Breakables removed from DOA5 vanilla (Vanilla breakables)

If I had to pick one, a genuine nerf was from Vanilla to 5U. Some of that stuff might have to be toned done actually. 5U is where the nerf should of stopped technically speaking since he was already on the even playing field at that point.
Not all the patches were nerfs for true correction, just that all of them had some type of loss with a few buffs here and there. There wasn't a single patch that I'm aware of that contained "only" buffs for Akira.
The base damage of the shoulder was 62/77/93 via NH/CH/HiC No Close Hit. Damage via close hit is 93/99/99 via NH/CH/HiC because of damage scaling.

Somewhat but not really. The DOA series are the first series to nerf him in every patch. Some reasonable nerfs, some genuinely not really needed or pointless. Akira was a godsend in DOA5 vanilla. 16T was guaranteed, 66P wallsplatted. Some of the stuff back then were quite scary. However most of us took too long to discover them because Akira was brand new to the DOA series, so tech was a bit hard to accumulate.
Since you still have vanilla version can I ask about Tetsuzanko DMG back in Vanilla day(Close hit and HCH Close Hit)
Is Akira at his worst state in Ultimate
There was a chair in the basement too next to the containers. Not sure why they were removed but I'm assuming to avoid too much damage since certain characters can do follow ups after a 2nd breakable before touching the ground.
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