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Community Effort Orlando 2015 (CEO 2015) is this weekend, and everyone is getting ready for the intensity of this fighting game tournament. It is the second biggest tournament in the FGC, with EVO being the first. Many players from all over the world are making their destination towards Orlando, Florida as we speak. Some of them are getting there by taking road trips, while others are taking a plane.

For most, it’s all about making Top 8 in games such as Ultra Street Fighter IV, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and Mortal Kombat X. But for others, it’s all about food, fun, friends, and good times. I like to call that the tournament after-party, or the after-tournament experience.

What is the After-Tournament Experience,...
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Considering the succes on FSD from the photo contest hold from the fans, I suppose that many people could be interested to one of the new contests hold from Team NINJA so could be useful to to share even here the news.

Dead Or Alive Festival is the first international exhibition match for the DOA5 series, an event that will bring together the best players and not only from Japan. But in addition to the competitive side, even the casual one will get a peculiar focus: TN is holding two new contests addressed to the creativity and the passion of the DoA fans: challenge yourselves in creating the best cosplays or getting the best pictures from the game, then send the photos of your works for getting recognition of...
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UPDATE: Whelp. The official update will be postponed due to major issues found in the Beta Test. Also, the online beta testing will keep going. No dates were given, so it's waiting time it seems.

Official DOA5LR page:

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Team NINJA has released a new statement for Core Fighters on Youtube boasting the 3.5 million downloads and has announced that Rig will be free for Core Fighters until 7/14.

For Core Fighters on XBOX ONE you can get: Tina, Bass, Jann Lee and Hitomi for 4.99 USD. This is a nice deal for anyone interested in checking out two of the best grapplers. Hitomi and Jann Lee are also great starter characters for anyone beginning.

If you're new to DOA you can see just how competitive our community is by checking out our most recent tournament ECT 2015. Get practicing because EVO is next month, fighters!

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As many of you already know, eight of the top DOA players from around the world will fight in the World Exhibition Match at the DoA Festival in Tokyo the August 1st. Players who have shown their skills in official tournaments will be joined by the winners of the Final Trials in Tokyo, held at the event.

We are very pleased to announce that Republic of Fighters will implement the only European qualifier for the DoA festival. The tournament will take place in Paris on July 19th. It will gather most European top players in an amazing display of skills and mind games. The winner of this tournament will be awarded with a qualified spot in the Festival along with flights and accommodation in Tokyo for the DoA Festival.

We are honored to...
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Hello everyone,
Twin Galaxies is holding another DOA event! If I'm getting my crusty bones out of the house to be there I better see you there as well! Let's kick off the EVO hype train! Here's the info...

Date: Friday June 26th, 2015
Time: Arrive at 7pm, event ends at midnight.
Tournament Start Time: 8 pm PST

Registration: Registration is absolutely free, but is definitely required considering the semi-limited space. Please email to register.
Use "Registration for DOA FGC Live Tourney 06/26" in the email title
- Include your name & tournament gamer handle in the body
- Registration will be accepted no...