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DOA6 WC Kumite Top 8 Streaming 4pm EST
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Kumite in Texas 2019 Report & Results

The Dead or Alive 6 World Championship concludes its current chapter this weekend at 'Kumite in Texas' with Top 8 fighting for a five-thousand dollar pot bonus and DOA6WC qualifying points. XcaliburBladeZ, Hoodless, Killy, Rikuto, SoSickNashFan, Mona, ElectrifiedMann and Mr. Kwiggle will put their skills to the test on stream for your studious and entertainment purposes at PandaXGaming starting 4pm EST! Read our report & results here at FSD and check out the live standings at Smash.GG.

Earlier this week the DOA6WC festivities started with the EU West...
DOA6 Momiji Returns September 19th
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Dead or Alive players have requested Momiji long before Dead or Alive 6 was announced, and now their demands have finally been answered by Team NINJA as she is officially confirmed to join the roster of fighters. Momiji is available as part of the Season 2 Pass or individual purchase on all platforms September 19th. Alongside Momiji and her premium costumes (that are much better looking than Mai and Kula's) there will be new ninja costume packs that change gold when you taunt or break blow plus the 1.11 patch notes with hopeful game adjustments.

Momiji's beautiful animations, new...
DOA6 WC Shimazu Wins eSportsX at TGS
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Team NINJA at Tokyo Game Show

Team NINJA's Dead or Alive 6 World Championship continues with three events throughout the next seven days with the EU East Online Tournament, Kumite and the TGS Fatal Match which showcased new Dead or Alive 6 content after Top 8. This TGS tournament is also about the passion of the players with over 100 fighters in attendance looking to punch their ticket to the main event. Team NINJA is generating more hype for their game universe by including Nioh 2 in their exciting mix of new content featured at TGS 2019...

DOA6 WC EU East Online Tournament Live

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EU East Online Tournament Report

The EU East tournament is the third entry to the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship online tournament series giving players all over the world an opportunity to compete for qualifier points. You can watch the provided stream at 11am Pacific Time, and you can see by checking the standings at Smash.GG that this will be a very intimate event with only 7 players registered! Some of these tournaments have had decent turnouts, but this series is proof that what the players want at the end of the day is to invest their time into offline tournaments which have been successful thanks to the community and Team...
DOA6 Version 1.10 Released
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Version 1.10 Report

The new 1.10 update adds a few minor functionalities to the PS4 micro-transaction experience of Dead or Alive 6, fixes some bugs that are still currently unlisted on the official Team NINJA site, and adds three costumes with color variations that can be purchased with your player points. If you are unable to make individual purchases you are encouraged to wait until later on today, and the timing of availability could also be reflected by your region. You can get involved with this update by contributing any possible stealth changes to the system, characters, or the bug fixes.

Most of the players in the PS4 Dead or Alive community want individual costume purchase, and with Version 1.10 they are finally able to do this with 'premium tickets.' These tickets are exclusive to PS4 and are purchased with real money and can be...

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Yes, I'm screaming for Atelier Dusk trilogy DX especially, Shallie mmmmh the opening looks fit for rainy season.
Seems like I have to pay for Momiji's casual costume again. It's worth though, red is so her color.
With all of the Tales games that Bamco released at this point I'm kind of surprised that they haven't pulled off something along the lines of what KT (Gust specifically) did with Nelke, getting together all of the main characters in a brand new game.
Nioh 2 second beta in November. TN's best selling upcoming game with actual well earned money from the first one. Ah, feels good to see great information for a good game.
YIKES nu-video games has gotten to the point where it is okay to say "Every game should copy Death Stranding’s “Very Easy Mode”. Not every player wants to suffer through gatekeeping challenges just to see a game."
Can someone ask Manny or someone else connected to TN about 30 scenes if possible
Want to give props to Shimazu for taking DOA6WC at TGS this weekend. Simply brilliant Ayane play!
Protip- if Zack 5pp into sway is giving you problems, trying blocking with 7 as opposed to 4, if he goes for his strike option you'll block since they're all highs and mids, if he goes for the throw option you'll actually walk out of throw range
Can we give a moment to approve Kumite stream camera quality and the venue? Looks so cool.

Made 17th place (out of 48) for the DOA6 tournament. Not bad!
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