DOA2U: Time Attack with Tengu - Very Hard

@DB: Lol. His beard is too epic. They had to frame the portrait that way because the game would crash if it had to display his beard on screen via both his character model AND the portrait at the same time.

@Kronin: No, I can't replicate this with Nyo. She is leagues inferior to DOA2 Tengu. DOA2 Tengu was broken as fuck. Also, the AI isn't as good in DOA2 and the life bar being only 240 also makes a big difference because of how much damage Tengu does in this game.

I might try recording a DOA4 Time Attack run with Tengu, just for the fun of it, but it's not going to go anywhere near as smoothly as this did lol.

@Code: Me too. I also want this amazing 7K back.
Awesome performance with Bankotsubo, do you think to be able to replicate a similar timing with Nyotengu in DoA5? At the hardest difficulty I wasn't never able to beat neither 6:30 minutes (bronze medal) in time attack with any characters... I don't think that it's just a matter of lifebar more large.
Seriously, the portrait needs to be extended in height so that we can see more of the beard. There is room there ahaha.
Lol. Indeed. Bankotsubo cannot be topped. I sincerely miss the "RYAH! RYAH! RYAH!"
RRAA RRRAA RAAA for eternity
screw Nyotengu and her combos I want the ultra-weight tanned nose guy that hits like a truck instead


Apr 15, 2015 at 2:06 PM
Posted by Forlorn Penguin
Just fucking around with the sexiest beard in gaming.

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