Dead or Alive 6 Eliot Arcade| Eirene Sling Swimsuit Mod(HD)

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Jan 1, 2021 at 2:40 AM
Posted by KasumiLover
To bring in the new years with some of my female(and fellow male subscribers hehe xD) who like them some Eliot, here is a arcade run using a personal mod I had my friend Jojix from Twitter port from DOA5LR into DOA6 for me, which is an H-Load mod that alters Eliot to have a curvier and more muscular body, as well as having him wear one of Lisa's DOA5 swimsuits. Enjoy, I definitely did since i love me some Eliot booty. xD

Please note that this mod is a personal one, so I can't provide a link but I hope you'll enjoy it since Jojix was nice enough to port it into DOA6 for me with no trouble! :-D the hairstyle is also a custom mod he made himself that replaces one of Eliot's hairstyles!^.^ Also no rude comments or discriminatory comments please, if you are not into men like that just scroll past and watch something else. There's no need to attack any guys, girls, or myself for liking things like this. With that in mind, happy New Year and have a great 2021!
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