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Battle Royal Republic of Fighters Tournament this Weekend

Discussion in 'News' started by deathofaninja, Oct 20, 2017.

By deathofaninja on Oct 20, 2017 at 9:14 PM
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Discussion in 'News' started by deathofaninja, Oct 20, 2017.

    1. deathofaninja
      Will write about the event when I get the chance. I'm always backing one of my favorite fighters in the DOA circuit @Gehaktbal and can't wait to see this tournament in lovely Paris.
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    2. TOMA SAN
      TOMA SAN
      Hi the event is over, you can watch the stream full archive on the youtube channel of republic of fighter.
      I was planning to write too the resume of the event and the hype attaching pictures and fighters feeling ;)
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    3. TOMA SAN
      TOMA SAN
      picture to the crew after the event ;)
      you can see the full stream here :
    4. TOMA SAN
      TOMA SAN
      if someone here understand FRENCH, here my resume of the ROF BATTLE ROYAL EVENT at Paris its an topic of the french doa forum critical stun :

      i will write my experience of this event later in english but as you know im not really good in english so....
      I was really happy to see on the stream later hoodless, seigen, soy, virtua kazama and other guys from usa watching the event and encourage gehaktbal and hitomi player lol (tanii)
      its really good to see doa players keep watching each other and be sure europe and french player will watching you at NEC ! So keep calm and play doa !
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    5. Tulkas
      Well, I do not speak French but I just saw the first 40 minutes of the recorded stream above and got very impressed by the fight of Elena Bathory vs Gehaktbal...! :D

      For those that don't know, Elena is a female French player very well know there and Gehaktbal is the Dutch (?) player that basically uses to win every offline tournament he attends all across Europe.

      Elena defeated him (3 matches vs 2) playing Mai although he used two of his strongest main characters: Zack and Rachel.

      I hope to find more exiting matches later in the stream! :D Cheers!
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    6. CatzDaLegit
      1st - Snow aka Murasaki Dono :sarah:
      2nd - Ky Dragon :kasumi:
      3rd - Gehaktbal :rachel::zack:
      4th - Elenabathory :mai:
      5th - CatzDaLegit :tina::mila:
      5th - Ivan :mai::pai:

      Full Smash.gg result/bracket
      Full Twitch stream

      It was a fun tournament and it was cool that it went 3/5 matches. Shoutouts to the Republic of Fighters for running everything smoothly and The Reset Bar for hosting the venue. The French DOA players are a lot stronger than I think the US would believe and they were also nice and accommodating. My only regret is I wish I got to play more people offline, but it really couldn't be helped because the set ups were quickly broken down as soon as the tournament ended, and I was torn between watching and playing most of the time. Good matches/shoutouts to Hajin, Shady, Butter Scotch, JayceeChris, Ky Dragon, Ivan, Toma-san, Vish, ElenaBathory, and Bram's. NEC might be really exciting this year as potentially 3 strong European DOA players could end up attending (Snow, ElenaBathory, and Gehaktbal). I think a lot of players that didn't show up missed out on probably one of the last events for DOA5LR in Europe.

      It might also be worth noting in a fun fact kind of way that this was the first time a French player took the 1st place spot, which means something as France has always held a significant scene for DOA.
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    7. Tulkas
      Damn! I finally was able to finish watching the stream. Denifitly there were a several very exiting matches ther! :D BTW, why won't Ky Dragon attend NEC? @CatzDaLegit only mentioned Snow, Elena and Gehak...

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