『DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Ultimate』 アルティメットセクシーコスチュームプレイ動画

What the FUCK is wrong with Helena leg at 0:09 ?! Why her move look like that?! Her leg look broken :(
  • Raansu

What exactly did we see outside of ground bounces for a small relaunch? You have to remember that even in the trailers for vanilla they were showcasing sit down stuns even though we all knew the majority of them could be easily slow escaped. So no, I'm not being pessimistic I'm being realistic. They may have changed it but they most likely have not. No reason to get excited over nothing.
Considering what we just saw in singles Raansu, is not any different from tag, don't be so pessimistic. This looks to be turning out to be another DOA 3.1 with how they're going about things.
it would be a shame if Hitomi's new sit down only works on tag battle. :-(
  • Raansu

Remember this is tag. Critical stuns and slow escapes work differently in tag. So don't get too excited over those sit down stuns. We'll see at launch.
Or maybe +27? That would guarantee a launcher but no CB.
YEAH! It has to be +29 or so, why else would they add it? I'm sure it's the real deal and was added because of our endless whining!
Hitomi got a new sit down stun... Unholdable?


Jul 31, 2013 at 7:15 AM
Posted by $media.username
『DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Ultimate』
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