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DOA2U Opening Remastered in 8K 60FPS
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After being inspired by the Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball opening remaster in 5K, Free Step Dodge owner, Matt Ponton remastered the entire Dead or Alive 2: Ultimate opening cut scene in glorious crisp 8K running at a stunning 60 frames per second over a long weekend of work. This is considered by many DOA players to be one of the best cut scenes in the series if not one of the best CGI cut scenes in fighting games. Nearly 20 years later this incredible story has been retold looking more beautiful than it ever has.

The scene starts with Kasumi and Ayane's childhood, playing innocently and enjoying life outside as all kids should. The first thing players will notice about this scene is how clear and colorful it is compared to the now blurry original - eternally stuck in a blurry 480p at 30fps. If we were to take a gander now at the original it would almost terrify you. The water reflections off of the...
DOAXBV Opening Remastered in 5K 60FPS
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Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball's iconic opening CGI scene has been fully remastered nearly 18 years later by YouTuber, White Charisma utilizing AI upscaling in delicious 4K/5K at 60 frames per second. The original 2003 scene ran at 480p and 30 frames per second. By watching the video you can see the difference clearly on almost any screen available for your use.

One of the encapsulating things about Dead or Alive in the early 2000s were the CGI scenes that shed light, story and personalities to the DOA characters. Since Dead or Alive: Dimensions on the 3DS - Team NINJA has chosen to work with in game cut scenes for their storytelling and departure from Itagaki's narrative. Before this fighters were always eager to see the latest batch of CGI in the next Dead or Alive and it became a staple of Team NINJA to include them in most of their games.

This beautiful & remastered scene helps us...
Hoodless Weekly is a Rewarding DOA Experience
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Breaking News: Hoodless is currently streaming his 20th consecutive tournament at his Twitch channel. Support this recurring event by donating to the prize pool through Matcherino.

The Hoodless Weeklies take place every Monday at the champ's Twitch channel, and not only are these online tournaments a valuable source of DOA entertainment, but players can view it as a way to be rewarded with screen time and money as we continue to fight in a pandemic with no offline majors to attend. Please subscribe to Hoodless on Twitch so that you can familiarize yourself with his stream schedule. If you miss one of his weekly events you can peruse his YouTube for convenient...
Dead or Alive YouTube Channel Streaming at 8pm EST
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Hello - it's been quite some time since the last update has it not? Hopefully everyone in the community is staying safe out there! If you've been bored and desperate for some news pertaining to our game you might be interested in watching the 'Japan Fighting Game Publishers Round Table' today at 8pm EST via the Dead or Alive channel on YouTube.

This will feature a panel, a slew of fighting games, announcements for fighting games and more. The director of Dead or Alive 6, Yohei Shimbori will be present at this panel to answer questions. What could happen at the round table is the question people have on their minds, and while there are no concrete answers there are some possible outcomes to examine:

Dead or Alive 6 Ultimate is not a far cry since the vanilla version of the game has been discontinued and a lot of players would like to see Team NINJA's vision for the game revised. It's hard for anyone to...
DOA6 FSD Presents 'Seagull Stress Test' Online Tournament Live
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Because of the pandemic fighting game communities have been resorting to online competition while we wait for our respective areas to open up again. Thanks to the efforts of @VigilantSeaGull & FSD you can spectate Dead or Alive 6 competition now at the official FSD Twitch channel. You can contribute to the growing prize pot via Matcherino. Commentary is provided by the hype machine, Megaphone Franke & veteran player, Seres Borne.

This 'stress test' is a first attempt at delivering competitive 'Stay at Home' online tournaments for Dead or Alive 6. While there have been some technical issues, the overall layout & presentation of this event has been great. The commentary is engaging, matches are fun to watch and Free Step Dodge's Twitch channel continues to evolve with a better look catered to players of Dead or Alive. This FREE entry...
News Zakkurye Royal Summit Complete Show Results & Replays
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Zakkurye has hosted his first Royal Summit FT10 series debuting the event for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round with XcaliburBladeZ & MCD as the two featured competitors. BladeZ has touted a vicious persona lately through social media calling players out and is truly playing the part of being a cocky prize fighter. MCD wanted to prove that he had the best Jann Lee but perhaps now is not the time as BladeZ answered the call and dominated most of this set.

If you think you are good enough to be featured in this FT10 Royal Summit series please contact Zakkurye for a chance to compete. There were a lot of spectators for the debut and the event was complemented with great commentary.

Episode 2 was released last week and features more matches in...

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