Dead or Alive 6 vs. Dead or Alive 5 LR: What's The DIFFERENCE?

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Jul 2, 2020 at 2:18 PM
Posted by Force_of_Nature
Session #5 looks at the latest installments of DOA; Dead or Alive 6 and Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. In this new series I take a look at two different Fighting Games whilst looking to answer the question: What's The Difference?
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In this special session, I thank my followers for the support over the last couple of years or so (or even longer for some!).

For Directional Notation:

7 8 9

4 5 6

1 2 3

Each number represents the corresponding direction. 1 for "Down-Back", 9 for "Up-Forward", 5 for "Neutral" or no input, etc. Quarter-Circle Back = 214, Quarter-Circle Forward = 236, Half-Circle Back = 63214, Half-Circle Forward = 41236, etc.

Also, for any Canadians, Happy Canada Day~! :)

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