Side stepping a 6PP from Christie "isn't a safe option" ****
I said 6PP8P+K will flat out lose to 4P, not 6PP. Side stepping a 6PP from Christie is much safer when all Christie needs to do is just delay the third hit or just free cancel and block. Side step is simply a guess and a risk, not a read.
How is a sidestep a better guess than reacting?

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side step is safer move than hold counter. that's why I'm using this tech
ayane's 4p cannot resist 6pp delay p
just choose ssp or 6p and that's all
more simple way is good because there is no hesitancy
doa is busy game you need to consider
Side step attack is not reliable retaliation against the 6PP8, you can liP+Kterally just put out a good fast mid or tracking mid/low to eliminate the options. Same for PKK/KK8P+K if you fuzzy guard the second high kick.
You don't need to side step 6PP, you are simply guessing if you side step. 6PP is -15 the only bit you'd need to respect is 6PPP. Otherwise it is your turn to retaliate on read. 6PP8P+K isn't advantageous either. In the example using Ayane, 4P will blow up everything coming from a 6PP8P+K, whether Christie follows up or not from JAK.
Why not just react to the second punch?
For the first portion, Ayane's SSP is i25-i26 at the fastest initial point without delay I would assume. Whereas you have characters like Gen Fu, Hitomi, Ein and Brad to which they have a slower strike speed.

To also mention that the 2nd strike from Christie is an i13 move that's -15 on block, you could SS and throw out a jab and it'll still work. The general sense is there. It's just that these moments are more committed to making reads than normal. This is benefit if they keep doing it of course..although things can change.
Giving you guys the heads up (with the previous videos as well.) Some characters have slower SS attacks or attacks that have far more recovery than natural, in which case..there may be a case to where you SS and the Christie player can still block depending on the move you performed. Not to mention that this is a read scenario, not a guaranteed one. This could work for Ayane but may not work with other characters.
Love these, great to watch for any player


Apr 20, 2015 at 9:07 AM
Posted by Rath_Aus
either SSp or 6p
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