DOA5 Pro Player Fight Footage: Lisa vs. Helena in Round 2

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Aug 23, 2012 at 9:14 AM
Posted by Shinigamimatt
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Platforms: Xbox360®, PlayStation®3
Release Date: September 25 (US), September 28 (EU)

‎"Helena is an extremely technical character. We're trying to balance her to please the technical fighters who can appreciate the skill it takes to bring out the "real Helena." First off, we got rid of simple moves like PP2KP, changing her style to one focused on mastering a rich variety of moves. From there, we removed crouching status from P+K because I wanted to make her style more about evading highs by using Bokuho stance. And by working on the moves from Bokuho and from her back-turned stance and making a faster transition from Bokuho to back-turned stance, you will really see a difference in her strength between players who just pick her up and players who train hard with her. I also took another look at Pi Gua Quan itself, and sprinkled a few special moves from that style into her repetoire. She's really strong." - Shimbori

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