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Finished the Nioh Alpha demo completely, fun. I'd like to play it again but it's not even the real game :(. We are just going to do that all again in the real game so it's like damn lol, release date #when hopefully!
Time for me to get ready to leave out for day 2 of Combobreaker. I got DOA 6 at 3pm. I am hoping I can do a little better than SC6.
man what is the point of MK11's flawless block system if it doesn't make safe moves unsafe?
Camel with 2 thumbs
Camel with 2 thumbs
like even if you flawless block something like Scorpian f3,4 it's still -7 and it has so much pushback that even the new instant flawless block attacks can't close the distance, like wth!? really hope that gets looked into in future patches cause as it is now it's just a very precise input with very low net reward
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