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DOA6 Version 1.05 Released to Mixed Reactions

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Team NINJA's latest patch for Dead or Alive 6 is a questionable one that fixes some minuscule annoyances, but also manages to create new problems while major glitches and bugs continue to exist in their current fighting system. Changes to the Side Attack (SA) and gauge meter are the most controversial adjustments, and will be the main focal point of this news post. Though it's worth mentioning that a low number of negligible character balance changes continue within this patch and you can peruse the patch notes via Team NINJA's official website.

The gauge meter now changes to purple once 100% filled, and is now divided up into four separate blocks. Each block is worth 50 gauge points, and is the new cost of inputting an SA. Because of this, you can no longer freely combine the SA to hit environments or furniture after a bound and combo it further into a Break Blow. This can be...

DOA6 WC Keisuke Wins KVOxTSB in Osaka, Japan

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The second offline point tournament for the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship has concluded in Japan with a stunning victory from Keisuke! Team NINJA's Master is currently working with organizers in Japan to get a high quality replay uploaded to their official YouTube, along with him updating the point leader-board for DOA6WC that can be found via the DOA6 website. If you missed the live stream, this Japanese event was recorded in multiple languages and you can check out the complete bracket with Top 8 included at Smash.GG.

DOA6 New 1.04 Update Patch Notes and Content

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Team NINJA has released the 1.04 update for Dead or Alive 6 on PS4, XBOX ONE and Steam. 'The Pirates of the 7 Seas' costumes (included in the Season 1 Pass) and full patch notes are now available. This new patch is not just embedded with bonus content, but fixes and tweaks a plethora of issues pertaining to bugs, characters and stages.

Version 1.04 strengthens the game with a bevy of new additions including: 15 stage BGM tracks, a replay save option to lobby matches, a new leader-boards section, the new costumes plus new character intros and win poses. A toggle-able option in the fight settings for exposure minimization has also been included for fighters that might want to leave a little more to the imagination. Just for playing you get 100,000 Player Points added to your account, so be sure to login...

DOA6 WC XcaliburBladeZ Wins Title at The Mixup 2019

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The Dead or Alive 6 World Championship kicked off in Lyon, France at The Mixup 2019 with XcaliburBladeZ taking home the prized belt defeating Gehaktbal in Grand Finals. This tournament was a great reminder to the FGC that DOA6 is a true offline experience and is at its best in an esports environment. Top 8 was full of surprises and clutch fights, but the game also shined in pools where players like Bonus Stage, Bram's and Dr. Impact floored everyone spectating.

Since DOA6 released last month, young BladeZ has won 7 events with 5 of them being consecutive NLBC victories. Now that players are becoming more familiar with the new system, it will be interesting to see how many more professional and newcomers alike start attending these big events to attempt throwing off this nearly unstoppable beast. If you don't want to watch...

DOA6 XcaliburBladeZ Wins April Annihilation 2019

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Big E Gaming's April Annihilation concluded for Dead or Alive 6 with incredibly high level talent in Top 8 and XcaliburBladeZ winning the tournament with Eliot. You can watch the complete pools stream at Kick-Punch-Block's video archive on Twitch, but you are required to subscribe to the channel. KPB has uploaded most of the available streamed matches on their Youtube channel for your educational and entertainment purposes.

Be sure to congratulate your Top 8: @Matt Ponton @BlackMoonRisingX @Blackberry @XcaliburBladeZ @Rikuto @BboyDragon @Sly Bass...

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