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TFC 17 Special Edition Interview: GXR | SRM Hoodless

Discussion in 'Tournament & Community Experiences' started by ikodomo, Oct 4, 2017.

By ikodomo on Oct 4, 2017 at 6:54 AM
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    After a spectacular event filled with thrilling upsets and intense nail biters, Chicago's own GXR | SRM Hoodless takes the top spot and is your eventual TFC 17 DOA5 Champion. With his patient and methodical style, Hoodless overcame many strong players and is now one of the players people will need to keep their eyes on when this year's NEC pops in this mid December. After watching the top 8 matches and witnessing his stellar performance, I had to go interview the man himself. Here's what came out of it.

    A1R-GEAR: Congratulations on your spectacular win at TFC 2017. This tournament had many upsets and hype matches that many of us had our eyes glued on the matches itself whether it be there live or in our homes. How was your experience with the tournament?

    Hoodless: Thank you. It was a lot nail-biters and hype matches at TFC. My experience at this tournament was terrific. Got to see my friends haven't talk to or seen for awhile. Met new faces in the community. I tried out some food their known for lol.

    A1R-GEAR: It's always great to see new faces in the community. It makes each tournament more refreshing. I'm curious. What kinds of food did you try out there? Recommend anything?

    Hoodless: Every time I go to a tournament it's refreshing. The food places I tried out was Bojangles, Smithfield's Chicken n BBQ and Pe changs. Bojangles is famous for there Chicken and biscuit. Smithfield's make there on BBQ sauce. It was good. The last is PE Changs it's a fancy Chinese restaurant. It was delicious. Recommend to go to those places when you come out to Raleigh, NC.

    A1R-GEAR:That sounds delicious and mouth savoring! I really want to try that! Nevertheless, were there any players that were giving you a very hard match? Any players that impressed you? What was your toughest match and why?


    Hoodless showing his plaque with Tom Lee

    Hoodless: The player that gave a hard match was Winback. This was first time I played him at TFC. I've been going for a couple of years but never play him casually or tournament. The player that impressed me was Hollow. He overcome obstacles that was in front of him to get where he needed to be in the tournament. I'm proud that he was having fun when he was doing. My toughest match was against Winback. Like I said before I never played him before so it will get scary when you play it tournament. Anything can happen when you don't know how person plays.

    A1R-GEAR: That was a very close match between you and Winback. It was definitely a nail biter. You mostly stuck with Zack through out the entire tournament. However you did use Mai. Do you have any impressions on her? Are you still willing to try her out down the line in the near future?

    Hoodless: Mai is a great character IMO. Mai have everything that a player wants. She got the movement,evasive,great spacing tools,damage and oki. Yes I'm willing to use her in future.

    A1R-GEAR: You are very versed with a few characters. However when it comes to choosing a character for a tournament, do you base it from who you are playing against?

    Hoodless: I pick a character base off what my opponent picks. So mostly I'll pick Zack because he right in the middle. Sometimes I pick certain characters for certain people because of their play style.

    A1R-GEAR: After taking 1st place, how are you going to celebrate your major win?

    Hoodless: A little celebrating, got some drinks and had a nice dinner with friends after the tournament.

    A1R-GEAR: What's next for you now? Will you be going to NEC? If so, what will you be most excited about it?

    Hoodless: The next thing is back to the lab and prepare for NEC. I won the qualifier So TN will be sending me to NEC. The most thing I'll be excited about is playing against the International players. It will be so many hype matches.


    December 15th-17th at the Radisson's Valley Forge Casino

    A1R-GEAR: With the inclusion of TeruRock, Siologica, JCAkira and possibly Gehaktbal, NEC will be one event DOA players will not want to miss out. Any shout outs you would you would like share?

    Hoodless: YASSSSS LOL. I think more players are coming but idk. I have to find out at NEC. I Shout out to my Family, My girl amber, My team Seraphim and GXR. Shout out to my training partners Cloud and shin ryujin. Shout out to Nunchaku and neemius for coming to play casuals a week before TFC(I need it). Shout outs to destructive for getting me into showing tech to people or him lol. Last but not least My viewers if it wasn't for y'all I wouldn't be at TFC. For streaming every other day and getting to my goal Y'all supported and believe in me. THANK YOU!!!!!!

    A1R-GEAR: Tom Lee was hinting on that this is the NEC DOA players NEED attend to. Do you think this will be the time they will announce DOA6?

    Hoodless: Hopefully it will be announce at NEC. I'm just gonna cross my fingers.


Discussion in 'Tournament & Community Experiences' started by ikodomo, Oct 4, 2017.

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