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@Rikuto and the rest of the community put on some of the best fights we've ever seen in DOA history that not only told a six year story in the making, but showed us passion and dedication that alone defines Team NINJA's reasoning for putting more emphasis on gameplay. This incredibly detailed interview at FSD's Twitch displays the zeal of Rikuto, and there is a text-based interview from Koei Tecmo Europe that was hyped up last week. With better energy, and a lot more people looking into DOA as a serious fighter and less sexualized game, this seems like very positive news for tournament fighters.
Before EVO 18 even started we were welcomed to new Dead or Alive 6 character, Diego! After the Showdown we were treated to a blacked out image of Leifang and Hitomi who will both be officially announced at Gamescom!! We might have to wait one more week to see the trailer, but a friend of @Mr. Wah did a little brightening on those two images for some pretty cool results:

Hitomi is of course in her original karate outfit from Dead or Alive 3 which was even easier to guess and has been one of her staple outfits. Either way this didn't seem like a very hard puzzle to solve, but every last bit of content is new content. After being taken out of DOAX3 on PS4, it was easy to be worried for Leifang even if it was vote determined. What do you guys think of this news?

Wonder if Team NINJA will do this again for future reveals?
The Dead or Alive 5 Showdown at EVO 18 was a critical moment in DOA history, because it not only showed us how far we have come along, but how much growing is still possible, and that with DOA6 we're just getting started. The matches at EVO attracted thousands of people that have never played and six years later we break DOA's tournament attendance record at 150+ entrants. Say what you want, but DOA's growth has been stunning and today we are going to run @ZakkuRye EVO 2018 Top 8 Highlights under the microscope along with a highlight of our own.​

Not all of the matches were listed in this Top 8 Highlights video, but the community will be observing this tournament for years to come. @Mr. Wah will soon be interviewing @Rikuto on his epic performance at EVO so I will leave the talk and thought-process of the Final (Rikuto vs Bladez) for that story. Expect a written analysis for the rest of Top 8, Pools and the EVO DOA6 events in the coming weeks leading to Gamescom where our favorites Leifang and Hitomi will be officially announced on the road to DOA6!

FSD Highlight - Winners Final Rikuto :bayman: def. Teru Rock :leifang:

Teru rocks a very strong and technical Leifang and she wins this matchup, but the steady and aggressive approach from Rikuto was on a level where he would be able to take on anyone despite what the matchup may be. In the depths of the jungle Rikuto kept Bayman away from the rock walls and environments the entire time and kept Rock from starting environmental flow, all while completely punishing every move he had with high damaging grabs and launchers. His play on the jungle was masterful and Rikuto directed this match his way....
There is a lot of new Dead or Alive 6 content for the community to dissect and look into, including downloadable move-lists, more hands-on time from the pros, and even some guides that lead to some hard-hitting damage this early on. If you discovered anything from the exhibition or would like to share, now is the time to analyze your experience. Shimbori was correct when he said that EVO would be a celebration of both DOA5 and DOA6:

@ZakkuRye continues to deliver some pretty insane EVO content on his channel and has released 14 videos for the event and does a great job of highlighting what the hardcore offline scene wants to see. FSD founder, Matt Ponton, does a great job highlighting what Diego can do not just with the environment, but current DOA6 meta as a whole.

@Rojikku had a very powerful performance at EVO 18 and between all of that had the time to give us a combo guide for Hayate's Teleport Attack in DOA6. This early on we have a pro that's getting this much damage with his new tech? Hayate could be an absolute monster in DOA6 which would definitely put a smile on Rojikku's face.

@Jager can play one of the nastiest Rigs out there, so if I want to see him at his best I'm going to hope that Jager puts on the show, and he seems to be understanding the character early on just like Reigns is adapting quickly to Hayate. At this point the community should just be worrying about how much fun they are going to have with DOA6 and these players prove that we are in good hands.

DOA Legend Kwiggle has also made his contribution displaying the power and speed of Kasumi. Just like he did with DOA5, he...

At the end of the DOA5 Last Round tournament, Team Ninja had a small announcement for Dead or Alive 6 done in the form of a teaser, which contains two returning characters from the series: Leifang and Hitomi.

We all know the history of these two characters since Leifang has been around since the first game and Hitomi since the third game. We also know that even though those two are great friends especially since the community named them Team Cabbage, these two lost during the fifth Dead or Alive tournament due to the hands of Jann-Lee. To make matters worst, Hitomi lost to him in the finals in Story Mode of DOA5.

How will these two characters play in this new system? You'll have to wait on August 20, 2018 at Gamescom 2018 to find out for yourself.
Another DOA tournament in the books, ladies and gentlemen! Holy crap, what an event that was!

In case you didn't catch Top 8-Top 4 for DOA5 Last Round, you missed out on a lot of great matches. These competitors reminded us why we play this game and they did a damn good job at it. But in the end, our very own @Rikuto has taken another big tournament this year, and he did his damnest to represent FreeStepDodge to the fullest and become the new champion.

Congratulations to all of Top 8!

