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Final Round might not roll in our highest numbers but the intense quality matches are what help DOA5 stand out; even in a more intimate environment we see an absolute savage Crazy Steady come back to take FR! He spends the opening rounds of his fights thinking of what to do with his opponents; whether it be a seasoned vet or a newcomer and finishes them off in ways that only he can. Even professional fighter Hoodless fell to the might of the West Coast King!

If you need a quick reference, take a look at the standings via Smash.GG. Thanks to Kombat Network, we were able to enjoy a high quality stream of our game, and now replays have been released for the event. Kombat Network makes the navigation of this event extremely easy, and they have done a great job of supporting DOA. Thank you!

Congratulations to Jager for taking Winter Brawl 12! Despite some cancellations and no pool stream, we managed to get over 1,000 viewers on FunkyP during Top 8 with a great showing from some of the finest fighters out there.

Note pertaining to Saturday Pools:
Winter Brawl is upon us, and while we do definitely make a presence with DOA5, unfortunately we don't make the schedule for pool streams this year. Thankfully, FunkyP will be streaming Top 8 this Sunday so we can still get a good chunk of this event recorded. Please expect some incredible matches from the feared Syndicate clan, Matt Ponton, Sly Bass and more talented players from the community!

It has been little over a week since Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (abbreviated as “New Tale) has arrived exclusively on Playstation 4 since I started writing this review. Based on and a direct sequel to the critically-acclaimed and best-selling original Playstation Portable (PSP) game which released in 2008, the jump to its big console cousin seemed inevitable, and was just a matter of when. But who would’ve thought we’d have to wait exactly 10 years and a console generation for it to hit home, much less as part of the series’ 30th anniversary as the original Dissidia was part of its 20th?

More importantly, does this ambitious new tale evolve and elevate the Dissidia series to new heights where it truly matters as a competitive fighting game? To that question, I can say a resounding yes. Dissidia delivers in spades in its new direction of gameplay, if you take the time to learn it. However, as great as it is as a game, there is still room for improvement in some other areas, provided Square Enix wants to make the jump to e-sports as well as give Dissidia NT a more global appeal to casuals.

The Long Wait

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a competitive 3-on-3 3D arena fighting game published by Square Enix which, for the first time, has been outsourced to another developer: Team Ninja, the brainchild behind the bodacious Dead or Alive fighting game series, the bloody, high-octane modern Ninja Gaiden action game series, and in more recent memory, the critically acclaimed Nioh. Originally an arcade game released in Japan in late November of 2015, it has received unrelenting, tireless updates to the roster and character balancing... over 35 updates, as I recall. The arcade itself was actually modified Playstation 4 (PS4) hardware with a retooled arcade stick. The game would go on to see gradual success in Japanese arcades as a competitive...

Much has happened since the game's closed beta test earlier last year. The last batch of villain reveals from the original Dissidia have finally come full circle, Noctis Lucis Caelum of Final Fantasy XV has been formally revealed on terms of gameplay, Team Ninja (the developer behind this title) formally announced with heavy hearts at NEC its discontinuation of DLC support for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round and taking a break from the franchise for other titles (such as this one). And more recently this year in 2018, a much-improved open beta surfaced.

Compared to the closed beta, the most notable improvements include a far less busy, more simplified UI, an offline arcade mode, an actual hands-on tutorial as opposed to the generic tutorial video, and even the customization option longtime Dissidia fans are all too familiar with. But the biggest draw here was the option to create a custom lobby online and invite friends to play in teams for rank matches, which was all but non-existent in the closed beta, where you were randomly paired with either human teammates, or heaven forbid, an AI-controlled teammates. Needless to say, the open beta was but a small taste of what to expect from the full game, minus the painfully obvious limitations of the beta itself.

Even with these improvements, some players - notably longtime players coming fresh out of Dissidia 012 - feel uneasy with the drastic changes Dissidia NT has in store for them. Some say it's a step backward on terms of gameplay, while others feel disoriented for the game's lack of RPG elements and focus on single player content. In this editorial - with help and inspiration from a particular YouTuber who has been keeping track of this game for 2 years - I will explain how Dissidia NT is not only a step forward for the Dissidia franchise, but an evolution. To keep things relevant on terms of information, I...

A New Year is here, but what hasn't changed is our annual community appearance at Winter Brawl in Essington made possible by Big E Gaming with plenty of perks in store for DOA5 fighters. The tournament starts February 23rd, so now would be the perfect time to formulate your plans. Free Step Dodge will keep you posted on all the event news: including results, player pools and more.

Winter Brawl 7 took place in 2013, and it marked the community's first appearance with Dead or Alive 5 vanilla. Sweet Revenge not only defeated the unstoppable XcaliburBladeZ with Sarah, but broke a common misconception in the fighting game community: guest characters ARE awesome, and they can be viable. Since then we have seen other big wins from the Virtua Fighter characters, such as JC Akira's legendary performance at NEC 16.

Hearing Tom Lee's address to the community after NEC 18 was hard, but he gives us a reason to keep fighting and so does Big E, granting free entry to Last Round and a $500 prize pool. Big E has also said that Dead or Alive 5 will have a capacity of 96 fighters, and that he will add some money to the prize pool if DOA is the first to fill the cap. How's that for incentive?

If you are looking for something to do you can always contribute to FSD, the ultimate grounds to enhance your game, match-make and train with others while keeping up with all of Team NINJA's latest news. You can also participate in the rising ESL tournaments hosted by Team NINJA's Master. Not to mention TN's beta test for Final Fantasy:...

