Akira(SlyBass) vs Alpha - How To Own Her

Yeah, Incognito and I are going a little spam happy right now. I guess we're making up for lost time.
Wow all i see is akiras every where in these videos. lol
Alpha player could have done one of her damaging parries or executed a fast strike to get out that wall situation. He/she also was not using her offensive holds or 33T/236236T. Alpha is pretty weak against the wall though.
i don't know why people think Alpha it's like the greatest character. she as a ton of weakness that can be exploited pretty easy. Either way this Alpha player definitely needs practice time.
Well there's also the fact he's doing nothing but parries and jabs...


Mar 6, 2013 at 3:12 PM
Posted by Sly Bass
Put baby in the corner and profit.

If at first you fail to wall splat, try again.
If at 2nd you fail to wall splat, try, TRY again.
If at 3rd you fail to wall splat, kill yourself.
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