Dead or Alive 6 World Championship - West European Online Point Qualifier Top 8

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Aug 20, 2019 at 5:55 PM
Posted by deathofaninja
These are the matches of the Top 8 DOA6WC EU West Online Qualifier. The top 8 had some intense matches for all of our fans watching from home but in the end no one could stop the underdog Comic-Ari.

Congratulations to him and the top 16 players that gain DOA6WC Points! There was a minor technical difficulty at the beginning of the stream that split the introduction and matches apart. To see the introduction please watch the VOD in our highlights on our official twitch channel.

For more information on the DOA6WC go here:

Top 16 competitors
1st Comic Ari
2nd Ky Dragon
3rd Gehaktbal
4th Bonustage
5th Tulkas
5th ULTIMa Ivanov
7th LiamLeonRE4
7th TD-8ML4
9th Dr Impact
9th EmssiOne
9th Karyso
9th KainxSpirits
13th Tsukuyomi Ken
13th TombRaider-NJ
13th GundamJehutyKai
13th Mystic Forge -- Watch live at

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