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DOA6 New Gameplay Mechanics Revealed

Discussion in 'News' started by deathofaninja, Jun 9, 2018.

By deathofaninja on Jun 9, 2018 at 4:09 PM
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    Try to keep an open mind as the footage is an early build of Dead or Alive 6, and we are slowly piecing the mechanics together the best we can with the information we have available to us. DOA6 will be available for us to play at EVO this year so observation is clearly welcomed by Team NINJA.

    At 3:30 PM Pacific Time a stream from IGN is expected to help us make some sense of today's Famitsu interview with Shimbori that revealed several new mechanics to the DOA formula. Most developers copy and paste the predecessor, but the sixth installment of our game will have plenty of new mechanics, coupled with the elements we loved most from DOA5LR. Let's take a quick peep at what's new:

    Critical Bursts, Power Blows and Power Launchers are gone!

    When it came to the hand to hand combat, with no environmental damage in the picture, the critical bursts felt like a really special part of DOA. Hopefully this new system will blow our minds. How do you feel about this change?

    New Mechanic: Side Attack

    The side-step will not be taken out, but replaced with something else. You must release :8::2: and follow up with the new Special button (H+P+K) which is detailed to some degree in the Famitsu Interview. The S button will be conducive to several new mechanics in the game. You can attack while avoiding a straight hit, but it always forces you to commit, so there is risk for the person side-stepping. A successful hit at close range will result in major damage. The stage will also be dependent on how damage is dealt. Seems like timing will mean everything.

    New Mechanic: Break Gauge

    If you watched the trailer, you may have noticed an additional bar under the HP. That's the break gauge and it fills up as you deal damage according to the Japanese translation of the interview. It also accumulates or freezes depending on your success with hold game duing the fight. When the bar fills up you will have access to "Break Hold" and "Break Blow." How they handle the holds will probably be one of the more complex topics of this new Break Gauge mechanic.

    New System: Fatal Rush/ Auto Combo ( S, S, S, S )

    Pressing that Special button continuously is an activity all characters can trigger.... the first hit will initiate a Fatal Stun, which puts the opponent in an unprotected state, and the normal hold can not be performed. If your gauge bar is filled you can use "Break Blow" on the last hit. Another interesting tidbit of information is that this auto combo will not cost from the break gauge, thankfully these moves are expected to be highly unsafe on block and are not invincible.

    New System: Break Blow ( :6:+ S )

    As mentioned this works by filling up the break gauge and spending it all. This is the special cinematic punch that breaks the face of your opponent and is also confirmed by Shimbori to tear clothes. This can beat high and medium attacks, and can even break throws! A technique Shimbori calls the "invincible attack." This move can also be incorporated with an air juggle and the environment. Though it's a strong move, Break Holds can beat it, and lows can too.

    New System: Break Hold ( :4: + S )

    It sounds like this mechanic will let you hold anything from any stage! This could be absolutely wonderful for dealing with people that love spamming the same moves over and over. This will make even the fastest characters think twice. You move behind the opponent, and do damage to them as you do it, hopefully they are all unique animations for all characters.



    Famitsu was able to let us in on a lot of new information this early on, so to me this game will have little chance of delay and will be changing our lives in 2019. Sometime after the IGN stream I will edit this story with new details of the mechanics and also include a new write-up pertaining to the returning characters and how they will play differently from their DOA5 counterparts.

    Please look no further than FSD for high quality content, tournament write-ups, news updates and an active forum that has been the most trusted source for DOA competitive play. Let's get hype!

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Discussion in 'News' started by deathofaninja, Jun 9, 2018.

      TL;DR RIP DOA Tag Team mode and all its unique animations with it ( ・᷄ ︵・᷅ )
    2. Omega SYSP
      Omega SYSP
      My body is so ready...
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    3. deathofaninja
      Tag Mode was such a fun ordeal as well. Shimbori definitely did "break" the DOA tag system with 5, but even broken DOA is better than most games released today!
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    4. Hazard
      Two things concern me in this post:

      What does this mean?

      Would that imply that the first S press would guarantee setups? Or am I just reading this wrong?

      Regardless, I'm really interested in seeing how these new mechanics are gonna incorporate into the game.
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    5. deathofaninja
      I think it could be referring to the animation wind of a power blow. Can't wait for this stream. Hopefully it clarifies a lot and they don't spend the whole stream talking about the boob tonage.
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    6. Princeofhalcyon
      I just wanna be the shallow one here and whisper (this looks so much better than tekken 7) Glad one thing will never change with team ninja, not making us play ugly things. Sorry street fighter, i cant watch you. Hurry next year!
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    7. Brute
      So, the Break Blow beats highs, mids and throws?

      I guess now everyone gets to be Helena.
    8. Lulu
      I disliked :2::P: Round Enders as much as the next person... but I'm not clear on how this issue was addressed...

      More importantly how big of a problem was it ? :2::P:ing someone with low health seemed so blatantly obvious that I found it strange that you rarely saw anyone default to blocking low when the opponent was in Range...

      I saw Shade Swifteye block a low strike once... it was Awesome... he almost made a come back.
    9. KasumiLover69
      Ok, I'm liking the changes so far.

      It's a bit overwhelming to process the changes but im sure whoever will attend Evo will help make it easy to digest
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      Too many changes... All I EVER wanted was a DOA3 Ultimate version aka the "amazing DOA accident"..
      Wow and I thought SCVI overdid it with that stupid reversal edge mechanic
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    11. KasumiLover69
      I have one question tho I still don't understand.... On top of the health bars what is that 4 way hold thing mean? Is there gonna be an option for a 3 way or something? Or is it just there, even tho I feel that alone would be silly since everyone knows 4 way holds are preferred over 3 ways
    12. Lulu
      I think that text only appears when using a Break Hold... which holds all 4 strike types simultaneously.
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    13. Shirataki Tsume
      Shirataki Tsume
      Not only that. The way how move sets work in SCVI have been changed as well. Some moves are now limited to Soul Charge, just like how some moves are limited to Brave Edge in SCV. Kilik's Festival of the Damned can only be done with Soul Charge now when you can just do it directly in the previous games.
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    14. Arnell Long
      Arnell Long
      Interesting, some of this will be better understood once we see some match footage.

      However, from what I read, DOA6 is looking as promising as ever.

      Wonder will there be a customization mode since 3D fighters are doing it these days.

      Anyway, my favorite fighting game franchise is ALIVE and well.
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    15. DestructionBomb
    16. Lulu
      LoL... They ripped off Tekken 7?


      Anyway I won't miss CB & Pl... I will occassionally have a PB craving now and then but lucky for me I can just go back to 5 for that.

      So... Evasive Attacks... now maybe its just me but isn't going from Regular Sidesteps with the option to do whatever you want afterwards to just one or two Evasive Attacks just going Backwards in terms of Design ?

      I know alot of people thought sidesteps in 5 were weak but I think they just expected too much from them...

      Kudos to Eric for the Information...
    17. Arnell Long
      Arnell Long
    18. DestructionBomb
      Ah it was by @Darkslay
    19. KasumiLover69
      Yesss, no more CBs!! I doubt Alpha 152 will make it buy if she did that means we won't have to do that guess between 3 CBs bullshit again XD

      And I hope that HC throw damage is subject to change if the health bars aren't any bigger HP wise... That means the grapplers could potentially only need like 1-2 good throws knowing how obscene their strongest grapples are...
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