Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate - Akira Combo Guide (v1.03)

Good vid but it is only good for watching. While your effort is appreciated, however it is a common mistake that new doa players make: They simply think "if I just figure out a combo in EVERY situation with different high/mid mix-ups then I'll be fine", but this is a very small part in real tournaments, most of these combo you won't use in a million fights.

This is not how DOA works. In a game where a hi-counter throw/hold can take 30%+ of life you can't just ignore them. Videos should emphasis GUARANTEED combos. There are not many of them, and some are dependent on environments but these are everyday combos that are much more useful. The more you keep your opponent on the ground, the more likely your combo is gonna fail.

Combos created from a standing dummy are very vulnerable. A single (low) hold/slow escape can mess up your whole hard practiced juggle. Also there are combos that can only be performed when stun is extended because they are holding more than they need, also there are tactics against people that are slow escaping all the time. Dealing with a stunned opponent is a HUGE topic so that's why most of these combos are not useful.

Good to watch, not practical.


Dec 28, 2013 at 6:33 PM
Posted by Matt Ponton
An Akira combo guide that has been a rather HUGE learning experience when it comes to video editing. This video admittedly was going to be a lot more detailed, but I feel like I can use an improvement in my editing before I try to do a walkthrough/tutorial of a difficult character to grasp.

I want to give big thank you to the Akira players on the Free Step Dodge forums: SlyBass, DestructionBomb, Ghosty-J, Zeo, Raoh, etc.

They all were really helpful and are more than willing to share any knowledge the come across for anyone trying to get better with Akira.

I do not own any content displayed in this video. That honor goes to Tecmo Koei, Team Ninja, & Sega AM2

0:13 - Guaranteed Combos
1:32 - Quick Launch Combos
2:35 - Parry Combos
3:09 - Critical Burst Setups
6:35 - Open Space Combos
8:55 - Wall Splat Combos
10:00 - Guard Break of Doom Setups
11:21 - Stage Combos

BGM: Ride the Tiger (Arranged Theme)
Statues (Alternate Theme)
Statues (VF5:FS Version)
Statues (VF5R Version)
Statues (VF5 Version)

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