Analyzing Lobby Matches #3a To help Team Ninja & Koei Tecmo make the Dead or Alive 7 reboot GREAT

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May 30, 2023 at 5:15 PM
Posted by NyaMiyamaFighter
My Deepest DOA Desire (currently): Dimensions ported to Switch with an option for 4-way hold and 5-round matches.

These are my recommendations for DOA6Ultimate to make it a fun game that can't frustrate players even when they lose. I have faith in my game-designing abilities. I can help you.

0:00 Match Start
0:10 Jabs shouldn't stun on Counter Hit, but Kasumi directly hit Phase 4 with 6P and was left at disadvantage. Phase 4 should not be rewarded for allowing herself to be hit.

0:16 Launching throws take all the fun out of the game. The Kasumi player had to put his/her controller down for 5 seconds because of a quick, unblockable move with an easy input. Launching throws should be difficult to execute because of how annoying they are. Example: Phase 4's 236T should be changed to 43216T. And because it is unbreakable, the damage needs to be reduced. Or keep the damage the same and make it breakable. Up to you really.

0:35 It isn't inherently unbalanced for jabs to extend deep stuns. But my personal preference is for jabs to be the worst option when it comes to comboing someone because it takes no skill to press one button twice. The stagger duration caused by most jabs should be +14 or less.

0:36 And she's done it again. There is virtually no legitimate reason for Phase 4 to use any of her other command throws because launching throws are way too powerful.

Do not reboot the franchise. Make DOA6Ultimate/Hardcore or another spin-off DOA fighting game with Xtreme minigames included.
Omitted (irrelevant or redundant) texts:

0:39 I should be able to disable this Phase 4 costume from my perspective. Even though I like women, I do not seek to view women in this context. It is against my values. Make everyone happy by including more censorship options. You don't bother me, I don't bother you. That's how we live in peace.
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