1st: FSD|Rikuto :bayman:
2nd: UGS|XCalibur BladeZ :eliot:,:alpha152:,:mai:,:rachel:
3rd: COMP|TeruRock :leifang:
4th: Siologica :genfu:
5th: CrazySteady :leifang:
5th: Mr. Kwiggle :christie:
7th: Play Monster|Soy :rachel:,:christie:
7th: GXR|Hollow :alpha152:,:marierose:
Oh my goodness, DOA community... Day 1 of EVO 2018 was insane with a lot of DOA6 action!

@ZakkuRye, one of the most well-known players in the DOA community has been busy with uploading a lot of DOA6 videos from this event! If you missed out on Day 1, here are some videos that will catch you up to speed.

First things first, Yohei Shimbori (current producer and director of the series) shows off his skills in Dead or Alive 6. As previously mentioned, Shimbori is a huge fighting game fan, and he's not afraid to give anyone these hands!

Next up, we also have the likes of CrazySteady and @Rojikku testing out Helena and Hayate respectively. If you want to know how these characters will play in high-level, look no further!

Lastly, the DOA6 Exhibition took place last night. Players such as EchoFox|SonicFox, Mochi-a, PR Balrog, and more competed at this event. SonicFox was leaving a trail of dead bodies with Diego, as this man was showing off a lot of good stuff with Diego. Here's one of the videos to get you started.

As for the rest of the video, you can find more of them on Media section of FSD. Once again, huge shoutout to ZakkuRye for compiling these videos!


Just recently, there was an announcement made by Shimbori himself. He says it's a "small surprise", but what could it be? A new stage? Another character? Tune in after Top 4 for DOA5LR to find out!
EVO 2018 is a few days away, and it seems that Team Ninja prepared a brand new trailer for Dead or Alive 6, featuring the return of Rig from Dead or Alive 5, and the latest newcomer to the DOA roster, Diego.

Nicknamed the "Uncrowned Street Hero", Diego has more of a Brawler fighting style, specializing in headbutts and curb-stomping his opponents. His appearance has a similar vibe to the likes of Miguel from the Tekken series.

Rig needs no introduction. Known as the "Fighter Without a Past", Rig retained his stances and his pressure game that we all know and love, along with a few new moves as well. If you remember in DOA5, Rig was responsible for restarting Project Epsilon, as well as serving for M.I.S.T. under Victor Donovan.

In addition to the announcement, IGN provided a gameplay video of Rig and Diego, along with the rest of the cast. It seems that the meter system has been touched in the latest build since there's now two bars of meter instead of one like the E3 build. Break Holds now cost one bar of meter, whereas Break Blows cost a full two bars.

What do you guys think of Diego? Sound off at the comments below!
As the road to the launch of DOA6 is still running, balance and gameplay changes, character reveals etc. are bound to be done and guaranteed to appear, even post launch. Recently, 1 out of the 2 new characters, Diego was announced. His fighting style appears to be street brawling and ruthless grappling. In game, his moves look like a cross between Goh Hinogami from Virtua Fighter and Miguel from Tekken. In essence, he's a hard hitter with decent pokes and always needs to find a way to get in the face of the opponent to excel.

He was available in the EVO build of DOA6 along with Rig for people to play and test his gameplan and explore more of his move list. SonicFox did an amazing job of showing the strength of the new character at the EVO Showdown showcase, along with many other players. The EVO build of DOA6 showed to be VERY different to the first E3 build that we saw, which previously sparked a bit of a divide in the gameplay-oriented side of the community. Team Ninja has made overall system improvements and changes, while adding more to the current roster of the game. I know I'll be playing both Diego and Rig in tandem with Zack in DOA6 as he plays like my favorite characters in other game. Like many others are, I'm extremely intrigued.

As for the EVO build, here are the changes that I have seen, and I will go from system changes to character specific changes.

System Changes:
  • Fatal Gauge/Meter has been split into 2 halves. This means that you will now be able to use Fatal Blows etc. 2 times in a round as opposed to one. Meter growth is also a lot slower than the E3 build, and the attacker gains more meter than the person being hit, which makes sense. When the enemy is blocking attacks, they gain more meter than the attacker as well.
  • Rebounding works in combos. Certain moves in airborne combos seem to smack the enemy back onto the floor and bound the enemy, similar to Jacky's 4H+K, however the...

This weekend is going to be crazy in Las Vegas at EVO 2018 and there are a lot of things going on with both DOA5 and DOA6, so see this post as your guide to the whole event that will be consistently updated. Top 8 DOA5 will be streamed on EVO's Official Event Channel so this is definitely one of the communities biggest opportunities to perform! After The Showdown has concluded there will be a Results Post with the possibility of more announcements from Team NINJA.

If you are curious to learn more about the big players in the Dead or Alive community this DOA Player Profile piece will fill you in from Shoryuken, you can also predict the winner of the Showdown in the forum. The Free Step Dash Cancel Bug will be in use at this event so this could be one of the biggest surprise shows we've ever seen.

The Dead or Alive 6 Mini Tournament will be another exciting event that will likely be after the Top 8 show. Remember you must register at the Team NINJA booth, this isn't something you can do today, but this post will be updated when we know the stream time (including DOA5 pools) and any other information pertaining to...