**Grumble grumbe** This video is even making ME hyped. Against my will. No fair Team Ninja!
And yes... I hope these adittions are downloadable for less than $30 hahah! :D
But... I had prefered Momiji using Tengu´s fighting style... :( Please bring Tengu´s fighting style back! And let his disturbing/disgusting/ubber-ugly nose in the past forever! Maybe add Victor Donovan to fighters (or another Donovan's son) using Tengu´s style! :D Ah! I have to say DOAU Tengu's stage is most impressive DOA stage I've seen to date.
I (also) feel Momiji weird when she walk backwards... And I noticed her power blow comes from the air, so considering TN says new game-chaging (air) combos in official page, I guess that air power blows will be a new gameplay adition in DOA5U! :O :D
Please let these characters be downloadable like the SSFIV AE "patch".
Holy crap. I'm definitely hype for this game.
WAIT. What? Did that statue have Kasumi? Like some sort of power blow move? Oh my. Ummm. the new character looks weird. Whens he moves. Probably just because it's still in development. God I can't wait.
Aw man, I hate getting excited for things that won't be delivered for MONTHS! I'm so glad this is happening. I wonder what system changes they'll be doing as well.


May 9, 2013 at 9:06 AM
Posted by $media.username
『DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Ultimate』
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