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DOA5LR NEC 3v3 Team Tournament

Discussion in 'Dead or Alive 5 Last Round General Discussion' started by Sly Bass, Oct 12, 2016.

By Sly Bass on Oct 12, 2016 at 2:41 PM
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    Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of the year again where you should start thinking about who should be on your team for the 3v3 team tournament at NEC. Last year was a success, so let's do it again!

    Here are the rules:

    1. Permanent character lock. This means when you register for the tournament, you will write down your character. If you play any round NOT as that registered character, you will be DQed.
    2. Same characters can be on the same team. If you want 3 Akiras, then you can have 3 Akiras.
    3. You will go head to head against another team of 3. You stay on until you lose. If you win the first match up, you stay seated and the next member of the opposing team steps up. You will play 1 match, best of 5 rounds to determine the winner between the head to head. This means your team has to win at least 3 matches to defeat the opposing team. Once a team has had every member of their team defeated, they lose the match up.
    4. You may switch the order in which your team performs after each team match. This means if I start lead off against a team, I can be the anchor against the next team.
    5. Double elimination.
    6. $10 a person, or $30 a team for entry into the tournament. Registration will be at the venue, Friday night. Tournament starts Friday night, 8pm. Registration closes 7:30pm.
    7. Winners and Losers finals will be best of 3. Aka, first team to win twice.

    I will update the OP with teams if you guys want to post them in this thread. Just let me know the following per team:
    1. Team Name
    2. Event Registration Tag & Character (Note, I won't hold you to your character choice until you register at the venue.)

    Free Agents
    :hitomi:Lord Xavier


    1. The A Team
    :akira:JC Akira :akira:Destructionbomb :akira:UGS Sly Bass

    2. Whoopin Dat Azz
    :christie:2P Throw:kokoro:Static Shock:marierose:Sonic Fox

    3. Ultimate Global Status
    :mai:UGS Xcalibur bladez :helena:UGS Soy :leifang:TeruRock

    4. eXcel
    :ein:Shazzmatazzles:honoka:Lonesomedevils :jacky:Gregar6

    5. Team GXR
    :rig:SRM | GXR Hoodless :naotora:GXR | CrazySteady :bass:GXR | Savage

    6. The Syndicate
    :christie:SYN | Blackberry :rig:SYN | Jaeger (NotGoo) :helena:SYN | Khaliah

    7. The Syndicate: v2
    :mila:SYN | Rojikku :hayate:SYN | Alesund :hayabusa:SYN | ZakkuRye

    8. GXR Part 2
    :ein:GXR | Angelus Dante :alpha152:GXR | The Sinister Siren:christie:GXR | Monavanderwaal

    9. GXR Part 3
    :helena:GXR | xXAzureZephyrXx :christie:GXR | R2Pichu :momiji:GXR | Lady Kohaku

    10. Team OG
    :zack:OG Get Lucky :genfu:OG Prodigy :bradwong:OG MoJoe

    11. Team FSD
    :leon:FSD | Rikuto :ayane:FSD | Alithical :leon:FSD | XZero264

    :hitomi:Tanii :genfu:Siologica :zack:Gehaktbal
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