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Got a brand spanking new laptop that's powerful enough to run current gen, might even start playing DOA6 on pc now, see what's popping on that platform
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Add me ASAP. Steam ID is the same as my name here.

Though I can't promise I'll be on as much since I'm making videos more frequently.
rtx 3060?
Camel with 2 thumbs
Camel with 2 thumbs
@HHH816 No RTX for me , went for the pleb GTX option, no way am I paying an extra 2000$ for more ram and ray tracing lol
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dayum, really thought the Inazuma update would be the thing to get me back into Genshin, but nope, not even a new region and a gaggle of japanese themed waifus are revitalizing my interest :/
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