Battle Arena Melbourne 8 is planned for next month and will be the next part of Team NINJA's 2016 Battle Royal. What's so unique about this tournament is that it will take place in Australia (if you didn't know already :P). To my knowledge it is the only Australian major for DOA5. The winner will walk away with the experience of a lifetime; and will be flown out for free to the showdown at NEC. Worth it? I think so! There is also a 1,000 USD prize pot bonus.

What do you think about heading out to this tournament? Questions probably would seem fair for a big trip like this... so check out the Facebook...
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Hello everyone!

Six years ago today, I set out with @virtuaPAI and @The HuBBs to create a Dead or Alive forum that could help spread the word about the depth of Dead or Alive. I'm happy to be sitting here six years later reflecting on how far we have come as a community. We took this series from average tournament entrant numbers of fourteen (high of thirty) to an average entrant number of sixty (high of ninety-eight). It would be a severe understatement to say we have had little growth since the days of Dead or Alive 4 and the Championship Gaming Series. Of course, we couldn't have grown so much without the help from everyone at Team NINJA and tournament organizers such as Eric "Big E" Smalls and Larry "Shin...
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Hello, KasumiLover69 here again to assist with another character I enjoy using: Naotora Ii of the Ii Clan!

In case you're new to to the Dead or Alive series, Naotora is not a native DOA character. Her home series is Samurai Warriors, where she was quite popular for not only her cute looks, but also her attack abilities that place emphasis on her fast, rapid powerful kicks. She debuted on March 17th, 2016 and is already gaining quite a bit of popularity with several DOA players and is shaking up the online field with her over the top attacks and abilities lifted almost completely from Samurai Warriors.

In this thread, I will cover a number of different areas in her game play, so that you can learn how how to use her move set safely,...