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Battle Royal My Prediction: XcaliburBladeZ will win NEC 17

Discussion in 'News' started by deathofaninja, Dec 9, 2016.

By deathofaninja on Dec 9, 2016 at 5:01 PM
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    Would you like to write your own prediction post on who you think will win NEC 17? Be sure to comment as I plan to follow up this post with other opinions. This is obviously for fun and to hype the upcoming event. Any rude or suggestive comments to other players will not be tolerated.

    If you have been watching the offline scene since 2012, you have got to be impressed with BladeZ on some level. Not because of his win streaks but because of his care and studious nature. He also has the ability to take up many surprise characters: such as Alpha at NEC 13, or beating Master with Momiji at TFC -- and how about the Eliot victories at Summer Jam? A character people thought would never have a chance at offline events taking out Kwiggle? No way!

    Sweet Revenge stepped his game up after this match, big time.

    Bladez is also someone that's known for his shenanigans and tricks as displayed in Sweet Revenge vs. Bladez at TFC 13. He goes beyond just knowing the frame data, and the guarantees which is evident from a character like Alpha. BladeZ also brings the best out of people because he studies them. After this match Sweet Revenge brought on the longest tournament win streak the community has seen -- and I think part of that reason is because this match inspired Sweet to improve.

    He also does have some experience fighting Akira, but you can see from this match with Sly Bass that he does indeed struggle with the matchup a little. Personally, I do believe he can defeat JC Akira with Alpha... he just needs to be able to sustain his pressure game against JC Akira no matter what character he picks.

    If you look at the Battle Royal standings, Kwiggle and XcaliburBladeZ have cleaned up this year -- but Bladez took DOA Festival which I believe could be the most important victory of the year leading into NEC because of the sheer diversity of players and winning in JC Akira's territory.

    I think Kwiggle has a big shot at winning as well, but if you look at the XcaliburBladeZ report card he has overcome the best of the best, especially after losing a previous tournament and has had the best consistency since DOA's launch and will go through great lengths to learn. With the great human qualities, sportsmanship and sheer skill -- I do believe XcaliburBladeZ will win NEC XVII.
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Discussion in 'News' started by deathofaninja, Dec 9, 2016.

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