News Team NINJA Games at Playstation Showcase

Thanks @Jackie Chan Fan for finding this and the screenshot.
This Wednesday Dead or Alive 6 will have a fifteen minute time-slot at the Playstation Showcase. It probably wouldn't be wise to expect a new character, but a demonstration similar to IGN's a few days ago. Anything is possible though, and maybe the developers will address a few of our concerns with the short time they have.

Remember you will also have access to Dead or Alive 6 at EVO! So make sure you stay tuned in for more information leading to that event. Sony's E3 press conference also announced Team NINJA's sequel to Nioh. More information should be available Wednesday for that game as well!

Team NINJA is showcasing some of the best games at E3 this year!
I'm seeing here in Rojikkus video that sidestep is hella goofy in DOA6. I saw this weird thing in the trailer with Helana and Kasumi and I'm seeing it again in Rojikku's commentary video: it looks like characters can straight up just sidestep while being attacked. This looks extremely suspect. Shimbori isn't serious is he?
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