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DOA6 Version 1.08: New Stage & Season Pass 2
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Team NINJA unveiled a brand new season for DOA6, and it all begins with a brand new stage just in time for the summer. This stage is none other than Seaside Eden, and it comes with a swimsuit costume pack for 26 characters and 12 additional tracks.

Seaside Eden continues the beach theme much like previous DOA games, but this one came with a few bells and whistles. Falling coconuts, slip stuns, and rebounding volleyball nets are one thing to watch out for, but the main draw of the stage is a special Danger Zone that triggers the use of dolphins. It may also interest you that this is the first DOA stage to incorporate Stage Fatalities where if you use the Fatal Blow near the gate, it will send your opponent flying across the ocean.

At the end of the trailer shows the reveals for Season Pass 2. There will be 15 new costumes in August and an additional character will be joining the roster in September, alongside with 26 additional costumes. Will it be a returning...

DOA6 WC Gehaktbal Bass Bombs his way to Victory at VSF 2019

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The next chapter of the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship begins and concludes this Saturday in Birmingham, England at 2am Pacific Time. You can spectate the players fight for the $5,000 cash prize and offline points from pools to the Grand Final live at the Electronic Dojo Twitch Channel. Team NINJA will also be revealing details for the Season 2 pass at this event so stay tuned for that as well.

Highlights from Pools

After two hours of technical difficulties at VSF matches for Dead or Alive 6 are finally being streamed at a theater separated from the other games at the event. Keep up with the tournament standings that you missed for pools at Smash.GG as less than 30% of the...
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This video is meant to showcase what Phase-4 is capable of in DOA6 (Ver. 1.06). Combos marked with a yellow star cannot be avoided with fastest hold. Combos marked with a red star cannot be avoided even with fastest low hold.


DOA6 Ky-Dragon Takes Sonic Boom VI with Kula Diamond

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Ky-Dragon has made history in the Dead or Alive community being the first to win a tournament with The King of Fighters guest character, Kula Diamond at the Sonic Boom major in Madrid, Spain! While this was not scored as a Dead or Alive 6 World Championship event, it was an excellent showcase of how players are evolving with the game as more characters and gameplay tweaks are introduced. Congratulate Ky-Dragon on his victory and the rest of the fighters for a superb display of skill, and if you missed any of the action check out MadridFGC's Twitch video archive and Smash.GG standings to catch-up!

Grand Final

:kula: Ky Dragon vs Dr. Impact :lisa:

Their first match begins at 'Chinese Festival' and Dr. Impact changes things...

DOA6 WC XcaliburBladeZ Wins CEO 2019 - Complete Results

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DOA6 BladeZ Wins CEO 2019.jpg

87+ players in the community competed in the biggest chapter so far within the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship, finally being involved with one of the largest tournament majors in the world, Community Effort Orlando. This was the first tournament to run on version 1.06 and to feature new The King of Fighters guests: Mai Shiranui and Kula Diamond. You can view the complete bracket at Smash.GG, also be sure to congratulate XcaliburBladeZ for his monumental win and all of the other competitors in the community that made it out to the big one!

The first thing you might...

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Are there new tracks? Or only from Xtreme?
they nerf the pushback on Ayane 6pk but they leave Kasumi's 6pk pushback alone? booo
So I read the patch why is everyone getting nerfed? Even Zack's 2 P+K was nerfed. It isn't game changing but still odd.
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Damn, Seaside Eden is pretty big. Great looking stage!
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The goal is to revive Club Penguin via Seaside Eden:
Diego's 6T was reduced I hear.

Not sure why it took them this long, though considering Diego's poor range and speed problems, it definitely helped him. Good thing is that I don't really care what happens to Diego anymore so eh. Could of made a better character.
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