[DOA2++ MOD] Bayman Edited Moveset (Time Attack)

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Aug 4, 2019 at 6:56 PM
Posted by usagiZ
Time attack with Bayman's edited moveset.
Life Gauge set to Largest, Difficulty set to Normal.
Bayman shared too many moves with Leon in DOA2U, so I made him closer to his DOA4/5 incarnation.

He now has his forward roll (0:27) with 3 followup options - 2 mid punches or a low kick

Can now do a throw from tank roll (0:45)

Crouching 3_P can also be performed by inputting 33P (0:51)
Forward roll can also be done from 9P (1:44) BT 2K (1:56) P+K (2:35) and 3K (3:27)

3K and BT 2K have a knockdown property on airborne foes (2:55) which can lead to a guaranteed ground throw
KP (and PKP) lead to a new turn-around stun that can't be held out of (3:09)
1PP (second hit) is guaranteed on CH (3:34)

His tank roll now evades all strikes for 12 frames at startup (4:42), (4:46)
You can still be low thrown during those frames, however.

49F Parry for high and mid kicks (7:28) gives tons of frame advantage and allows for some guaranteed followups
He can tank roll from 6K and all variants (4P6K, 3PP6K) (8:34)

Bayman definitely feels distinct from Leon after the changes -- and there's lots more that aren't listed here.

I was thinking of testing to see whether something similar to DOA4 offensive holds can be made in the 2U engine.
If so, I will try to turn some of Bayman's throws into offensive holds.

The costume in this video is a recreation of one of his DOA++ exclusive outfits.

The default green coloration is visible for a second near the beginning of the video as well

Thanks for watching!
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