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DOA6 World Championship: The Mixup Live

DOA6 XcaliburBladeZ Wins April Annihilation 2019

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Big E Gaming's April Annihilation concluded for Dead or Alive 6 with incredibly high level talent in Top 8 and XcaliburBladeZ winning the tournament with Eliot. You can watch the complete pools stream at Kick-Punch-Block's video archive on Twitch, but you are required to subscribe to the channel. KPB has uploaded most of the available streamed matches on their Youtube channel for your educational and entertainment purposes.

Be sure to congratulate your Top 8: @Matt Ponton @BlackMoonRisingX @Blackberry @XcaliburBladeZ @Rikuto @BboyDragon @Sly Bass...

DOA6 Team Spooky's Weekly NLBC Results

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Dead or Alive 6 is currently in a good place offline with plenty of tournaments, a world championship and these awesome NLBC events hosted weekly by Team Sp00ky in Brooklyn, New York! These regular offline tournaments give fighters in the area a chance to play professionally, practice on commentary and earn money plus screen-time for themselves. @XcaliburBladeZ has currently won five times in a row since the release of DOA6, @Rikuto took 1st place at NLBC 160, with competitors like @Jager @BlackBerry and @Rabies also coming close to winning events.

Community The Growing SoCal DOA6 Community

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The Southern California Dead or Alive community has been very active since the March 1st release of DOA 6. There has been a strong showing from long time veterans of the game as well as newcomers. @iHajinShinobi and his slippery Ayane has taken the top spot in all 3 of the SoCal tourneys thus far. I for one am eagerly awaiting Crazy Steady vs @iHajinShinobi whenever the planets align. The SoCal scene is dedicated to growing in numbers and in skill and has regularly scheduled tournaments and casual play.

Wednesday Night Fights
Esports Arena

120 W. 5th Street
Santa Ana, CA

WNF tourneys are currently held on a bi-weekly basis with casuals held in the off weeks. The next WNF tourney will be on 04/03/2019

Super Arcade
123 E. Foothill Blvd. Azusa, CA 91702

Super Arcade Tournaments are held monthly and the next tourney will be held on 04/20/2019.

If you are interested in entering a SoCal...

Dead or Alive 4's Special Wake-up Attack Glitch Returns

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The buffering glitch originating in Dead or Alive 4 has resurrected in Dead or Alive 6. This glitch did not occur in Dead or Alive Dimensions or Dead or Alive 5, but found its way back with Dead or Alive 6.

If you perform a move that uses your special wake-up attack's input, and are then put on the ground in your special wake-up attack position, any button you press (:h::P: or :K:) will force you to do your special wake-up attack. In Dead or Alive 4, this buffer would last upwards of four (4) seconds after the input has been performed. So you'd have to sit on the ground for up to four seconds before you can safely attempt to tech up or wake-up kick.

Bass has a special wake-up attack by pressing :h+k: with his feet towards the opponent and facing up. If Hitomi holds his :6::h+k: he can't press anything after hitting the ground.

This is especially problematic for...

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That Xcal Ky-Dragon set was fucking dope. It was like watching the expanding brain meme in real time.
Mileena fans are the reason why MK can't get it's "variety" characters back like Reiko, Fujin, and other lost treasures >.>
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