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Ripten.com: You Asked, Team Ninja Answered

Discussion in 'Dead or Alive 5' started by grap3fruitman, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. grap3fruitman

    grap3fruitman Well-Known Member
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    So you may remember a few months ago when we kind of made some harsh comments towards the guys at Ripten.com but, after some discussion, the editor offered to take our questions to Team Ninja and the answers just went up today. You can find the original article here but I'm going to paste the entirety here for discussion and preservation.

  2. Allan Paris

    Allan Paris Well-Known Member
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    I wonder what tournaments are they going to or talking about, especially the one(s) they have gathered at?

    ....... besides d.i.d.7, that one isn't going to do it.
  3. donerjack

    donerjack New Member

    nice interview, thanks for the info grap3.
  4. Rikuto

    Rikuto P-P-P-P-P-P-POWER!
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    That is certainly not the question I asked, and the answer isn't true either. The windows are absolutely massive in the alpha and the frame differences between advanced and normal holds are minuscule at best.

    My original question was if team ninja would consider getting rid of holds altogether in stun because it pisses off fighting game enthusiasts. In fact I've still got it here from the e-mail I sent.

    I can only assume it was mutated to this shorter version because similar questions were being asked and they wanted to simplify it.

    Or because it's hard to start a question with what the Japanese might consider an insult (ie, actual criticism, god forbid...).

    Close enough. Glad to hear they are trying new stuff though.
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  5. Berzerk!

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    Its nice they acknowledged some of the feedback, it's a shame that the need for some of the answers was outmoded by the time the demo came out.

    Some new answers are hinting at good things.

    The hints at a new training system, coupled with the movelist in the game itself, is particularly positive in terms of helping new players.

    A game mode in addition to tag is intriguing.
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  6. Tenren

    Tenren Well-Known Member

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    i like were this is going lol
  7. Einzelkind

    Einzelkind Active Member

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    This sounds like the soul of Itagaki is still haunting Team Ninja. There's always time for some Tekken teasing.

    EMPEROR_COW Well-Known Member
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    im all for new fighting systems ... wonder what those could be ... ive always loved the TAG mode the most ... team battles were also fun .. (although it seems no1 else liked them .. lol) ... tournament mode, single, time attack ... survival ... i wonder what more they can add ....
  9. synce

    synce Well-Known Member

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    Rikuto that is one of the most loaded and opinionated questions I've ever seen. I think the one he asked is more professional.

    And I also loved the Tekken reference :)
  10. Allan Paris

    Allan Paris Well-Known Member
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    and butchered.

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