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"I can care less whether I win or lose, cause I treat every tournament like a vacation. Because if you’re not having fun before or after matches with fellow players, and also enjoying the city/town where the event is, you missing out on a lot of possible fun at the tournaments."
- BBoyDragon

Whether he is competitively playing DOA at the biggest tournaments in the US circuit or lighting up the dance floor with his Break dancing, BBoyDragon always wants to put on a show for everyone involved. As he steadily progresses to become one of the top echelon players in the US, he plans to bring Phase-4 into the mix and bring his insane and highly offensive mindset to NEC.

Name? Gaming...
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l'm happy to announce the first DOA5LR Tournament in the GCC which will be held at the KOFGCC event in Dubai on the 25 and 26th of December! For registration and details please visit:

The Tournament Rules and Registration are straight forward:

For registration please email EMPEROR COW ( with the following details:
– Real Name:
– Gamer ID:
– Main Character:

The tournament format will take shape depending on the number of entries. But since we have 2 days, rest assured that we will make the most out of...
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Hello FSD, grap3fruitman with another retro DOA scan, this time it's Dead or Alive History - Team Ninja Freaks -. Originally published in the summer of 2004, this book is a collection of interviews, concept art, design docs and lots of "behind the scenes" stuff for the DOA series up until summer '04 and covers DOAs 1-3 (including ++). Basically, lots of cool artwork and stuff you've likely never seen before. Enjoy and...
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Greetings FSD'ers!

This is a heads up that I'll be running a Kasumi stream this Sunday, November 22nd @ 8PM EST at this location: The stream session will serve as an opportunity to break down this reasonably complex character with the intent of being able to gain a better understanding of how she functions. People looking into potentially taking up the character will likely gain the most benefit from the session, though those interested in learning how to deal with her may derive some benefit too! The primary focus will be on how you manage this character during and throughout a match.

Some topics that are being looked at:

- Safe and...
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"In contests of strategy, it is bad to be led about by the enemy. You must always be able to lead the enemy about."
– Miyamoto Musashi

Next on the list is a player hailing all the way from the West Coast. He is one of the most notable and educated players in the game today. He consistently places high in almost every tournament he attends with his character, Ayane. He is also known for his patient spacing game. His name is HajinShinobi. Bringing along Ayane from the breezy air of Northern California to the chilly climate of Pennsylvania, HajinShinobi will be seeking his first major trophy at this year's NEC.

Why did you pick that quote over all of the others?

Because it's a...
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The interviews that will be posted from here on out till NEC will be players that will be attending the main event. After NEC, we will go back to interviewing players all around the world. Up first is a competitor that comes from the Midwest looking to take the NEC title back to his hometown. His name is Hoodless. Bringing along his highly rated and offensive heavy characters, Rig and Zack, to Pennsylvania; he will be one of the main threats at the highly prestigious event.

Name? Gaming alias?

My name Mark “h0oDLeSs” Macklin Jr.

Country of Origin?


How did you come up with the name Hoodless?

TBH I never came up with the name “h0oDLeSs”. My friend was talking about a tag he had but lost...