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The International Interviews: #26 TeruRock (輝Rock) Part 1

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By ikodomo on Oct 11, 2017 at 7:56 AM
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    The wait has finally ended. I've always wanted to interview someone this special for a vast period of time. TeruRock is a name players all around the world have heard before. He is famous for his immensely strong and exceptional Lei Fang. He has opened players eyes even more than so they thought. His fundamentally sound blend of defense and offense have made him a level above his peers. With his consistently pristine top results in all the tournaments he attends, he is one the players people will need to keep on their sights.

    What is your gamertag? Where did you get the name TeruRock (輝Rock)? What was the inspiration for that name?

    I made a part of my real name in English. As my name changed since I got married, I changed the handle name accordingly.

    You're one of the most famous Japanese players to ever compete in DOA. What's your history with the game? What do you love about DOA compared to the other fighting games?

    I began playing fighting games seriously all the way from DOA 2. The attraction of DOA is that I think the point where players need to hone both levels of attack and defense.

    I don't know what Soy is doing

    Not many westerners have traveled to Japan to play DOA. They are very curious about the Japanese DOA scene. Can you explain to us your scene on how it came to be? History of it? Did it start in the arcades?

    In Japan, DOA is considered to be a low level game as a fighting game. It was all the way from DOA 1 to DOA 4. It is even so after DOA 5 was released.

    Left to Right: TeruRock, Sawazuma, Tanii, Siologica, Usao, Soy, Itashimago

    However, recently the attention finally started to grow as a fighting game. I believe this is the achievement of the producers and directors.

    Operation started at the arcade and it became more fun to play as a fighting game to the core. It is a unique thing that is rooted in Japanese game center culture.

    What are your DOA accomplishments and tournament records?

    Japan's arcade version DOA 5 competition:
    1st - D-1 Korea's IGT
    1st - DOA 5 Department 2015
    2nd - DOAfes (DOA Festival) 2015 & 2016
    Many more after that

    TeruRock and Blackmoonrisingx playing their match

    TeruRock getting Hype over beating Lopedo

    What was your most memorable moment?

    Having won the arcade contest D-1! It's the moment I was able to win the biggest tournament for the first time in my life.

    What was your most heartbreaking loss and why?

    DOA 2 Official Qualifying Tournament: I lost in the first round because of tension and my lack of ability. I will never forget this thing for the rest of my life.


Discussion in 'Tournament & Community Experiences' started by ikodomo, Oct 11, 2017.

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