DoA5 (Xbox 360) Akira (Galen The Wise) Vs. Hitomi (Random) Lobby match

So true. I feel the same way. And yeah, I need to relax on the stepping quite a bit myself. But all in all, I'm happier with my Akira. More practicing when I get home. We'll have to have some matches.
The sped up side step has resulted in me side stepping too much. I actually feel invincible with it thinking I'll side step everything. I need to throttle it back a tad. But yeah, spam it like crazy. If they can't hold block, that isn't your problem.
And yeah that combo is one in a million.
On another note, ever since Akira's Sidestep P got better and faster, I've been using it so much as you can tell. And people are constantly calling me spammer now. I'll admit, I do rely on it too heavily when it's grab punishable on block. However, you can't blame me for using a tool that was meant to help me win. I follow the old Soul Calibur rule of thumb: If you fall for it constantly, don't get mad at me; be mad at yourself. I mean, why stop using it? Instead, better yourself so you no longer get hit by the move.
I'm still trying to make a replay doing the 258 combo, but it's so situational.
Amen to that. And yeah, I've really been practicing on my Akira tryin' to improve him. I've been slacking and not spending any time in training working on my execution. It's no wonder, my inputs have gotten sloppy.
3 things. 1. Hooray GBoD. 2. Hooray 466P+K. 3. Hooray punishing someone for not tech rolling with 3P. People call me cheap for doing that, I call them stupid.