DOA4 Stun-Game & All Nyotengu NERFS in the Dead or Alive 6 FIGHTERS EVOLUTION mod | Steam PC DOA6++

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May 16, 2023 at 7:00 PM
Posted by NyaMiyamaFighter
Approximate mod completion percentage: 7%
Approximate development cost for this update: $130

Easy & Quick setup guide and FULL patch notes:
The stronger my opponent, the more fun I'll have.
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Affected Characters
Helena, Leifang, Diego, Rig, Ayane, Mila, Lisa, Mai, Kokoro, Tamaki, Kasumi, Marie Rose, Rachel, Phase 4, Ryu Hayabusa, Christie, Honoka, Hitomi, Nyotengu, & Eliot

-6P, Jab, and 8P, no longer deep stun opponents in critical stun.
-6PP and 5PP no longer deep stun opponents on counter hit and crit stun.
-Sidestep attack damage reduced from 15 to 5.
-Flying throw damage increased from 29 to 39.
-6PPP, 214P, 3K, 5PPK, 66K, 6P+K, 4P, and 6PK no longer cause a wall-hit.
-8K can now launch again in critical stun.
-Flying ground pound damage buff reduced from 65 to 45.
-Forward-Forward Throw (OH) against the wall deals 33% less damage.
-214P damage increased from 20 to 30 and guard breaks
-PPP no longer launches opponents in critical stun.
-H+K has a new spinning normal hit stun (for fun).
-1PPP guard breaks.
-6PPP fatal stuns low holding opponents in critical stun.
-66P critical bursts low holding opponents in critical stun.
-9K fatal stuns low holding opponents in critical stun.
-2P+K out of flying stance causes a guard break.
-3P+K guard break slightly nerfed.
-Flying throw damage reduced by 33% instead of 50%.
-8K super launches on counter-hit.

-Launching throw from stance removed from the game until it can be adequately nerfed.
-214T, Back-turned throw, 66T, 4T, 6T, and 6T against wall damage reduced.
-Neutral throw damage increased.
-Jumping ground pound damage increased from 18 to 35.
-Side Attack damage reduced, knocks opponent on their back, and doesn’t wall splat.
-S and SS in the fatal rush string do not fatal stun on counter hit or in crit stun.
-Back-turned 8P causes a guard break and bounces opponents in critical stun rather than cause a fatal stun.
-Bokuho 6P+K, 7P and Bt7P Critical-Bursts low holding opponents in critical stun.
-Mid wake-up kick borrows 10 power from the low wake-up kick.
-Jab, 5PP from BKO, 5P4P, no longer deep stun opponent’s in critical stun or counter hit.
-6P from Bokuho stance no longer deep stuns on counter hit.
-4P deep stuns on normal hit instead of counter hit.

12. Jabs and less strikes overall will deep stun. Strikes within a string will cause light stuns like DOADimensions and DOA4. The first strike of a string can still be used to extend stuns as usual (except for jabs).

-66T removed from the game for the moment.

236T removed from the game for the moment.

Phase 4
-236T removed from the game for the moment.

-236T removed from the game for the moment.

This is the TRUE Evolution of Fighting Entertainment
These aren't necessarily features I would put into the DOA7 "reboot" if I was designing it. But it's a mod, so I don't have absolute creative freedom.
*The Ugly Problems with DOA6:
*Featured Video | Spooky special at SUPER FULL POWER:
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