If you want a new way to train for offline events with the chance to win prizes and further connect with the community, maybe you should look to network with ESL. Master has been hyping these events by streaming them and advertising them via social media so you know there is some legitimacy as these types of online events also provide us with something to do with Last Round as we wait for the next major: Winter Brawl. Ready fighters?

A year ago at the Battle Royal 2016 finals Team NINJA Creative Director Tom Lee said, "Next year's Battle Royal event will be an event you don't want to miss." As the year went on, members in the community couldn't help but wonder due to the intonation of Tom's speech if something big was planned or if it was just generic hype for a year long event filled with amazing competitive matches.

The journey to the Battle Royal 2017 finals was eventful, filled with upsets from South Killy defeating XCalibur BladeZ at Final Round, previous Battle Royal 2015 winner JC Akira taking the EVO Japan Pre-tournament, XCalibur BladeZ getting his run-back on Battle Royal 2016 winner Rikuto at Summer Jam 11, Hoodless finally taking the win after his die-hard training at The Fall Classic, and Snow defeating previous European champion Gehaktbal at the Republic of fighters.

The world's eyes were on Team NINJA as we rolled into NEC18 for the Battle Royal 2017 World Finals event. A day before the event they posted on twitter and Facebook that the team would have an announcement after the finals. Coupled with Tom Lee's comments at the previous Battle Royal finals, gaming news sites and fans around the world began to speculate an announcement of Dead or Alive 6 to be given. Especially due to the previous announcement of new DLC content for DOA5 ending in 2017.

After the finals, Tom Lee took the stage with community manager Emmanuel Rodriguez and aired a "message from the team." In the message, Team NINJA's brand manager Yosuke Hayashi thanked everyone for their continued support of Dead or Alive, including a specific shout out to tournament organizer Eric "Big E" Small of Big E Gaming. Hayashi went on to state that their support for Dead or Alive 5 is now at an end, "but the Dead or Alive team is very active.". This line was the closest to a Dead or Alive 6 announcement that the video gave. The remaining video had Art Director Yuta Saito and Game Director Yohei Shimbori talk about...
Battle Royal Siologica Wins NEC 18
Can't wait for the event to start? This Team Battle should help!
4pm - 6pm EST Sunday Top 8 via Bifuteki
As if pools were not crazy enough we are doing all of Top 8 with FT3 format. So are you ready for the biggest, grandest show at NEC 18?

Kwiggle def. Teru Rock - Great FT3 with two games going into last round. Both players zoned looking for jabs and reversals, but Kwiggle was able to get the upper hand with Phase 4, sending Teru to losers.

Siologica def. Sonic Fox - This FT3 was insane because Sonic Fox had his greatest strengths play against him. Siologica read almost all of Phase 4's jabs and retorted with his own. If you also include that strong environmental damage and adaptability, Sonic Fox simply ran out of options before he could build enough momentum.

Hoodless def. Rikuto - Watching these two is like watching a UFC fight, or an epic fight in DBZ. When you watch these two fight, you are seeing exchanges that are perfectly executed, reads that only they can time and brutality. Hoodless' Zack is on fire and ends up winning because of a serious momentum shift in the wrestling ring.

XcaliburBladez def. South Killy - Rachel vs Tina is a great matchup because they utilize all of the fun mechanics in the game, and it shows in these fights. We see a lot of throws, air grabs, patience and lots of wall damage. Calibur has South Killy downloaded this time and wins it 3-1.

Sonic Fox def. XcaliburBladez - Most people probably expected Bladez to take the win after the first two matches, but Sonic Fox finally found the right character to go against Eliot -- his Marie Rose. Sonic Fox is the BT/Mixup god of this character and he shuffles past Bladez in what some may call a huge upset.

Hoodless def. Teru Rock - The adaptive skills of Teru Rock could have bested Hoodless easily, but jeez Hoodless has a PERFECT force tech plan, ground...
Can reigning champion Rikuto be stopped where it matters most?
Stream (Coming Soon) | Pools

Despite DOA5 coming out over 5 years ago we are seeing very strong numbers for our weekend main event, beating out big names in numbers like Injustice 2, Pokemon, Blazblue and coming close to a new release like Tekken 7 or the big one Street Fighter V. There have been events; free events even that have barely cracked 30 players... so as a community member pat yourself on the back, and if you are going to NEC find a ninja to hug as this clan has come a long way. Are you ready for Team NINJA's biggest event of the year?

Get behind the hype in more ways than one! Please announce DOA6 Team NINJA!

If you are wondering how you are going to survive against some of the veterans, FSD has you covered with the community forum and our media section with over 800 tournament videos for you to peruse. Team NINJA has been releasing informative videos for new players on their youtube channel and you can also watch the pros stream on Twitch. There is a time to have fun and a time to sit down and practice... and you better be practicing if you expect to be a part of that 6,000 dollar pot bonus!

It's time to study up! Some skill will carry over to the next game.

While not everyone can make it to NEC this year, everyone can certainly be involved in some way. Stream schedules will be added as they are made available and Team NINJA will also be making announcements to complement the hype of the tournament so that there can be...
With the amazing collaborative effort from the community, BigEGaming and Team NINJA we are at the end of our third battle royal for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round and NEC 18 will provide the grounds for this respected event with announcements from Team NINJA expected. The community will be treated with a $6,000 pot bonus to fight over, which is also the biggest pot bonus at NEC -- thanks to Team NINJA, whom might be having their BEST year to date. BigE has also extended the time you can register along with the capacity of players (128) due to more interest in this event.

Get dressed for NEC with this new shirt that we will keep our little secret!