The Dead Or Alive Meme & Gif Thread

I was bored and I'm still hype for Eliot in DOA6 so I made a few gifs for him using my favorite scenes from the trailer xD

This one I didn't really like but it does show Eliot does have pretty eyelashes
unpopular opinion (well, it would be unpopular on the amino, lot of people on there thinks he looks worse) my boi eliot looks way better, and im hyped for his new moveset
Likes: KasumiLover
the 'who makes the cut' thread got cut. haha. naturally i'm lowkey highkey pressed about it so here's some basic DIY meme-able facial expressions from doad (in questionable quality to add texture). i use these with my friends outside this burner handle so i can confirm that they have multi-fandom appeal in and out of context. haha.

queens of salt or alive.png

for example,
salt-sumi being relatable and going through phases of grief:

salt-sumi in denial.png

salt-sumi denial.png

salt-sumi anger.png

and all i know is a premium snitch gonna end up in a premium ditch one of these days... :p i'm kidding, i respect the premium coin that goes into keeping fsd the best doa community on the internet. y'all are real ones cos this site is one of the few that has managed to support my android 4.trash.trash smartphone. aaand he segues into:



honorable mentions:

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