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DOA6 WC ECT is Crucial & Packed with All-Star Fighters
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This weekend East Coast Throw-Down will be imperative to Dead or Alive 6 World Championship competitors considering it is the last major before Team NINJA's Last Call Match and Main Event in Tokyo, Japan on the 23rd of November. You can spectate players in pools this Saturday fight for qualifying points and a 5,000 USD prize pot at KPB starting 4pm EST. Team Sp00ky will be hosting the Top 8 stream on Sunday at 11pm EST and both days will be commentated by Emery Reigns & Shade Swifteye.

Even though he has already qualified, XcaliburBladeZ will be at ECT to battle for the prize pot, and the chance to compete one more time before the Main Event. Black Berry, Black Moon Rising, Crazy Steady & Rikuto are very close to each other on the leader-board and are likely more focused on winning...
DOA6 Version 1.12 & Patch Notes Released
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Team NINJA released version 1.12 for Dead or Alive 6 on all platforms yesterday and followed up their update today with official patch notes listed at their website. Version 1.12 fixes various bugs and makes adjustments to the balance of the game that can be discussed over at the DOA6 system & character boards here at Free Step Dodge. Team NINJA improves the quality of the game with additional fixes that don't directly impact gameplay, and also begin their 'Revival' DLC series with bunny costumes for the female characters.

Dead or Alive 6 World Championship competitors are strongly encouraged to check out the patch notes Tuesday as...
DOA6 WC Killy Wins The Fall Classic 2019
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The Dead or Alive 6 World Championship concluded at 8pm EST with exciting Top 8 matches at The Fall Classic live from North Carolina. Despite being qualified already for the main event, Killy competed with Tina for his share of the 5,000 dollar prize pot. Hopefully the competitors are ready next time for one of the strongest players in the competitive scene and spend more time studying the most brutalizing character in Dead or Alive 6 as the chase for qualifying points will soon come to an end.

Some annoying technical issues with the stream didn't deter from the quality of fights that took place during...
DOA6 WC XcaliburBladeZ Resets the Bracket to Win Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019
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The beginning of October is a busy one for Dead or Alive players marking the second double feature tournament weekend for the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship! Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019 is live streaming the competition from Paris France, and The Fall Classic will continue the circuit starting at 2pm EST. You can follow the live bracket at Smash.GG and follow us here at Free Step Dodge for coverage of both events!

Highlights from Pools
This DOA6WC tournament features high level players from all around the world, and it's incredible how active BBoyDragon, XcaliburBladeZ, Kwiggle, Siologica & Teru Rock have been throughout...
DOA6 Mona Vanderwaal Wins Throw-Down Tournament by EmeryReigns
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EmeryReigns continues to support the Dead or Alive community in his way by hosting a special weekend tournament complete with a 50 dollar starting pot, and he also accepts donations as a pot bonus via his Twitch channel. This online tournament has so far been a success attracting a wide array of players both veterans and newcomers alike with a growing pot bonus bonus thanks to the community that has exceeded 300 USD! Day 2 will begin Sunday at 6pm EST and you can observe the match history by checking out the live bracket at Challonge.

The quality of the event is exceptional for an online tournament, and throughout pools leading up to top 8, the game runs really smooth and is complemented by rules to keep the connections at their highest and excellent commentary giving extra...

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