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Jul 11, 2023 at 6:45 PM
Posted by NyaMiyamaFighter
Section 1
To put it simply, "recovery" frames are the amount of time it takes you and your opponent's character to end their animation and return to a neutral stance. Unless it's part of a move string, during those "recovery" frames, you cannot initiate the next move until the animation ends.

Looking at Hitomi's Skill Info, you can see that her current Advantage is +0. This means no character has priority. If both Hitomi's use their jab at the same time, both will receive damage.

Section 2
When Hitomi2 blocks Hitomi1's jab, Hitomi1's frame advantage is -2. So if Hitomi1 uses a 12-frame move, the speed of it now becomes
14 frames. If Hitomi1 was at +2 instead, her 12-frame move speed would become 10 frames. The higher the number, the slower the move. 12 is faster than 14.
If Player One has -2 frame advantage (disadvantage), this means Player Two has +2 frame advantage (the opposite).

Section 3
Now Let's give Player 2 +2 frame advantage and have her use a 14-frame strike. Player 1 will use a 12-frame strike.
Player 2 Hitomi wins this exchange even though they were both attacking at the same speed. Why?
It's because Player 2's 14-frame strike deals more damage. If two attacks collide, only the more powerful one will prevail.
There are exceptions, times when both characters "trade" (take damage) even though one move is more powerful than the other.
I believe that is because of odd hitboxes and long limbs.

Section 4
"Punishment" is a very important part of Dead or Alive combat (every fighting game actually). If your opponent blocks your attack, you will usually be left at frame disadvantage. So it's best to block if your attack was unsuccessful.
Hitomi1's 6P+K on block leaves her at -3 disadvantage. The fastest throw speed in the game is 4 frames for grapplers (Tina, Bass, etc) and 5f for everyone else (Hitomi, Hayate, etc).
Negative three frame disadvantage is considered "safe". "Safe" does not mean you are the same speed or faster than your opponent.
"Safe" means your opponent cannot get a guaranteed hit after they block or avoid your attack.
So after Hitomi2 blocks Hitomi1's 6P+K, even if Hitomi2 uses her fastest throw (5T), Hitomi1 can avoid it by using a strike or by ducking.

Section 5
Now let's have Player1 use a more unsafe strike on block.
Hitomi1 uses 236K on Player2's guard. This leaves Player1 at -5f and Player2 at +5f.
I just told you that Hitomi's fastest throw is 5 frames. Does that mean Player2 gets a guaranteed throw punish?
NO! Technically, you would be right, but that's now how this game works. Throws do not activate until 1 extra frame after
the initial start-up frames. So Hitomi's 5f throw is actually 6 frames. The game will not tell you this.
As for strikes (punches and kicks), you need to add an extra two frames to their start-up frames. So Hitomi's 10f jab doesn't actually connect
until the 12th frame.

Section 6
If we have Hitomi1 use her Fatal Rush (5S) on Hitomi2's block (-12 disadvantage on block), Hitomi2 has enough frame advantage so that all her standing throws from 5f to 11f become guaranteed if you act quickly. Her 10f jab is also guaranteed, but that move is weak. lol

Section 7
Keep in mind that if your opponent uses a move that is -6 or greater and you punish it with a 5f throw, it is guaranteed to land, but not guaranteed to deal damage.
Why? Because all 4f and 5f throws can be escaped. If your opponent grabs you with a neutral throw, quickly press the throw button to break it.
This skill is undervalued in Team NINJA's DOA6 because the most useful throws in the game are unbreakable.
But in my DOA6FE mod, the neutral throw has become the most powerful throw in the game. So it is now worth honing your reaction time to break these grabs.

Section 8
I'm sure some of you are wondering what 5S and 236K meant. "S" is the Special button used for the Break Hold, Break Blow, Sidestep Attack, etc. "K" is the Kick button, obviously. 5 means no direction. If you look at a standard-size keyboard with a number pad on
the right, you can use it as a reference when you see people utilize numeric annotations to describe directions.
From Player 1's perspective, 6=forward on the D-Pad or analog stick, 4=back, 2=down, 8=up, and 7, 9, 1, and 3 are diagonals.

Idk what my next DOA lesson will be or when I'll post it. I'm pretty lazy. lol But hopefully this helped you.

I provided you with some interesting data. Please tell everyone else.

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