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After an unfortunate delay, and some terrible news the PC version of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round has finally been released. You can catch up on what's going on with the PC version at the information thread. That also might be a good place to post any problems you may be experiencing if any at all.

Also don't forget that Free Step Dodge has a steam group you're welcome to join.
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This coming Friday (3/27/2015) I'll be streaming a mini tutorial for Honoka and Momiji. The stream will begin at 5pm PST and I will be doing live commentary for the stream chat.

I'll be streaming on twitch via PS4, you can catch the stream here;

If anyone is interested then you are more than welcome to come by and tune in, hang out, and possibly learn something about either character if you're interested in learning them. The stream archive will be uploaded to my youtube channel over the weekend.

You can visit my Youtube channel here;

I know there has been a lot of people feeling lost...
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So, this is a subject that has always interested me not only in DOA but modern fighting games in general, you see the term “no mix-up” mix-up is a strategy popularised back in the days of SF3: Third strike and it basically means that in some situations being predictable is more unpredictable than being ambiguous (did that make any sense? lol.)

For example: you have 2 Ryu players that know the mirror particularly well, to a decent extent, 2P Ryu throws a hadouken in the hopes of having 1P Ryu jump in on him, but at the same time he knows his opponent can just simply parry the fireball (the smarter choice) and instead dashes forward following the fireball, however 1P Ryu DID actually jump in and 2P Ryu ended up getting crossed-up by 1P Ryu...
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This is the thread to brainstorm what each of us individually can do for the community to help people like @Jyakotu get out and have fun at their first major.

This is the thread to find ways to get players like @Hazard and everyone else who is stuck at home without a car out to the majors they want to attend.

I'm not good at writing long posts, so let's just start out posting what majors at the Battle Royale we'd like to attend (Currently looking at TFC, Summer Jam, and NEC myself), and we can start figuring out what's holding us back, and from there we can work on something to do about it together.

Lets keep this thread positive and on track. If there's an issue, feel free to shoot me a PM....
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It hasn't been long since E-Mann won his last tournament, and this time he wins it with Kokoro... and if I recall correctly this is Kokoro's first tournament win since DOA5 started. Top 8 was great stuff, and if you haven't seen it yet check out Team Spooky for the replay. Thanks for supporting Dead or Alive this weekend, Spooky! I missed some of the tournament, but I believe these are the proper standings.

1. E-Mann :kokoro::leifang::helena::christie:
2. Sweet Revenge :genfu:
3. Sonic Fox :marierose::phase4::christie:
4. Kwiggle :christie::lisa::kasumi::rachel::nyotengu:
5. Crazy Steady :marierose::sarah::jacky:
5. Hoodless :rig:
7. Blackmoonrising :leifang:
7. Lopedo :jannlee::rachel::mila:...
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We have almost concluded the first day of Last Round at Final Round and when it comes to hype and clutch matches the community has definitely delivered today. The stream was cut short, but we got 3-4 hours of DOA stream time on Spooky, who also did the commentating all by himself. For not being a DOA regular it was good stuff from him! Thanks for the support, Spooky!

Confirmed for Top 8 (to be updated later on today):

1. Kwiggle :phase4::lisa:
1. E-Mann :leifang::helena::christie:
1. Sweet Revenge:genfu::jannlee:
1. Hoodless :rig:
2. Lopedo :mila::rachel::jannlee:
2. Crazy Steady :ayane::leifang::marierose:
2. Sonic Fox :marierose:
2. Blackmoonrising :leifang:

We see Crazy Steady rocking his belt from his Cali Crush victory last year,...